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Max: holistic clinic.

Byline: Jan De Vries

Dear Jan ..

SOME years ago, I lost my sense of smell, then gradually my taste has more or less gone. A friend suggested Zinc tablets, which I have been taking for the last three months. I am 36 and in good health otherwise.

AZINC is a very good remedy when taken 15ml twice a day. My book, Five Senses, which is available in local libraries, will give a lot of useful information on the subject.

QI AM elderly and live alone and am bothered with a varicose ulcer on my ankle, which can be very painful. A nurse comes to my house every week and attends to it.

AI WOULD recommend that you restrict your salt intake, spicy foods and chocolate. It would be good to use compresses of cod liver oil and honey, applied at night, to ease the discomfort.

QI HAVE been told by my doctor that I am suffering from Reflux and I wonder what I could take instead of the tablets that I have been prescribed. I am 65.

AREFLUX can be helped by taking 15 drops twice daily of the remedy Centaurium. However, be careful with your diet and remember to chew all food well. It is often better to make six small meals rather than three meals. There is also another remedy Galeopsis that is a good alternative.

QMY sister has suffered with psoriasis for 25 years. She has had all kinds of treatment with little effect. Can you recommend anything?

APSORIASIS is a difficult problem to treat. My book, Skin Diseases, will be helpful. This is available in local libraries. The remedy Indian Capsules, would be good to try. Take one capsule first thing in the morning. Contact our helpline, details below, for more details.

QI AM a 66-year-old male who suffers from painful arthritis in the left knee. I take one Co-Tenidone 50/12 5mg tab and one Doxazosin 1mg tab for high blood pressure. I am also diabetic, which is diet-controlled. I am keen to try Glucosamine and Joint Mobility Factor to ease the pain but I am afraid they might have an adverse effect on my high blood pressure and diabetes. Can you help?

ATHERE are no side effects to Glucosamine or Joint Mobility Factor and these can be taken very safely with other medication.

QALTHOUGH I've never smoked, I do suffer from what I consider to be excessive catarrh. This becomes a real problem whenever I contract a cold or flu and inevitably I end up seeking antibiotics if it goes into my chest. I am in my early 60s. Can you recommend a treatment?

ATAKE the remedy Echinaforce at a dose of 20 drops, three times daily. Be careful with cow's milk and cheese and drink plenty of fruit juices.

QI'M a woman of 64 and have diabetes and a bad liver. I would like to try Milk Thistle, but do you think it would help?

AMILK Thistle is an excellent liver tonic. I recommend a dosage of 15 drops twice a day, in half a glass of water after meals.

QI HAVE had endometrial cancer and had lots of radiotherapy internally and externally, plus a hysterectomy I cannot have HRT as a result of this. I also have problems with my libido. I would be grateful for some help.

AI HAVE written a book entitled Menopause, which should be available from your local library. In the book, I have discussed various supplements and preparations that can be of help in combating a range of symptoms associated with the menopause. In addition, I would suggest that you try the kitchen herb, Sage (Menosan), to help the hot flushes at a dose of 20 drops twice a day. This should be available in local health food shops.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 11, 2001
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