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May develops solventless equipment.

As new products and processes emerge, we are developing new equipment and methods to help you. At May Coating Technologies, we make a point of keeping informed about changing manufacturing needs in the marketplace. In response to our customers' requirements for coating systems that are solvent-free, we have been involved in developing the 100% solids application technology that is being used to replace chemical solvent processes.

May has designed and built equipment for many major converters who are in the process of reducing VOC emissions. Working closely with the adhesive manufacturers and our customers' process engineers, our technical staff has provided solventless solutions for the nonwoven, packaging, medical products, label, printing and filtration industries.

Our standard line of equipment for hot-melt and water-based coating applications consists of modular design coater/laminators from 2-72 inches. These systems can be configured for slot die, reverse roll, gravure, knife over roll, meyer rod or spray coating. If one of our pre-engineered systems is specified, you benefit from the cost savings.

The Modular Laminating Systems are designed to bond thermoplastic webs, heat-bondable materials and pressure-sensitive coated webs to a wide variety of substrates. Thermal laminating can eliminate the need for in-line coating operations, helping you comply with EPA regulations.

We also have the capability to custom engineer systems for specialty coating applications. More than half of the equipment that we build is based upon customer-supplied specifications for unique systems. Your project will be handled on a fully confidential basis if required.

If you are looking at eliminating costly thermal incineration or solvent recovery systems, we can show you economical alternative technologies. In our St. Paul, MN facility, we operate a pilot plant facility for product development and testing. If your process can be applied by slot die or spray, or can be bonded by thermal lamination, our equipment can handle it. You will also see the capabilities of our equipment. Let our technical staff help to find a solution to your coating problems.

From concept to delivery, we know how to put it all together for reliable modular units or complete systems. Our engineering staff has extensive experience in the areas of machine design, specialized adhesive applications and control systems.

We work with you as partners, bringing the best of current technology together with your ideas to solve each unique problem. Call us at (612) 633-0624 for a solventless solution to your coating problem.
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Title Annotation:10th Annual Show in Print of the International Nonwovens Industry; May Coating Technologies Inc.
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Date:May 1, 1992
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