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Maximum Firepower, Zero Tolerance!

SAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 24, 1999--

Psygnosis Restores Order on the Streets and in the Skies

with the Release of G-Police(TM) -- Weapons of Justice,

the ultimate, free-roaming 3D Action-shooter

Psygnosis today released its 3D action shooter, G-Police -- Weapons of Justice. The sequel to 1997's critically acclaimed hit G-Police, Psygnosis' astounding helicopter game is back with a host of new features to thrill hard-core fans of the series and newcomers alike. In addition to the helicopters of the first game, G-Police -- Weapons of Justice includes three new player vehicles, each one packed to the max with a variety of deadly weapons. G-Police -- Weapons of Justice is now available in stores everywhere, exclusively for the PlayStation(R) game console.

G-Police -- Weapons of Justice picks up ten days after the first game left off. The war between the G-Police and their enemy, Nanosoft, ended with the destruction of the Nanosoft cruiser, but G-Police resources are depleted, civil unrest is growing, and the organized crime syndicates are gaining power. Fortunately, help is on its way in the form of the Marines, but things start to go wrong when it appears that their Colonel has a hidden agenda.

The G-Police recruit will face 30 new missions this time around, with 25 weapon-types available to them, and five air and land vehicles at their disposal. In addition to the Havoc and Venom, helicopters, players can race around the streets of Callisto, digging out trouble in the Rhino, an armored car. There is also the Raptor, a giant mech-type vehicle which allows players to leap from building to building, or glide down to earth to traverse the city with ease.

Finally, there is the Corsair spaceship, which allows players to be transported to battles taking place far beyond the Callisto environment. All the space missions take full advantage of the PlayStation game console's high-resolution mode.

When creating Weapons of Justice, Psygnosis was determined to better its predecessor in every way possible and, after listening to feedback from fans, the team developed a clear idea of what elements could benefit from some improvement. The first was the difficulty of the game. The development team looked at the complexity of the flight model and improved the controls so that Weapons of Justice is more accessible to newcomers. The game will still cater to hard-core gamers, however, with heavy doses of dog-fighting and plenty of opportunity to develop their flying expertise and perform amazing maneuvers.

The second hurdle of the original game was in the draw-distance. Because the game's complex AI pushed the PlayStation's CPU to its limits, the graphics engine took a slight hit, causing a shorter draw-distance than expected. In G-Police -- Weapons of Justice, this obstacle has been overcome with the addition of an "echo-locator system," a device attached to player's vehicle, allowing them to see further into the distance, and making navigation much smoother and easier. Improving on the winning formula in every way possible, G-Police -- Weapons of Justice will entice newcomers to enter into its future-noir world, while ensuring that hard-core fans come back for more of the same fast and furious action offered in the first game.

Designed specifically for the PlayStation(R) game console, G-Police -- Weapons of Justice supports the DUAL SHOCK(TM)(TM) analog controller, for a truly interactive flying experience. G-Police Weapons of Justice was developed by the Psygnosis Stroud Studio.

Psygnosis has created more than 130 titles across numerous game genres to critical acclaim. Best-selling titles include the Wipeout(TM) series, Formula 1, one of the world's most popular racing brands, the Destruction Derby(TM) franchise, the Lemmings puzzle game series, and other highly acclaimed brands including G-Police(TM), Colony Wars(TM) and Rollcage(TM). For more information about Psygnosis, visit the Psygnosis Web site at Psygnosis is a subsidiary of Sony.

Note to Editors: Wipeout 3, Psygnosis and the Psygnosis logo are (TM) or (R) of Psygnosis Ltd. All rights reserved. All other game titles are (TM) or (R)

and (c) 1990-1999 Psygnosis Limited except Formula 1, which is an official product of the FIA Formula One World Championship and licensed by the Formula One Association Limited. PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
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Date:Sep 24, 1999
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