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MaxOptix Unveils Industry's First Tape RAID Appliance; High Performance, High Availability Tape RAID Appliance to Target Growing Serverless Backup Market.

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FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 6, 2001

MaxOptix Corp., a technology leader in secondary storage solutions, today unveiled the StreamIT(TM), the first tape RAID appliance in the industry and the first in a planned series of high-availability Tape RAID appliances for MaxOptix.

StreamIT is the first tape appliance that meets the performance and reliability demands of Storage Area Network (SAN)-based serverless backup applications.

Combining a fault tolerant chassis design with its PowerStream(TM) RAID controller for removable storage and Sony's robust AIT-2 drive technology, MaxOptix has created a unique and cost-effective, leading-edge solution that meets the most demanding data management requirements for ultra-reliable enterprise storage.

The "plug and play" StreamIT appliance meets an increasing market demand for higher-performance solutions, with outstanding performance boasting transfer rates of more than 2,200 MB/min or more than 130 GB/hr with up to 400 GB of capacity.

"Data storage today is beyond mission-critical; it's business-critical," said Fred Bedard, senior vice president of Sales and Marketing at MaxOptix. "MaxOptix is positioning itself to become a leader in delivering the benefits of secondary storage technology to its customers worldwide, and with StreamIT, we can offer the most powerful solution for high-reliability, high performance tape storage. Our customers will rely on our StreamIT appliance technology to protect their most vital information and ensure trouble-free business continuity. Designed to provide the highest level of performance and availability for serverless backup applications, StreamIT is an ideal appliance for a SAN environment. Serverless backup enables disk arrays to backup directly to tape devices. What better way to backup a disk RAID system than with a tape RAID system?"

"MaxOptix's StreamIT is the first tape solution that takes full advantage of the potential benefits of SAN-based serverless backup," said Jon Toigo, noted consultant and expert columnist on storage issues and the author of "The Holy Grail of Data Storage." "The appeal of serverless backup is that it allows a vast amount of data to travel over a dedicated high-speed SAN, but until now, no tape drive or tape library could take advantage of the available bandwidth. MaxOptix has resolved that issue with the innovative design of the StreamIT appliance. This should be a standard addition for any company that is serious about implementing serverless backup."

"MaxOptix customers have long benefited from the investment protection, reliability and performance of its AIT-based library solutions," said Dr. Stephen Baker, vice president of Sony's Streaming Tape Solutions Division. "AIT technology is the ideal complement to the well-engineered design of its newest offering, the StreamIT. StreamIT takes data protection to the next level and attests to MaxOptix's engineering talent by producing an elegant and highly reliable storage solution.

"MaxOptix is a strong advocate of tape RAID technology solutions to overcome the performance and reliability limitations of conventional tape backup solutions," continued Baker. "Clearly MaxOptix has listened to the marketplace and now has delivered the next generation of high-performance and availability features required to support a customer's backup and restore requirements well into the new millennium."

About StreamIT

StreamIT users can easily integrate the power of the tape RAID into their existing tape backup architecture as it provides 100 percent transparent support for all leading backup and storage management applications.

The exceptional reliability and performance of the StreamIT appliance is based on the innovative RAID for Removable Media architecture enabled by MaxOptix's PowerStream controller technology. The array supports a variety of configurations through a single Ultra-2 SCSI host or Fibre Channel connection to precisely meet customer requirements based on cost, performance and availability parameters.

The appliance supports both RAID level 1 -- with data mirrored across up to five individual drives or one or two pairs of drives -- and RAID level 3 operation where data and parity information are striped across five AIT-2 drives, while taking advantage of the aggregate bandwidth of all tape drives, to create data transfer rates of more than 130 GB/hr and providing corporate customers with a failure-resistant tape solution that can withstand a single AIT drive or media failure and continue backup or restore operations with no loss of data or interruption of service.

To further enhance system reliability and fault tolerance, the StreamIT incorporates N+1 cooling fans and optional N+1 power supplies, eliminating those components as failure points that could cripple the unit.

MaxOptix's new StreamIT appliance is currently available in rack-mount configurations with five-drive configurations with either an Ultra-2 SCSI or Fibre Channel interface. List prices are $29,995 and $34,995, respectively. The new tape array is supported on all major storage management software applications as well as all operating systems.

About MaxOptix

Incorporated in 1989, MaxOptix is the technology leader in the high-performance segment of the secondary data storage industry with several key patents in the field of optical recording. Maxoptix serves a global customer base from its U.S. headquarters in Fremont and European headquarters in Surrey, England.

During the last 18 months, MaxOptix has raised $30 million -- through private placements with venture capital groups and individuals -- for the development and launch of its OSD(TM) product line.

Smart Technology Ventures III, the lead investor in the company, is a $175 million SBIC venture fund located in Southern California whose mission is to help create next-generation companies whose products store, transport, manage and process the information that powers the new economy.

In December 2000, MaxOptix acquired Boulder, Colo.-based Breece Hill Technologies, an established supplier of entry-level through enterprise-class automated tape loaders and libraries with an installed base of more than 14,000 libraries.

MaxOptix may be contacted at 3342 Gateway Blvd., Fremont, Calif., 94538; phone: 510/353-9700 and 800/848-3092; fax: 510/353-1845. In Europe, contact Maxoptix Europe Ltd.; Park House, 127 Guildford Road, Lightwater, Surrey, England, GU185RA; phone: 011-44-1276-450300; fax: 011-44-1276-850047.

MaxOptix, StreamIT, PowerStream and Optical Super Density (OSD) are trademarks of MaxOptix Corp. All other names and trademarks belong to their respective owners.
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