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McQ Receives Contracts to Enhance the Capabilities of Unattended Ground Sensor Systems.

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. -- McQ has recently received six contracts supporting DOD requirements for technical sensor system capabilities. These development and production contracts continue McQ's leading technology position in remote unattended ground sensors.

* Raytheon Phase II Subsurface Navigation McQ recently received a contract to complete the second phase of a subcontract with Raytheon to build a Subsurface Navigation system for DARPA. This contract will produce a prototype system that provides position fix information on personnel operating below ground which prevents the use of traditional GPS aided navigation systems. McQ's subcontract for the prototype system components is 1.5 million dollars.

* Air Force Phase II SBIR for a Survivable, Programmable, Integrated Recorder for Experiments McQ received a Phase II SBIR contract with a total cost of 749,500 dollars to build a data recorder for weapon testing. The data recorder will survive a 100,000 "G" shock and provide weapon technical data prior to impact.

* Army Phase II SBIR for Structure Mapping McQ was awarded a Phase II SBIR to develop and deliver a system that maps the internal layout of a building using dimensioning nodes deployed in the building with robotic vehicles or by unskilled personnel. This Phase II contract for 730,000 dollars will allow a 3 dimensional model of the building to be provided and constructed with little access to the building.

* Army Phase I SBIR for Acoustic Detection and Verification of Intrusions Against Military Facilities McQ has been awarded a Phase I SBIR to develop an unattended ground sensor system to uniquely identify when people are attempting to make an unauthorized entry into military facilities. The contract will produce a technical approach for a production system.

* Office of the Secretary Defense-OSD Phase I SBIR for Information Assurance and Anti-Tamper Protection of Network Nodes McQ has been awarded a Phase I SBIR to develop the technologies needed to make remote unattended sensor systems less vulnerable to attacks. McQ and Virginia Tech will research anti-tamper and information security techniques that greatly improve the security of remote devices communicating with wireless RF links.

* L-3 COM TRSS Infrared Cameras McQ has recently been awarded a subcontract to provide L-3 COM with IR Thermal Cameras for the USMC Tactical Remote Sensor System (TRSS). The subcontract supports L-3 COM's prime contract with the Marine Corps for TRSS production systems. The 1.7 million dollar subcontract continues McQ's support to L-3 COM for TRSS imaging components.

McQ is a recognized technology leader in remote surveillance, security and environmental monitoring. McQ sensor products are used by the US Army, US Marine Corps, US Department of Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, and various Commercial Customers. Leading the way as the first company to develop integrated sensor and imagery technology for surveillance purposes, McQ is also the first to interface multiple sensors into a fully integrated communications and data network. McQ has over twenty years of experience with sensor technology and has earned a reputation for delivering rugged, state of the art surveillance and remote sensor systems for a wide range of commercial and government clients. Visit McQ on the web at

McQ is an ISO 2000:9001 certified company.

Tough sensors for an insensitive planet
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Date:Jan 5, 2009
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