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McLaughlin Mfg. (Walkover Locators).

Spot D Tek IV Directional Tracking & Locating System includes a new yaw target automatic steering feature that reduces left-right over steering; "Quick Spot" single locate point display; and a SIMM System Interference Measurement Module that notifies the operator of pre-bore interference. A left-right guidance system enables accurate target steering for road and creek crossings, and multiple out-front locate points in walkover applications. A menu-driven backlit LCD is user friendly and doesn't require remembering any hidden codes or symbols. Multiple built-in, high-gain antennas make the Spot D Tek IV capable of dual-frequency pipe and cable locating ... like getting two locators in one! Single-point calibration ensures accurate depth calculations, and the built-in four-channel remote transmitter has a range of over 2,500 feet. A new extended-range probe relays depth, steering and drill information to over 80 feet. Circle No. 171

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Publication:Underground Construction
Date:Sep 1, 2002
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