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Maude fuelled crisis; your letters.


PLAYING politics with a possible petrol strike by tanker drivers is Cameron showing his spin and PR background.

The Government has lost millions in tax revenue from low petrol sales in recent weeks, but what better way to boost sales than cause panic? Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude should be sacked, and the Government ought to take responsibility for telling people to store petrol, especially after Diane Hill suffered 40% burns.

Ken Tatham, Coventry

FRANCIS Maude should resign for saying, "a bit of extra fuel in a jerry can is a sensible precaution".

How insensitive and immature. He should have calmed the situation with a statement saying there is enough fuel out there so long as people don't fill up unnecessarily.

John Wedmore, Swansea

FRANCIS Maude, the minister who advised people to hoard petrol - which indirectly led to a woman suffering burns - should be fired. At the very least, if he has any honour, he should apologise and resign.

Andrew Dyke, Pershore, Worcs

ASKING this Government to handle a crisis is ridiculous. Cameron and co have got no real concept of what the average man or woman in the street goes through.

Unite did not release a statement confirming it was going to take industrial action but the situation across the country was such that mindless people started to panic buy, leaving those who actually needed the fuel to get to work completely unable to access any.

Mel Parry, Mountain Ash Rhondda Cynon Taff

I DID not follow the lemmings to the petrol pumps after the Government's unnecessary scaremongering. I am now low on fuel and find that the four nearest fuel stations are out. Therefore, as Francis Maude started this nonsense, could he please let me know which petrol station within a three mile radius of me will actually have fuel at some point this week? Johnny Allan, Sutton, Surrey

HOW typical of dodgy Dave and Francis Maude to initiate panic buying to lessen the pressure from the 'dinners for donors' scandal. It will also help with the Budget decision to look after their rich mates to the detriment of the poor.

The PM's claim of "we're all in this together" is a sham. He's only concerned with his millionaire friends - those who will benefit from the policies of the Coalition.

P Bradford, Lincoln

I CAN'T understand this panic buying. People have been moaning about the cost for months but then they go out and buy fuel they don't need. They should look in the mirror and ask themselves "Do I need to get this? Now I have some extra cash, shouldn't I give it to my family rather than to the Government?

Michael Preskey, Leeds

The BIG Issue

PETROL stations were hit by panic buying and many ran out of fuel after Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude told people to "fill up jerry cans" in case of a strike by tanker drivers. Mum Diane Hill suffered 40% burns after following his advice to hoard fuel. You say the Government failed to take responsibility for the crisis and Mr Maude should be sacked...
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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion, Column
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 3, 2012
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