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Flying ban for star of Taggart. Oct 28, 2000 226
otr .. OFF THE RECORD: Martine all partied out; Docs order star to take a rest. Oct 27, 2000 226
New Big Brother show is to tie for. Oct 27, 2000 359
IT'S BIG TETHER; New fly-on-the wall show has contestants tied up. Oct 27, 2000 332
WE DID HAVE SCUFFLES; But I never beat up Anthea, says the former fiance she branded a brute. Oct 25, 2000 936
Yes, we did have our little scuffles admits Bruno. Oct 25, 2000 151
UP FRONT AND PERSONAL; Stars talk about their boobs to help fight breast cancer. Oct 21, 2000 960
OTR OFF THE RECORD; Steps claims get the boot. Oct 18, 2000 806
OFF THE RECORD; I love boys and booze, admits Sam Teenage singer's confessions rock her squeaky-clean image. Oct 14, 2000 1133
OUEEN GETS POT POSY; Drug campaigner gives her cannabis. Oct 14, 2000 91
CLIFF'S SECRET YOUTH JABS; Injections keep wrinkles at bay. Oct 14, 2000 110
Interview with the vampire; Arlene Russo fell under Dracula's spell as a young girl. Here are a few of her favourite fangs on film. Oct 13, 2000 1340
OFF THE RECORD; Jennifer and Salma in battle for Cleopatra role Battle of the babes. Oct 13, 2000 807
OFF THE RECORD; Gig prices are tout of order Robbie tickets pounds 200 on black market. Oct 9, 2000 713
MEG COSIES UP TO MILLIONAIRE CLUB TYCOON; Intimate dinner sparks rumours. Oct 9, 2000 268
I'm so glad I was sacked from the Square; Leaving Gianni behind boosted Marc's love life. Oct 6, 2000 1180
Fabulously famous as the girls return...; The Ab Fab team are set to have a Mirrorball in a new showbiz sitcom. Oct 5, 2000 809
otr..Off the record: Star snubs dad's bash; Whitney too ill to go to party. Oct 2, 2000 273
Only one reason for slump - bad TV. Sep 30, 2000 96
otr..Off the record: Appleton No3 waits in wings for her taste of stardom. Sep 30, 2000 739
ROSS THE ROTTEN RECTOR; He misses big uni date for second year running. Sep 29, 2000 442
otr..Off The Record: Madonna and Guy's new baby; They plan movie together. Sep 26, 2000 257
Madonna and Guy's new baby is a movie. Sep 26, 2000 179
The only legacy dad left me was a crazy name. Sep 16, 2000 1340
I know Puffy will be a fab daddy; Jennifer Lopez insists her boyfriend doesn't deserve his bad boy reputation. Sep 15, 2000 1058
What Drew you look like? Sep 15, 2000 103
What Drew you look like? Sep 15, 2000 124
This isn't a cry of pain.. it is my cry for peace; Napalm victim Kim tells of her battle back from horrific burns. Sep 12, 2000 624
Cheeky Jen's a Cell out. Sep 12, 2000 271
It's a Cell party for Jennifer. Sep 12, 2000 327
Big Yin's Corrie-on comedy with TV barmaid. Sep 11, 2000 225
otr ... OFF THE RECORD : Modjo: My snub from Scots label. Sep 11, 2000 307
No man will come between me and my twin; DOUBLE ACT: The sexy stars of Snatch reveal how family means more to them than stardom and celebrity boyfriends. Sep 9, 2000 624
OFF THE RECORD : S Club girl kicks out Kenny's kid. Sep 9, 2000 292
Guy: No.1 and I'm still skint; Coldplay star has No.1 album to his name but he's struggling to pay off his student loan. Sep 8, 2000 1068
IN AT THE DEEP END; Elize just wanted extra cash for college but ended up wearing a skimpy bikini as part of a teen love triangle on Hollyoaks. Sep 8, 2000 992
IS NO MARRIAGE SAFE?; Stars seem to land in a wedded mess as soon as they say 'I do'. Sep 7, 2000 970
OFF THE RECORD : Christina's MTV showdown; Threat to walk out of awards bash if Eminem gets lippy. Sep 7, 2000 257
Harry fashions a target out of Becks. Sep 7, 2000 121
OK! NOW ANTHEA?; TV star and new husband put choc row behind them. Sep 5, 2000 257
I'm married so cheat on I'll never Jennifer; New-man Brad delivers knockout blow to his days as a womaniser. Sep 1, 2000 1168
AGE: THE FINAL FRONTIER; Space-age hit proves golden oldies still have star quality. Aug 31, 2000 1546
otr .. OFF THE RECORD: BoyZone's Stephen is struck down. Aug 30, 2000 132
OTR .. OFF THE RECORD: Robbie: Nicole is anyone's; He hits out after ex is seen with bitter rival. Aug 29, 2000 323
OFF THE RECORD; Liam: I'm ready to do solo album. Aug 28, 2000 1230
OFF THE RECORD; Aguilera proves it's the reel thing. Aug 26, 2000 106
30,000 FANS HAVE A GIG IN THE RAIN; Brilliant sunshine turns to downpour at pop festival. Aug 26, 2000 512
