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 ST. LOUIS, Sept. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- McDonnell Douglas has been selected to proceed with the Engineering and Manufacturing Development contract for the Joint Modeling and Simulation System (J-MASS) program for the U.S. Air Force.
 Under the $12.6 million, 39-month contract, McDonnell Douglas Aerospace, St. Louis, SofTech of Dayton, Ohio, and Northrop Electronic Systems Division of Rolling Meadows, Ill., will develop a simulation architecture that will implement a series of standards and provide software tools to support the development, assembly, configuration, execution and analysis of weapon systems models and simulations. These standards and tools will promote affordable weapons systems development.
 The software tools provided by J-MASS will enable users to rapidly build models of weapons systems, threat systems and environmental effects provided by different organizations. J-MASS will be used to support analyses of early concepts during the development of new aircraft and missile systems. It may also be used to provide full man- in-the-loop combat simulations.
 J-MASS will provide the Simulation Support Environment to develop simulations based upon reusable software components. J-MASS will also be used to configure simulation scenarios for execution, execute the scenarios, generate data, and process test results.
 J-MASS users will be linked with a library of verified and validated reusable software components and models. J-MASS software will be designed to consistent standards so that the models and components can be reused by both industry and the DoD in designing new simulations.
 "The tremendous need for affordability in new aircraft and missile systems has caused the aerospace industry to look for new ways to reduce the cost of developing products," said Jim Sinnett, vice president and general manager of the McDonnell Douglas Aerospace New Aircraft and Missiles Products division.
 "Revolutionary modeling and simulation systems will play a key role in lowering the cost of new programs," Sinnett said. "This contract means McDonnell Douglas Aerospace will be at the forefront of this growth field."
 With reduced budgets and increased requirements to thoroughly examine every concept, the DoD will be relying more on modeling and simulation for increased affordability of weapon system development, Sinnett said. When complete, J-MASS will give the DoD the tools for significantly improving modeling and simulation.
 -0- 9/16/93
 /CONTACT: Jim Schlueter of McDonnell Douglas Aerospace, 314-233-6232/

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Date:Sep 16, 1993

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