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Maximize your training investments.


In any instructional profession, the goal is to provide the best training as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. This mission can be achieved with any of Lab Volt's training programs.

Every Lab-Volt training system is modular: components can be selected to design a program that accomplishes specific instructional goals and achieves the greatest impact with any budget. With state-of-the-art software, industry-standard equipment and realistic hands-on instruction, students develop essential knowledge and skills that empower them to succeed in any occupation.


Each of these programs features a professionally developed curriculum, complete with meaningful hands-on projects that are performed with state-of-the art equipment and software. Each curriculum is designed to achieve critical, relevant standards established by various academic and labor resources, including the International Technology Education Association (ITEA), Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS), National Coalition for Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS), National Coalition for Advanced Manufacturing (NACFAM), and Information Technology Career Cluster Initiative (ITCCI).

These programs also include GradePoint 2020[TM], a powerful yet easy-to-use electronic classroom-management system that helps maximize instructors' effectiveness. Once students complete their work on a network, teachers benefit from these timesaving features: real-time collection of grades; single-grid view of tests, online activities, assignments and overall grades; and quick computation and reporting of grades and competencies achieved. Plus, instructors can use GradePoint 2020 to easily customize the curriculum, competencies/standards, and assessments.

Inventions & Innovations: Lab-Volt's newest curriculum guides students through the process of developing new product ideas, and novel uses and modifications of existing products. Students develop technical knowledge and skills. Then, they are presented with problems to solve, and work in teams to research and identify solutions; build, test and modify prototypes; and present solutions/products to the class. The program also includes optional, multimedia-based instruction in "Profiting from Invention" and "Building Career Success."

Tech-Design[R]: Students strengthen their potential, confidence and essential life skills through 56 modules that focus on technologies, and family and consumer sciences topics. Each of the 44 technology modules--ranging from aerodynamics to virtual reality present the scientific basis, significance and future potential of the particular discipline. Twelve new modules focus on FACS; topics include consumer and family services, interpersonal relationships, nutrition and wellness, child care, and parenting and human development.

"My colleagues and I implemented a 'homemade' technology-education program.... We realized we needed a much more comprehensive and hands-on program.... We determined that Lab-Volt's Tech-Design curriculum would best suit our needs--because cribs dynamic multimedia presentation, the types and quantity of hands-on activities, and the fact that pre-tests and post tests are competency based."

--Jim Petzold, Former Instructor, Cooper Middle School, Buffalo Grove, IL

Meeting Requirements of "No Child Left Behind":

Inventions & Innovations and Tech-Design were developed specifically to meet National Standards for School Mathematics and National Science Education Standards, as well as ITEA and SCANS.

Tech-World[R]: Applications in Pro Engineerino & Manufaduring Technology: Using state-of-the-art software and industry-standard equipment, students explore and apply current technologies in Quality Control, Automation and Material Handling, Design, Manufacturing Processes, Mechanical Systems, and Electricity and Electronics.

"The program has excellent instructional software and equipment and machinery that meet the standards of today's industrial workplace. Students prepare realistically for future employment and careers. The package includes quality hand fools (including a manual mill and lathe), and measuring equipment--all of them are very valuable to student learning and skill attainment."

--Harry M. Sydow, Former Coordinator/instructor, Manufacturing Technology Program, Russell County Career and Technology Center, Lebanon, VA

Tech-World: Applications in Information Technology: Students build a foundation of knowledge and skills to succeed in their choice of information technology (IT) career paths: IT industry certifications and entry-level employment, or higher education and professional careers. The program covers five critical areas of IT: Computer Architecture, Network Systems, Web Development, Software Development & Applications, and Communications.

"This curriculum gives students a powerful start by presenting an overview of the IT industry and the entire IT career cluster. Then, through hands-on training and projects based on realworld situations, students develop the skills and knowledge necessary for success--not only academically and technically, but also professionally and personally."

--Mark Whitlock, CEO, Central Educational Center, Atlanta, GA


In addition to technology education, Lab-Volt offers curriculum and laboratory instructional systems ideal for industrial training. These systems cover electricity and electronics, telecommunications, information technology, automation and robotics, electric power and controls, fluid power, instrumentation and process control, refrigeration, heating and air conditioning. Each program features state-of-theart hardware and extensive curriculum, and several systems incorporate simulation software for more effective and efficient training.


Lab-Volt Systems, Inc.

P.O. Box 686

Farmingdale, NJ 07727


Toll Free: 1-800-LAB-VOLT in the United States and Canada

Phone: 1-732-938-2000

Fax: 1-732-774-8573


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