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Mayoral hopefuls can oppose NHS break-up.

Byline: Lane's LENS

IT'S a bit rich for council leaders Phil Davies, Ian Maher and Andy Moorhead to attack Steve Rotheram and Luciana Berger for opposing devolution of the NHS, claiming this would undermine "the hard work already being done by the existing leaders and partners". (ECHO, July 17).

No-one has ever asked the public if we want the massively underfunded National Health Service to be devolved to local control. No council leader has revealed details of ongoing discussions with the Government on this issue.

Cllr Moorhead informed a constituent in February that there are no negotiations with the Government at this stage concerning health and social care, as "we are conducting a scoping exercise" which, when completed, will lead to public consultation.

Since there is no mandate for NHS Devolution, and no consultation so far, why shouldn't prospective Mayoral candidates declare their opposition to breaking up the National Health Service and handing more of it to the private sector with the blessing of council leaders? Greg Dropkin, Keep Our NHS Public, Merseyside New train station I'M REASSURED by Mayor Joe Anderson, taking time out and confirming that a new railway station on the site of the former Archbishop Blanch School was still on his agenda.

Liverpool has always been a transport hub, so it only makes sense that we have a cohesive, affordable, inner-city transport system.

Delivering on a shoestring budget has, alas, become second nature under the current Government's financial undersettlements. Just think what could be possible with a percentage more in line with London's? Bernie Hunt, Kensington Fields Care for buildings LIVERPOOL is unusually rich in historical buildings, most of them "listed".

But Liverpool's ability to care for this richesse is questionable.

The council's enthusiastic demolition spree, in the 1960s, was excused as the spirit of the time; today, we are supposed to be more educated and more enlightened, so the neglect of the ruinous but listed Futurist and its planned destruction are not excusable.

Ironically, although hit and partially damaged by a Nazi bomb, the cinema was immediately repaired and reopened. Easier to survive an enemy bomb than 21st-century planners.

Holly Lodge had a near miss in WWII when its neighbour, The Jolly Miller, was hit. Again, ironically, the house survived enemy bombs but not the present city council. One of the finest buildings in Liverpool, it dates from 1828, an elegant Regency villa designed by Thomas Haigh for Isaac Cooke, co-director of the Bank of Liverpool.

Holly Lodge merits a long paragraph in the authoritative Pevsner's Guide (p.504), Private Eye condemns the decision to demolish, as does the West Derby Society and Beryl Bainbridge wrote of Liverpool's planning blight of the 1960s to 1980s: "Someone's murdered Liverpool and got away with it". Name and address supplied Games funding? MAYOR Anderson has suggested Liverpool hosts the Commonwealth Games in 2026. This would, as we know, bring lots of money to Liverpool.

The only problem I can see is: who would fund all the stadiums, swimming pools, athletics arenas and accommodation for all the athletes? Hopefully, before all this money is spent, the need for food banks would be a thing of the past, libraries would be reopened, old people's homes would be refurbished or rebuilt to modern standards, the public transport system would benefit the public and link up with other public transport systems.

Shopping centres around the city would all be back to their best with more than just charity shops, betting shops and estate agents, of course, not forgetting the boarded-up dereliction just waiting for the mystery arsonist to show up and open the area for the property developers to move in and put up little boxes made of ticky-tacky that all look just the same.

Has this been addressed? Or do we just have to believe this will all work and the people of Liverpool will all benefit from the influx of money and not just businesses and fat cats? D Kent, Prescot Angry beggars OVER the last week, we have seen a distinct rise in incidents of aggressive street begging in Tuebrook.

Can we ask all neighbours to report any incidents immediately to police, who we have shared his concern with and who have asked that all patrols give attention to.

Sadly, one of the key reasons for begging is the willingness of the public to give money. We would urge anyone in the area to find out whether donations are being put to good use before handing money over.

Donations to charities like Whitechapel may be far more appropriate.

We are meeting police and agencies to consider the rise in complaints and incidents relating to prostitution along Sheil Road and thank neighbours for information.

On a positive note, can we thank everyone who supported the summer fair at Stoneycroft URC, which successfully raised more than PS300 for this congregation, which hosts so many health self-help groups and community activities.

Cllrs Steve Radford, Kevin Morrison and Billy Lake, Tuebrook and Stoneycroft Liberal Party I'm SUFFERING FOLLOWING the decision by the High Court to allow the progression of the Lime Street regeneration works, and the subsequent, all too predictable disagreement of the decision by the SAVE group, I have decided to form a group of my own, which I have called "SUFFERING". It is similar to most of these other groups that spring up when the city council, and Joe Anderson in particular, dare to propose anything that these groups deem "unacceptable" to certain parts of their city.

Like most of these other groups, nobody will elect me, nobody will dare challenge my views as I know best and, finally, nobody will be spared any personal criticism I give, no matter how unprofessional or scathing it may appear to be.

Anybody wishing to join my group is most welcome, as long as I get to make the final decision because, as you know, I know best.

By the way, my SUFFERING group acronym relates to: Save Us From Fickle Egotistical Rambling Idiotic Non-Elected Groups. FK, Knotty Ash Our Picture Editor's choice of today's top picture HILBRE Island looks glorious in the sunshine here in this picture taken by Flickr member POH Photos By Paula.

Colin says: "Summer serenity on Hilbre Island. Love the perspective and afternoon light in this simple but beautiful landscape. Just get out there and explore our magnificent coastline." | Would you like your photograph appraised by Colin? To get involved, upload shots to or email images to liverpool The small print: Letters will not be included unless you include your name, full postal address and daytime telephone number (we prefer to use names of letter writers but you can ask for your name not to be published if you have a good reason). The Editor reserves the right to edit all letters.

Ironically, although hit by a Nazi bomb, the cinema was immediately repaired and re-opened. Easier to survive an enemy bomb than 21stcentury planners Name and address supplied


Demolition of The Futurist cinema, on Lime Street (See

letter, Care for buildings)Picture: ANDREW TEEBAY
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 8, 2016
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