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Mazari lashes out at govt over NADRA chairman's removal.

ISLAMABAD -- Central Information Secretary of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, Dr. Shireen Mazari on Tuesday strongly condemned the removal of NADRA chief Tariq Malik by the government.

Mazari said that Tariq Malik was being penalised for exposing electoral fraud through NADRA data, especially thumb print verification. This action was yet another proof that there had been planned mass rigging in the 2013 General Election and post-elections, there was an equally large scale official cover up.

The Information Secretary said that PTI has been facing deliberate delays and hurdles in its petitions for thumb print verification by NADRA in the Punjab especially after rigging exposes in Sindh. Now the removal of the NADRA chief was further proof of the PMLN s efforts to conceal large scale electoral fraud engineered to bring it to power.

The very manner of the sacking, in the dark of night, has made it evident that there was male fide intent of covering up rigging, behind the action, Mazari added.

This action also shows the desperation of the PMLN government which now knows that the major electoral rigging that was engineered to bring it to power is already coming to light and the whole scheme of electoral fraud will stand exposed.

Today corruption and nepotism continue unabated with cronyism having signalled the death of merit, PTI s Information Secretary asserted. She demanded the government take back this vengeful action so that the credibility of NADRA is not destroyed as an institution.

"The sacking of Tariq Malik has sent a clear warning to all honest public servants that either they fall in line with corrupt practices or suffer the consequences", Mazari said.

Instead of rule of law and meritocracy the country is being governed like a private fiefdom with public servants being reduced to personal functionaries of the rulers thereby strengthening the cult of loyalties to rulers rather than to the state and nation, Mazari concluded.

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Publication:Frontier Post (Peshawar, Pakistan)
Date:Dec 3, 2013
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