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Mattress recycling could cushion solid waste budget in Tennessee.

Putnam County residents can already recycle paper, aluminum cans, plastic and motor oil.

Even with all that, solid waste officials aren't lying down on the job. If they get the recycling grant they are eyeing, there's the possibility of diverting mattresses from the waste stream.

The county commission is considering applying for a nearly $46,000 recycling equipment grant that would help replace a box truck to haul recyclables as well as a semi-trailer to collect mattresses.

The commission's fiscal review committee recommended applying for the grant..

The recycling equipment grant requires 30-percent matching funds from the county, which would come from the solid waste budget.

"If we have a container for mattresses, that will keep them out of the landfill," Putnam County Solid Waste Director Keith Street said.

Cookeville Public Works picks up mattresses and other large household items twice a month and takes them to the Putnam County Solid Waste Department, before they are taken to the Rhea County Landfill.

"We're having to pay $30 a ton to get rid of those," Street said. "Sporadically, we get quite a bit of them."

"About once every year or so, hotels will remodel, and that's when we get the bulk of them," Street said.

A city public works employee said a lot of people call asking the city to pick up mattresses

"They are usually at apartment complexes by dumpsters," the employee said. "That's one of the big things we pick up."

Spring Back Mattress Recycling in Nashville would recycle the mattresses in the proposed grant.

Source: Lindsay McReynolds, Herald-Citizen

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Publication:Solid Waste Report
Date:Oct 27, 2016
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