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Maybe this is what he thinks; VIEWPOINTS.

I ENJOYED S Moore-Haines' parody of a Sun editorial (Viewpoints, April 23).

Then a dread thought intruded: Crikey, perhaps he really believes this stuff.

Mr Moore-Haines uses his bte noir socialism in a rather ridiculous portmanteau way which would, seemingly, elide Vladimir Illych Lenin and other Russian revolutionaries, with Harold Wilson and James Callaghan, who were basically social democrats.

His angel Thatcher, in sorting out the unions which, of course, struggled over generations to improve the lot of ordinary people, wrought havoc, undermined solidarity, brought chronic fear into the workplace and a devil take the hindmost mentality, all in shameful contrast to her, grotesque, evocation of St Francis of Assisi.

Mrs Thatcher's much vaunted European rebate, which was not at all huge in the whole scheme of things, and only granted after our European partners became exasperated by her populist antics (and largely out of pity) merely created a hostage to fortune which has bedevilled our subsequent dealings.

Yet on he goes: the social cabal is headed, he says, by Germany and France, although both have right-wing governments.

Mr Moore-Haines works up such a lather that he sweeps away both Houses of Parliament and our National Assembly. Before he is quite done, the Royal Family is to emigrate, a not displeasing prospect for a republican such as myself, with their residences assigned, in Gilbertian fashion, to immigrants and criminals (another interesting and revealing elision).

Any cool assessment and rational analysis will quickly expose such shallow thinking, as well as confirming, for instance, that the EU is the most progressive project to the modern era.

David Davies Gwaelod-y-Garth, Cardiff
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Apr 29, 2010
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