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McCain Criticizes Obama's Policy Toward ISIS.

BAGHDAD / NINA / US Senator John McCain criticized President Barack Obama's policy toward the ISIS organization and the war against it in Iraq.

The Chairman of the Armed Services Committee in the Senate, US Senator John McCain, reduced in a press statement, "the importance of Obama's decision to send 450 military advisers to help the Iraqi forces in the fight against ISIS, describing the decision as a mere" superficial solution. "

He added, "The lack of sufficient involvement of US forces led the Iraqis to resort to the popular defense forces and Iranians to fight ISIS, pointing out that" this ISIS slaughter Americans before, and it represents a threat to the United States of America. "

McCain said "the number that will be will be sent by Obama will not be effective in any way because it is just a superficial solution, and it seems that Obama wants to remain off-topic for the next year and a half, adding" no one knows what will happen in this period, with the continuation of the organization Daash in its brutal operations "./ end

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Publication:National Iraqi News Agency
Date:Jun 15, 2015
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