GREEN GOES STRAIGHT IN THE TOP TAN; Sweltering pop fans love new city concert venue. Aug 26, 2000 519
[0] 30,000 FANS HAVE A GIG IN THE RAIN; Brilliant sunshine turns to downpour at pop festival. Aug 26, 2000 508
I am tired seen as a of being psycho; Robert Carlyle explains why he turned his back on Hollywood to play a good guy in a low-budget tale of bullying. Aug 25, 2000 1042
OFF THE RECORD; Brad: My Glasgow gun terror. Aug 25, 2000 1443
Actually I'm not really much of a Harry Potter reader; MOVIE MAGIC: Young actor tells of joy at landing wizard role. Aug 24, 2000 664
DAN'S POTTER GOLD; Young actor worked his magic on movie bosses to win star role. Aug 22, 2000 565
Harry Potter boy worked his magic on movie bosses to win star role. Aug 22, 2000 344
Soaks in the City; Wet look's a winner for Sarah Jessica. Aug 22, 2000 234
Author blocks tape bid for Di movie. Aug 16, 2000 268
All hands on decks; Former party animal Kate Dickie takes a step inside the DJ box for her latest beat-thumping drama role, reports MARK McGIVERN. Aug 5, 2000 798
Babies have a big day out. Jul 28, 2000 128
I'm desperate to be Scots hardman; TOFF LUCK: Four Weddings star James Fleet is fed up playing posh English twits. Jul 27, 2000 849
TINSEL TOWN IN THE FRAME; Dawn Steele swaps Highland fling for big city sex romp. Jul 26, 2000 946
IT'S ELLE ABOARD. Jul 25, 2000 281
I hid away like Garbo ... now I'm ready to return; She rubbed shoulders with royalty and was one of TV's most famous faces - look out, Selina Scott is back. Jul 24, 2000 1300
Ruth has 'ad a; big break; GLASGOW KISS; Tuesday, BBC1, 9.30pm. Jul 22, 2000 1097
FANCY A BIT OF SCRUFF?; Who's hot and who's not when the star hunks dress down for the evening. Jul 22, 2000 650
WOW VIDEOS: Depp's ahead of the pack. Jul 21, 2000 133
WOW VIDEOS: More rogue trading from Ewan. Jul 21, 2000 163
WOW VIDEOS: Always look on dark side of life. Jul 21, 2000 344
WOW VIDEOS: Something to sweat about. Jul 21, 2000 197
CLOONEY'S TRIBUTE TO THE HARVESTER DEAD; Star hails seven victims as heroes. Jul 21, 2000 418
Liam's last look back in anger. Jul 19, 2000 146
LESBIAN EX-NUN IS THE FAVOURITE TO WIN BIG BROTHER; Anna tipped for TV prize. Jul 18, 2000 420
My chums Tom and Nicole are baring up well; After naked romps with Mrs Cruise, he now wants to work with her hubby. Jul 17, 2000 1555
ANOTHER SHARPE EXIT; Divorce No3 for romeo star Bean. Jul 15, 2000 343
GISELE DUMPS Di CAPRIO OVER HIS TANTRUMS; Model has had enough of bad boy. Jul 14, 2000 350
ELECTRA SHOCKER; Trailer strip boosts film. Jul 14, 2000 150
I know who robbed T in the Park pounds 70,000; Victim promises to pay back Rachel House cash. Jul 14, 2000 670
Vinnie's no actor, he's just an old footballer; STAR WARS: AMATEURS ARE TAKING JOBS FROM US, SAYS CHRIS. Jul 10, 2000 580
Lulu gives young ones something to Shout about. Jul 10, 2000 370
A passionate Embrace for their Scots fans; Embrace - Stage 2 20.25 Sunday. Jul 7, 2000 254
Dance band are way ahead of the field; Leftfield - Slam Tent 20.00 Sunday. Jul 7, 2000 191
ANNA: HURLEY IS UGLY; Tennis ace's catty swipe at star Liz. Jul 5, 2000 903
DIGITAL COMMUNICATION; Universal sign language that's rude, crude and lewd. Jul 4, 2000 729
The girl at Pete's tennis elbow; Hollywood hopeful Bridgette is still looking for big movie break. Jul 1, 2000 410
WIZARD WISH LIST; Stars wanted for Harry Potter film. Jun 30, 2000 242
Soapy bubble as east meets west in China's Street. Jun 30, 2000 481
FRIENDS FEAR FOR LOVE SPLIT DENNIS; Meg's hubby may hit the bottle again. Jun 30, 2000 929
BLACK MAGIC; Probe as top secret Harry Potter book mysteriously appears at the Record. Jun 29, 2000 412
Spinning top of the pops for Kylie. Jun 26, 2000 291
Travis can't escape the rain, even. Jun 23, 2000 271
OTR OFF THE RECORD; Dressed up to canines. Jun 21, 2000 927
otr.. OFF THE RECORD: Ronan warns pop wannabes. Jun 20, 2000 316
otr.. OFF THE RECORD: Billie: I don't do drugs; Fears for teen pop star after she collapses in trendy bar. Jun 19, 2000 440
OTR OFF THE RECORD; Partying all Night and Day. Jun 19, 2000 1015
OTR OFF THE RECORD; US a walk in the park for Belle and Sebastian. Jun 16, 2000 174
GOING FOR A SONG; Pop oldies will play for you - for as little as a grand. Jun 16, 2000 653
OTR: Off The Record; Britney: I was an ugly duckling. Jun 15, 2000 680

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