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Mcguckin & Pyle:

Established in 1949, McGuckin & Pyle, Inc. is a custom machinery manufacturer located in southeastern Pennsylvania. Having designed and manufactured unwinds, rewinds and slitters for a variety of customers throughout North and South America, McGuckin & Pyle established itself as a renowned designer and manufacturer of flame lamination systems for many industries that require the bonding of a woven or nonwoven to foam.


McGuckin & Pyle utilizes its extensive engineering and design resources (McGuckin & Pyle uses both Solidworks and AUTOCAD 2007), takes advantage of the flame lamination knowledge of past projects and offers custom designed flame lamination systems (both short run converters for job shops and long run converters for automotive and medical product suppliers). Differing from its competition, McGuckin & Pyle has expanded beyond the traditional "off-the-shelf" converting machinery by offering "custom designed" machinery systerns and individual units. These are tailored to their customers' applications including: splicing systems, turret unwinds and rewinds, different styles of thermal and pressure lamination systems.

McGuckin & Pyle's versatility is displayed in its latest flame lamination system purchased by AccuMED Innovative Technologies, a medical components manufacturing company based out of Buffalo, NY. This system was designed to produce an extremely difficult-to-handle tri-laminate at a speed of up to 240 feet per minute. This continuous operating system uses an automatic two-position foam feeding and accumulation system complete with a pulse heat sealer for butt splicing the trailing and leading edge of the running foam rolls, two cradle unwinds with "J" scrays (one for face goods and one for backing materials), a two-burner, three-roll stacked lamination head complete with effluent exhaust hood for off gases and at the end of the system a surface rewind system with accumulation and auto-doffing.

McGuckin & Pyle boasts strong customer relationships by striving to keep customers involved throughout the design phase of the project process, and per customer requests, always remains open to changes in the design throughout the production schedule. Maintaining these close customer relationships, McGuckin & Pyle completes deliveries with very high customer satisfaction and acceptance by recognizing that ultimately the customer is the one who takes ownership of the product.

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