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McLaughlin Group.


A reverse-flow hydraulic boom option for McLaughlin's line of vacuum excavators is designed to reduce operator fatigue and simplify offloading of spoil. The hydraulic boom rotates a full 270 degrees and telescopes to a maximum reach of 14 feet from the pivot point. A wireless remote control adjusts the height and extension of the boom. Contractors can choose either manual or hydraulic boom rotation. Hydraulic boom rotation is powered by an auxiliary hydraulic motor also capable of running a hydraulic breaker or tamper, eliminating the need for compressors on the jobsite. With manual rotating booms, a hydraulic cylinder locks the boom in place for added stability and safety. The boom is equipped with a 4-inch diameter hose to reduce clogging. Should the vacuum hose become plugged with rock debris during the vacuum process, the operator can reverse the air flow to blow the clog out of the hose. On large projects, the reverse flow can be used to offload the vacuum spoils into a larger holding vessel keeping the vacuum onsite and working. The reverse flow can be used on smaller projects to backfill holes with spoil once a project is complete. The reverse flow hydraulic boom is designed to work with the McLaughlin 500-, 800- and 1,200 gallon vacuum excavator units and comes available with five-foot-long hose extensions. (800) 435-9340,
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Title Annotation:New Products
Publication:Underground Construction
Date:May 1, 2008
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