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Maxi-Blast Inc.

Maxi-Blast [R] Inc.

Maxi-Blast, Inc. founded by James D. Kowalski, began operations in 1980 and now operates from corporate offices in South Bend, Indiana with a manufacturing facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. Maxi-Blast currently ships more than 2.5 million pounds of plastic blast media per year with 20% bound for overseas customers.


Maxi-Blast manufactures and distributes a variety of non-abrasive blast media for deflashing rubber and plastic parts, as well as cleaning molds, dies and tooling. Maxi-Blast also offers a selection of manual and automated blast machinery designed specifically for use with plastic media.

Technical service and support

Maxi-Blast professionals make knowledgeable deflashing and mold cleaning recommendations based on continuous testing of various materials, equipment and applications. Maxi-Blast insures the highest level of customer satisfaction with its strict quality control standards, a large inventory of material ready for shipment, and a fully trained support staff. For more information on Maxi Blast's non-abrasive blast media and equipment contact: Maxi-Blast, Inc. 630 E. Bronson St. South Bend, IN 46601 (219)233-1161, (800)535-3874, FAX:234-0792, TELEX:276-155

PHOTO : World Leader in Cryogenic Deflashing Media

PHOTO : World Leader in Non-Abrasive Mold Cleaning Technology

PHOTO : Complete Technical Support
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