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Maurice Strong's new frontman.

Canadian globalist heavyweight Maurice Strong, a key architect of the UN's radical environmental agenda, has been described as the "Michelangelo of networking." He has risen to global prominence largely because of his uncanny ability to manipulate people and institutions.

Strong either is or has been a member of such globalist bodies as the Earth Council, the Commission on Global Governance, the World Wildlife Fund, and the UN Environmental Program. He also co-authored the UN-connected Earth Charter, blasphemously described as a "Ten Commandments" for the environment. As Canadian attorney and author Ezra Levant points out, Strong has "never stopped pressing for a world where the UN's resolutions would be enforced as the law in every corner of the Earth."

Strong's most recent political conquest is Canadian finance minister Paul Martin Jr., the leading candidate to follow Jean Chretien as prime minister. For the first time in Strong's career, however, his machinations have caught the interest of the Canadian press.

"How much influence does Maurice Strong--radical environmentalist and leading exponent of the United Nations' higher humbug have on PM-in waiting Paul Martin?" asked National Post columnist Peter Foster in a July 30th essay. "This question has arisen because Mr. Strong is

moving to [the Canadian capital city] Ottawa, while Mr. Martin is filling in part of the time until his coronation by co-chairing a UN development commission, to which Mr. Strong is 'special advisor.'"

The commission referred to is the UN Commission on the Private Sector and Development, created by Secretary-General Kofi Annan to work toward fulfilling the world body's "Millennium Development Goals." Among those objectives are worldwide promotion of "reproductive health services" (that is, abortion on demand), as well as efforts to "reduce the number of pregnancies" and "promote gender equality and empower women." This anti-natal campaign is an important component of the UN's pursuit of "sustainable development," meaning a centrally controlled socialist global economy under UN supervision. Strong helped create the concept of "sustainable development" as a member of the UN-aligned Brundtland Commission in 1987.

Strong once declared: "Economic growth is not the cure; it is the disease," and has described himself as "a socialist in ideology [and] a capitalist in methodology." He is also an outspoken proponent of hard-core New Age paganism. In his 2000 book Where on Earth Are We Going? Strong declared, "We are all gods now, gods in charge of our own destiny"--a line he recycled from the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

"This is the man Paul Martin wants to make a senior economic and environmental adviser in his PMO [Prime Minister's Office]," commented Edmonton Journal columnist Lorne Gunter. While Canada's ruling elite takes indecent pride in that country's status as a model "global citizen" among nations, it will be interesting to see if the Canadian public shares that enthusiasm.
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Publication:The New American
Date:Sep 8, 2003
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