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McNab, Inc.

McNab, Inc. of Mount Vernon, NY, has announced the introduction of the Model AP-VIS device, which specializes in the recirculation control of beer filters. "The Model AP-VIS is mounted directly in the process pipe." says A.C. Teass of McNab. "It includes a light source and a photoelectric scanner. It continuously monitors concentration and suspended solids by direct measurement in the pipe." According to Texas, this prevents the interface sometimes caused by condensation, color or temperature fluctuation. "Immediate, across-the-pipe measurement is provided at full pressure and temperature," he said. "this eliminates the problems of off-line sampling. The design of the AP-VIS also eliminates the need for traditional wall-mounted electronic analyzer/transmitter boxes." Texas reports that McNab will be featured at the upcoming Drinktec Interbrau Conference in Munich, Germany. He notes that it is consistent with the latest European Brewing Conference optical specifications.
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Title Annotation:Model AP-VIS device
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
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Date:Jul 9, 2001
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