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Me, Myself and Ike.

Me, Myself and Ike

written by K.L. Denman

Orca Book Publishers, 2009

978-1-55469-086-2 (pb) $12.95 for Grades 7 to 12



K.L. Denman's latest teen novel Me, Myself and Ike offers a compelling and emotional look into the world of adolescent schizophrenia. This expertly crafted novel delves into the sensitive topic of mental illness while maintaining a story that is both touching and tragic. Denman has created a loveable and endearing character with the protagonist Kit Latimer. Through Kit, the reader is given a thoughtful look into the life of a young man who is experiencing the onset of a mental disorder.

We first meet Kit Latimer outside a tattoo parlor in Nanaimo, British Columbia. He has skipped school and traveled far from home to find a tattoo artist that will work on him. The reader soon discovers that Kit's friend Ike is determined that it is Kit's destiny to follow in the foot steps of Otzi, a 5,000-year-old "Ice Man" who has been recently discovered. Together Kit and Ike begin to gather artifacts they feel will best represent the common man to anyone who discovers Kit's remains in the future. Kit slowly isolates himself from his friends and family--growing more and more paranoid and agitated that people around him want to stop him from completing his life's mission. In reality, they expect that something is horribly wrong.

K.L. Denman has created a story that will open the eyes of many readers to the difficulties and hardships faced by people with mental disorders and the family members who love and support them.

Trevor J. Froates is a teacher-librarian in Toronto.

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Title Annotation:We Recommend
Author:Froates, Trevor J.
Publication:Canadian Children's Book News
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Date:Jan 1, 2010
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