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May, fight for women; VOICE OF THE.

THERESA May regularly talks a better game than she plays and so her deeds fail to match her words on abuse in Westminster by Tory men who prey on others. The whiff of a cover-up is in the air and we urge the Prime Minister to suspend senior Conservatives under investigation for alleged harassment and issue a full statement on what her party's whips in Parliament knew about charges levelled against named individuals.

Her meeting with other party leaders - and they must also be open and frank - must not be seen as a manoeuvre to bury past excuses by focusing exclusively on the future.

Women in Westminster and wider politics have as much right as women everywhere to be free of harassment and abuse.

May must set an example. That means zero tolerance of intimidatory, powerful men who wrongly believe they can do pretty much what they please, taking advantage of political positions to pursue and proposition women left feeling humiliated and degraded.

Whose side are you really on, Mrs May?

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 6, 2017
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