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Mayhew, James and Vulliamy, Clara: Bubble and Squeak.

Mayhew, James and Vulliamy, Clara

Bubble and Squeak

Orchard, 2013, pp32, 11.99 [pounds sterling]

978 1 40831 366 4

This is a simple story essentially about friendship. It is set against a colourful, lively and exciting circus backdrop. The first opens with great colour, movement and energy everyone is going to the circus to see the elephant Bubble perform her daring act--The Pyramid of Peril where she balances precariously above the audience with only a bouquet of flowers to help her balance. This trick is a great favourite with the audience, and she receives tremendous adulation. However, as we all know, the circus life brings with it travel, and so Bubble goes from place to place with all the other circus characters, and unfortunately does not put down roots for enough time to make friends. After each performance, when the audience goes home, she returns to her carriage and is lonely.

Then everything changed one day when a mouse named Squeak was looking for a warm dry refuge. He followed the lights of the circus, crept under the marquee, and saw Bubble in the middle of her pyramid performance, and thought that it was the most incredible sight he had ever seen. Being very shy, he could not approach her, but moved with the circus from town to town.

Unfortunately, Mr Magnifico--the head of the circus, spotted cheese nibbling traces, and as he felt that Bubble might be frightened by a mouse, decreed that there be a mouse hunt. Mouse was found, evicted and told not to come back. He was bravely about to go on his way when he heard the audience gasp with horror, he looked back -Bubble had forgotten her flowers. Bravely Squeak grabbed the flowers, bravely climbed up the human pyramid beneath her and delivered the flowers. Bubble was saved. The crowd was ecstatic, and Bubble and Squeak began their friendship as a circus team. No more loneliness!

The illustrations are very large, colourful and there is much movement on each page. It is an excellent tool to talk about friendship, size comparison, and the circus and generally to enjoy!

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