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Maxthon unveils alpha version 4 of Max-3 browser.


Maxthon has released alpha version 4 of its new browser, Max-3, for public download and testing, the Internet browsing technology developer said on Friday.

The alpha is available at

When the complete version of the browser is released in early 2010, Max-3 will be the first browser to use automatic-detection hybrid technology to power its display of web pages, the company said.

Max-3 will contain two rendering engines. One is the Trident engine already in the current version of Maxthon, as well as used by Microsoft's Internet Explorer. The second rendering engine, Webkit, is newer than Trident and used by Google's Chrome and Apple's Safari.

In Maxthon's hybrid rendering engines, running display commands through Webkit is called Ultra Mode. It improves JavaScript execution and page loading speed and has better support for the W3C standards. Most of the time, the browser will operate in Ultra Mode. However, if it encounters pages that Webkit cannot display, Max-3 will automatically suspend Ultra Mode and engage the Trident engine to put the browser into Retro Mode.

If the browsing mode is not switched automatically, the user can make the switch manually by clicking the Browsing Mode button next to the address bar.

Other updates to the alpha code include: auto-update module; address bar optimisation; added favicons; smooth scrolling support; as well as enhanced Javascript performance by about 10%.

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Publication:Internet Business News
Date:Jul 27, 2009
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