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Mayo Clinic Health Information.

Mayo Clinic Health Information

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The Mayo Clinic's handbooks differ from other consumer references in many ways: they are less weighty treatments than most, yet are backed with all the medical authority and expertise the Mayo Clinic has come to be associated with; they use charts, some color illustration and an easy topical arrangement to help consumers find quick answers, and they focus not just on treatments, but why different approaches work. ON DEPRESSION (1903005178, $14.95) surveys different approaches to treating depression, from drugs and electroconvulsive therapy to counseling, and how depression varies between age groups. ON MANAGING DIABETES (1893005380, $19.95) discusses all aspects of a disease which is seeing rapid changes in treatment options stemming from rapid discoveries: from diagnosing pre-diabetic indicators and taking preventative steps to advances in more effective insulin delivery systems, the influence of exercise on sugar levels, and unique issues for kids with diabetes, this provides all the tools needed for control. ON HEADACHE (1893005356, $16.95) provides all the basics to know about both common and uncommon headaches, from regular headaches and rebound headaches from overuse of aspirin to conditions which cause secondary headaches and migraines. From non-medication treatments to differences between headaches in women, children and the elderly, ON HEADACHE goes beyond most treatment guides to survey the epidemiology of headache and different treatment paths. ON CHRONIC PAIN (1893005275, $16.95) appears in an updated second edition to provide a survey of the causes of chronic pain and the latest treatment. So much progress has been made in this field that the new second edition as called for, with editor Jerry Rome, MD providing an excellent and well-rounded survey of both traditional and alternative pain management systems which offer relief. Backed by Mayo's medical authority, these are all winners consumers can trust.
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Title Annotation:On Depression; On Managing Diabetes; On Headache; On Chronic Pain
Publication:California Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:May 1, 2006
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