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Annie Oakley: "Little Sure Shot" overcome personal hardship to become famous, and used that fame to boost patriotism and truly empower women. Biography Sep 16, 2019 6115
Come and Take It! Throughout history, peoples have recognized that if they didn't want to be powerless servants to a tyrannical ruler they must keep arms (and sometimes use them). Jul 23, 2018 3255
The American Gun Culture. Jun 4, 2018 3725
The flying tigers: when Americans have the will to succeed and are allowed to apply individual ingenuity, even small groups that are outgunned and outmanned can produce devastating results. Oct 10, 2016 4534
Slaughter on an industrial scale: after the opening months of WWI, literally millions of soldiers were mowed down for no real purpose as foot-soldiers were easily repulsed and ground was not gained. Jun 22, 2015 4235
A tradition of arms: Americans' "love affair with guns" is a product of repeated necessity. Only a generation ago, guns were an everyday object for a young man. Jun 3, 2013 4718
The shootdown of admiral Yamamoto: in 1943, as WWII raged, the United States found itself with an opportunity to hand Japan a demoralizing military loss, as well as avenge the attack on Pearl Harbor. Apr 22, 2013 5986
The raid on Truk Lagoon: many younger Americans have gained the impression that America dropped atomic bombs on Japan to avenge Pearl Harbor, but our revenge happened at Truk Lagoon. Feb 21, 2011 3771
The American rifleman in the Revolutionary War: American frontiersmen were practically raised from birth with rifle in hand, and their marksmanship prowess repeatedly interfered with British and Indian threats. Sep 13, 2010 3372
Deporting illegal immigrants: the retort has been repeated for years that it's not possible to deport the millions of illegal immigrants who are in America, but it could actually be done quite handily. Jul 19, 2010 2484
All for naught: The Battle of Peleliu: Peleliu could have been leap-frogged, as had many other Japanese-held Islands, but the Marines were ordered to take the Island and did so with great bravery, skill, and loss of life. Apr 26, 2010 3309
Making our schools safe: the Virginia Tech shooting rampage highlights the vulnerability of our schools to gun violence, but the answer to the problem is not more gun-control laws. Cover story May 28, 2007 2330
Law enforcement in the Old West: unlike Hollywood's frequent portrayal of Old Western townsfolk as cowards, these hardy individuals took care of themselves and did not rely solely on government for protection. Column Apr 3, 2006 3174
Insight into America's Uncivil War: a textbook about the Civil War's causes, conflicts, and long-term consequences is critiqued and found to be thoroughly engaging, eye-opening, and eye-catching. Book review Mar 6, 2006 1919
Transcontinental trek: two hundred years ago this month, the Lewis and Clark expedition reached the Pacific Ocean, having trekked across what is now the United States. Nov 14, 2005 3528
Remaking America: the flood of legal and illegal immigrants who are not assimilating, and who are being increasingly radicalized, is changing our culture and country. Jun 13, 2005 4086

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