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Maureen got me wrong and my complaints were valid; views.

WHAT a nasty vindictive person Maureen Messent is. She has me so wrong (Mail, July 20).

How dare she insinuate that I am a whinger or a spoilt child just because I had the audacity to complain about Birmingham social services.

I had a very nasty fall whilst on holiday in London. I broke my shoulder, my wrist and my nose and I had to have a brain scan. I also have heart problems so I am on Warfarin.

As Maureen says, I am not a frail old soul and am still able to get around and I do have a business to run, but I am 74 years old and I was very shaken by the fall.

I am certainly not a whinger.

Perhaps Maureen should check with the doctors, nurses and all the people who have been helping me.

I was told by the doctor at University College Hospital London that an ambulance car would be taking me from London to Sutton Coldfield, but before they could discharge me they had to phone Birmingham social services to arrange for a carer to call on me as I lived on my own.

The nurse and my son phoned Birmingham social services who promised to phone back - they didn't.

Eventually, social services did phone the staff nurse and they arranged for care to commence on Monday, June 18.

Nobody turned up and to this day I have had no explanation or apology.

As usual social services denied blame, but my son has now received an email to say that both his complaints have been upheld.

She says say my accident was under the "inconvenient" label, not life-threatening or needful of a carer.

My God, I hope she never has to go through it.

I suggest that Maureen should take off her rose-coloured spectacles and spend more time looking into social services complaints, as the young reporters do, and see if we can improve what is a dreadful service and has been for years. It just doesn't get any better.

Mrs P Biddle, by email
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
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Date:Aug 6, 2012
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