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Maxtor ships new hard drive family.

Worldwide Computer Products News-13 February 2001-Maxtor ships new hard drive family (C)1995-2001 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD

Maxtor Corp has launched what it claims to be the first hard disk drive that incorporates an inner diameter load/unload ramp for increased data reliability.

The ramp, which is included in the drives of Maxtor's new 531DX family, locks the recording head into a protective carrier to cradle it during shipment and any other time the drive is not in operation.

The 531DX drive family also contains a reduced number of parts and components to provide fewer points of possible failure. Another reliability feature is the 17mm height of the drives, reducing the overall space that a drive consumes by a third over traditional hard drive designs, according to Maxtor.

Other features include a 5400rpm spin speed and either a 10Gb or 15Gb capacity. The Maxtor 531DX line is currently shipping. Pricing was not revealed.

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Date:Feb 13, 2001
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