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Maybe Nexus can reconsider policy; VOICE OF THE NORTH.

MY wife tried to renew her Nexus Gold Card by post earlier this year. Unfortunately for her, she was a few months too early because her card didn't expire until the end of July.

Nexus returned her Post Office money order with a covering letter, explaining that she should renew the card "at any of the Nexus Travelshops nearer the time".

She presented the money order in Gateshead Travelshop only to be told that they "only accept cash over the counter".

Unable to elicit a satisfactory explanation for this policy from any of the concessionary travel team, I finally left a message for John Soutar, Nexus' head of retail services on his telephone voicemail postbox, asking for a definitive reason for the policy.

He later had the courtesy to respond by telling me that Nexus made the decision some time ago that it was costing too much to process cheques and money orders over the counter so, in keeping with other service outlets, the decision was made to accept them only by post. He added that there had been no backlash from the public over this decision.

Perhaps Nexus might reconsider this policy, and include the acceptance of over-the-counter cheques and money orders in their much vaunted "plans for the future", rather than adopt the usual complacent attitude that no one accepts cheques any more.

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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Aug 3, 2009
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