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McCain signature marinades add new dimension to french fry market.

Five new varieties of french fries, with such distinct flavors as Cajun Heat, Onion and Garlic, and Smokey Bacon marinated right into the meat of the potato, are being introduced to the food service industry by McCain Foods, Inc.

The new McCain Signature Marinades are much more than just another line of battered or seasoned french fries, according to McCain Foods President Michael H. McCain.

"The Signature Marinades represent the start of another revolution in the french fry industry," McCain said. "This process will enable any restaurant to establish its point-of-difference based on a distinctly-flavorful line of french fries."

While the skin-on fries look like traditional homemade fries, the McCain Signature Marinades have one dramatic difference. McCain food scientists have developed a new process that enables them to use flavors that would normally become "heat labeled" or destroyed at temperatures far lower than those used in frying. In addition, the Signature Marinades are actually marinated, which helps the flavor penetrate the entire fry."

"Until now, specialty french fries have had to rely on spices or seasonings in batters for surface-only flavors," McCain said. "Our food scientists have opened the door to a whole new spectrum of french fry flavors to complement any meal."

The McCain Signature Marinade flavors include: Lemon Pepper, Salt and Vinegar, Cajun Heat, Smokey Bacon and Onion and Garlic. They join the Original flavor, which is lightly salted throughout.

"French fries are one of the two most profitable items in the typical food service operation," McCain said. "As is often the case, the best strategy to manage your most profitable items is to proliferate them. The opportunity for a food service operator to add a second, or even more, lines of fries to the menu could boost an operation's fry sales more than 20 percent. Even better... it's profits!"

As an added benefit, McCain said, is that the flavors of the Signature Marinades will not transfer to the cooking oil during frying. Like other McCain french fries, the Signature Marinades are processed in canola oil, which means they are cholesterol-free and low in saturated fats.

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Date:Apr 1, 1993
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