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Mature artists, mature art.

It was great to read Clive Barnes on the Royal Danish Ballet's Kirsten Simone and older dancers' need for opportunities ("Attitudes," June). I am a seasoned performer who reinvented his career as a dance professor. It has been rough to see many of my colleagues retire or continually struggle with the psychological and physical problems of aging in an art we cherish so much. I've found inspiration in, a website made up of performers worldwide, most of them over 50, of which I am a member. Perhaps it can help some of your readers who refuse to be put out to pasture.

Eric Brandt Nielsen

Director of Dance

Valdosta State University

Valdosta, GA
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Title Annotation:Letters
Author:Nielsen, Eric Brandt
Publication:Dance Magazine
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Aug 1, 2006
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