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Me & Mrs. Jones.

Me & Mrs. Jones

K. M. Thompson

RJ Publications

842 S. 18th Street, Suite 3, Newark, NJ 07108

097692773X $14.95 (617) 678-4817

"Me & Mrs. Jones" is a fresh voice in urban romance. Filled with attention-grabbing dialogue, descriptions, and characters, it traces the baffling search of Faith Jones, a young mother whose life has been risked through her jailed husband, for love and romance. Her care for her teenage son, Corey, is at odds with her attraction to her son's best friend, Darius. Her struggle to right herself in all ways after surviving a violent, drug-laced beginning is paralleled by her son's struggle to get through college and Darius' struggle to qualify for college by passing his MCAS. "Me and Mrs. Jones" alternates viewpoints mostly between Darius and Faith, but instead of being confusing, this technique ends up enhancing the pace of the already action-packed narrative. It is a video-reminiscent technique, and very full of "punch." The erotic imagery and the drug use descriptions are gritty and solid. "Me and Mrs. Jones" has subject matter that may not appeal to all readers, but once begun, readers will be unable to put it down. It is a novel about the struggle for stability in an urban setting, with genuine flashes of heroism. I look forward to more novels by K. M. Thompson.
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Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Aug 1, 2006
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