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Mazda's latest workhorse.


One of the newer entries in the crowded compact SUV segment, the Mazda CX-5 isn't fussy and does what it was designed to do rather well and in a cheerful way

Qurm Beach Road Test

One thing that most thrifty Japanese and Korean cars have got right in the last few years is outward appearance. And just like its many competitors in the small SUV segment, the Mazda CX-5 is a handsome one with its broad smiling front grille and sculpted body. But will it turn heads? That's a little like expecting a Patton tank to attract attention for good noise insulation. The eye candy quotient could have been helped by the addition of small elements like alloy rims which are not available as standard in the CX-5s being brought into this country. What makes this omission more noticeable is that the cars in the brochures available at the showroom all have pretty rims on them and you realise just how much better your car would look with them on. That said, the car's exterior is a huge improvement to the Mazdas of yester years and fit and finish on the inside is pretty solid too. Basic, but solid.


Power Trip

This is a disappointment in the otherwise well equipped CX-5. It is rather underpowered and not only will this all-wheel-drive car find climbing steep roads hard work, even quick, high acceleration lane changes are a challenge. The 2,000cc four-cylinder engine produces 155bhp which is nowhere near enough for a vehicle this size. Although it takes a little to get it up to speed, once there the ride is solid and the car feels at ease cruising at speeds of around 140km/h. Anything above that and the car feels a little unsure of itself, twitching and shuddering constantly. The new ten per cent lighter body is par-tly to blame. But every time that is an issue when you are driving on the highway, just remember that 'Skyactiv' technology is saving you gas money.


Ruwi High Street Test

There's not much in the way of assisted driving in the CX-5. But what it lacks in gizmos, it makes up for in excellent outward cabin visibility. No bothersome blind spots in the form of really wide side beams. The humongous side view mirrors also help with visibility when driving through a sea of humanity in Ruwi High Street and when changing lanes on the highway. The ride position is comfortable without being too high and the car's shape and size make it easy to get used to, especially when parking and driving through crowded roads.


The Muttrah Squeeze

Just like any other car designed for soccer moms all around the world, the designers of the CX-5 had one clear goal when they were at the drawing board. The new car should be easy to drive around the suburbs and can be parked while handing out juice boxes to children in the backseat, sometimes simultaneously. They have succeeded at that. The CX-5 is very easy to drive and manoeuvre in tiny spaces like Muttrah or into any tiny parking spot around town. Rear parking sensors would have been nice though.


The Sultanate

Quality Check

The CX-5 feels well built and the fit and finish is comparable to some of the well-respected European economy cars. The air-conditioner controls are manually operated and all you get by way of a centre console is a clock and stereo system, but nothing feels cheap. The stereo system has USB, iPod and auxiliary connectivity and the speakers are pretty decent too. The steering wheel has a stereo system control and a little brushed steel detailing. The CX-5 has a start/stop ignition button and all these small details add value to the RO9,500 price tag. The dashboard is well illuminated and looks premium too. Noise insulation is good but as we mentioned earlier, the car does feel a little unstable at high speeds.


The Wattayah Obstacle Run

The CX-5 is equipped with an all-wheel drive system and is quite capable of handling light undulating terrain, slippery roads and even some sand on the beach. But it is no off-roading beast. The puny engine is partly to blame, but then again this car was not designed for that kind of use.



Very loyal and a good companion to have on a 'rainy day', but it's still quite a mundane vehicle. That being said, the car isn't fussy and does what it was designed to do rather well and in a cheerful way. The underpowered, rev happy engine does not skip even a single beat once you manage to get it up to cruising speeds. The cabin is well built and roomy with a big boot for your weekly shop. The seats are supportive and the steering wheel is contoured for a more 'sporty' feel. Body roll is very little for a small SUV and if a small SUV is what you are looking for you can't go wrong with the new CX-5.


Scoring in each test out of five stars

European Motors launches service campaign for Peugeot 307, 406

Peugeot Oman has launched a dedicated campaign for owners of Peugeot 307 and 406, offering them servicing at heavily discounted fixed rates, a press release said. Under the terms of the offer, customers are entitled to a low fixed price on normal or major services. On the initiative, Gurdeep Singh Multani, brand manager, said, "It's really for customers to know that our commitment does not stop with the sale of a vehicle. Our mandate is to ensure that genuine and quality after-sales services are provided after every purchase, as and when required.

"This genuine service campaign comes at a time when Peugeot Oman is at the brink of launching several new models to the Oman market. We are certain that it will cement our dedication to guarantee that every Peugeot on the roads is in perfect condition."

European Motors is offering customers this deal in two categories. The normal service priced at RO35 includes an oil filter and oil change, and sump plug gasket replacement in addition to a full check-up and report. The major service, which will cost RO80, will consist of replacement of the pollen filter, air filter, spark plugs, fuel filter and sump plug gasket. Peugeot's trained service staff will also change oil, brake fluid and coolant prior to providing a full check-up report. A complimentary car wash in included in the offer.

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