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Mayor of her TOWN relishes role.

Juliet Clapp was born to be a leader.

"I've always been in a leadership role my whole life," said Clapp, who has been director of sales at TOWN Residential for a year and a half.

During her college years, she was president of her sorority and business school.

"I feel like I'm a coach," she said. "My philosophy is trying to continue to work on every individual's strengths. Everyone's different, you have to work differently with every person," she said of the team of agents she oversees at the brokerage. "I truly care about my people and who they are."

A native of Armonk, NY, Clapp entered the startup world in the late 90's with dot com company EarthWeb, an IT information portal, which she helped go public in 1998.

After a few other startup stints, she got into financial planning and benefits with a Westchester company. It wasn't until she was in the process of moving back to New York City that she considered the world of real estate.

"I was looking for an apartment and had a great broker and I adored her," she recalled. "I loved going to open houses and looking at apartments. I said to myself, I think I want to do this."

After obtaining her license and entering the real estate world in 2004, her entrepreneurial and financial background helped her ascend to a director role at TOWN, where she feels right at home mentoring and guiding agents.

"I'm most proud of my agents," she said. "They're awesome. Working with such a talented, experienced and motivated team inspires me every day."

As a director, Clapp focuses on collaboration, lots of support, and "being kind along the way."

"The culture we've created here is so team-oriented and helpful," she said. "That's how I am as a person; everyone works together, which I think is rare in any industry and really rare in real estate."

"Trying to lead them, trying to guide them, always keeping the path open so they can keep moving forward; I feel my role is to help the agents jump over hurdles and build confidence," she said of her team.

Looking to the future, Clapp is working to "fine-tune" the collaborative culture at TOWN.

"That's my focus right now, as I continue to work with amazing people and help them grow and get to the next level," she said.

Clapp will lend her expertise to the Real Estate Weekly Women's Forum taking place today (Wednesday) when she takes part in a "Women Who Deal" panel.

"I'm looking forward to talking about today's market being a seller's market," she said, citing the severe lack of inventory. "We're really working with reps to work with buyers as best they can."

Also on her agenda is the luxury market and buying trends among foreign buyers, who have been major players in the past year in New York City. "There's so much going on," she said.

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Author:Dutton, Holly
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Date:Feb 27, 2013
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