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McKesson teams up with NCPA.

BOSTON -- McKesson's RxOwnership team recently partnered with the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) for the ninth year to sponsor its Pharmacy Ownership Workshop, to further advance community pharmacy ownership. The Pharmacy Ownership Workshop took place ahead of the NCPA Annual Convention here earlier this month. According to NCPA, more than 50% of past Pharmacy Ownership Workshop participants currently own their own pharmacy.

The workshop supports the future of pharmacy ownership by giving pharmacists the knowledge, support and tools required to achieve their goals. In the past year, RxOwnership assisted more than 350 individuals in launching a new pharmacy. Since 2008, the RxOwnership team aided in the ownership-transfer process of more than 5,000 pharmacies.

"RxOwnership is your one-stop shop for pharmacy ownership questions, apprehensions or ambitions," says Chris Cella, national vice president of RxOwnership. "With this investment in NCPA professional development, we're supporting both current and future pharmacists interested in owning and operating a community pharmacy. We're serious about the future of independently owned pharmacies, because we know patients and communities depend on them."

McKesson also supports the Student Ownership Boot Camp Series. Both sessions are designed to provide current pharmacists and pharmacy students with tools to guide them in pharmacy ownership and enhance their current management skills.

"I decided to participate in the Pharmacy Ownership Workshop as my first step before ownership, which was extremely helpful," notes Christine Lee-Wilson of Professional Pharmacy in Baltimore, Md. "A close friend told me that the workshop was very educational so I knew I should attend, and I'm glad I did."

Lee-Wilson is an pharmacy owner and an active member of RxOwnership's Women in Pharmacy program.

With seven out of 10 McKesson ideaShare attendees stating work/life balance as the most important consideration for women in pharmacy, RxOwnership has committed to mentor more than 200 women in the Women in Pharmacy program. Creating a community of women helping women succeed, the program focuses on four key areas --ownership, mentorship, leadership and work/life balance for women--and includes matching pharmacy students with owners and empowering pharmacy ownership.

McKesson also participated in the official NCPA student education program. Jim Springer, vice president of RxOwnership's South Region, discussed the importance of buying and selling a pharmacy.

Caption: RxOwnership has committed to mentor more than 200 women.

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Publication:Chain Drug Review
Date:Oct 22, 2018
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