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McCartney, Tania: Australian Story: An Illustrated Timeline.

** McCARTNEY, Tania Australian Story: An Illustrated Timeline National Library of Australia, 2011 unpaged $24.95 pbk ISBN 9780642277459 SCIS 1547510

This is a usefully timely reference source for young students of Australian history. Imaginatively designed and colourfully illustrated, with many images taken from original sources in paintings, engravings and photographs, and with drawings by Peter Shaw, the young reader is drawn through the history of Australia from the beginnings of time to 2010 with events listed with their relevant years.

The opening pages refer to Gondwanaland and the subsequent geological history and the arrival of indigenous peoples. This is followed by the key dates in the European discovery and settlement of Australia with its advances in exploration, government, and technical developments and with the related social and cultural and sporting landmarks listed. The selection of events ensures the place of the indigenous peoples and of women in the national story is given rightful coverage.

Captions are brief, a few of which could be tightened. It was not the Kelly Gang which was captured in 1880 but Ned Kelly alone--his companions had died in the Glenrowan fight. Edith Cowan was the first woman elected to an Australian Parliament in 1921, not the Australian Pariliament as implied. The sources of illustrations and captions are indicated in the final two pages, many listed with the relevant website from the collections of the National Library picture collections which can then be found on Google with full details. The value of the source as a reference would be enhanced if it included an index but it is a source which all young readers should have available.

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