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Build a 9MM AR-15: part I cheap and cheaper! In this three-part series, Matthews walks you through building two budget-busting 9mm AR-15s. Dec 20, 2015 6219
AR-15 triggers-101: get more from your black gun with a new trigger. Dec 1, 2015 2792
Wring big fun from a small-budget smallbore part 3 range time! Nov 20, 2015 4221
Wring big fun: from a small-budget smallbore: Part 2. Oct 20, 2015 4129
Wring big fun from a small-budget smallbore part 1: here's how to build a pair of cost-effective .22-cal. AR-15 pistols. Sep 20, 2015 3095
Poor man's custom! 1911 Part 2. Aug 20, 2015 5949
Poor man's custom 1911: Part 1. Jul 20, 2015 2716
AR-15 lower shootout. Jun 20, 2015 5154
Bumpin' it rapid-fire: Part 2. May 20, 2015 2784
Bumpin' it rapid-fire: Part 1: now that you actually can find some ammo, it's a great time to get back to simulated full-auto firing, and Bump Fire Systems has greatly reduced the toll for it. Apr 20, 2015 4592
Part 3: building a "Krinkov" style semi-auto AK-47 pistol. Apr 10, 2015 5383
Build a faux SBR: Part 3: Short means unreliable? Not necessarily! Mar 20, 2015 3969
Part 2: building a "Krinkov" style semi-auto AK-47 pistol. Mar 10, 2015 3650
Build a faux SBR Part 2: with the SIG brace, you get all the fun with none of the paperwork. Feb 20, 2015 3589
"Krinkov" style: semi-auto AK-47 pistol. Feb 10, 2015 3555
Build a faux SBR: part 1. Jan 20, 2015 4844
When you really need a scope: IMP rovised optics mounting: matthews shows two different ways to scope an uzi. his methods can be used for many different guns that don't naturally accept a scope. Jan 10, 2015 4132
Basic gunsmithing skills: spraying, sawing, soldering: a gunsmithing project may call on a variety of mechanical skills. Perfecting them beforehand will make your projects turn out better. Jan 1, 2015 2165
DIY 80% AR-15 odd equation or gunsmitning fun? part 3: in parts 1 and 2 (3/20, 4/20 issues), Matthews showed how to make a traditional aluminum AR receiver. This time, he takes on the challenge of plastic receivers. Dec 20, 2014 6548
1911 trigger job? yes. you can: his new .45 looked great, but the 8-pound trigger pull spoiled the mood. matthews tells of two easy ways to cure the heavy trigger blues. Dec 10, 2014 3577
Build a target grade rimfire AR-15: last time 10/20 issue, matthews modified a CMMG .22 conversion unit and made a barrel for it. this time, he finishes up his rimfire target AR. Nov 20, 2014 2584
Build a target grade rimfire AR-15: the cmmg .22 conversion is well known, but matthews made some modifications to it for maximum accuracy and reliability with .22 ammo. Oct 20, 2014 3926
Build a target grade rimfire AR-15: he's always enjoyed his centerfire target gun, but wanted a rimfire version for less-expensive shooting. Here's how he put one together at the usual Matthews bargain price. Sep 20, 2014 3100
Ultra economy AR-15/22--part 2: no one is better at cutting costs than matthews, and here he builds a rimfire AR for just $375. you need the tools and the talent, but it's doable. Aug 20, 2014 2322
Ultra Economy AR-15/22--part 1: buld it cheap like matthews! If you can scrounge and modify and fix up, you can have champagne gun tastes on a Kool-Aid budget. It takes patience and perseverance, but it's possible even today. Jul 20, 2014 3295
Can it! LCW duracoat gun finish in a spray can: Matthews has used the lauer product for years, usually applying it with an airbrush. but now you can get all its benefits even if you don't own an air compressor. Jun 20, 2014 3002
DIY 80% AR-15: odd equation or gunsmithing fun? Part 3. May 20, 2014 4175
DIY 80% AR-15: odd equation or gunsmithing fun? Part 2. Apr 20, 2014 3714
Basic gunsmithing skills: Lathe setup, tapping, grinding: these basic metalworking skills will put you in position to take on most of the home gunsmithing chores you'll encounter. Apr 1, 2014 2525
Diy 80% AR-15 ODD equation or gunsmithing fun? part 1: Ever thought of making your own AR receiver? Matthews shows you how in a new series that will cover the receivers and the fixtures that help turn them into components that look as good as factory-made. Mar 20, 2014 2819
Basic gunsmithing skills: DR lling holes accurately: no gunsmithing project will work if you can't drill holes the right size in the right spot. Here Matthews shares a few tips that will help you drill holes right. Mar 10, 2014 2398
Rapid-fire for the masses the SlideFire Ruger 10/22: getting the kit to work right required a little experimentation and tweaking, but Matthews was soon blasting 50-round magazines without a hiccup. Feb 20, 2014 1831
Rapid fire for the masses: the slidefire ruger 10/22. Jan 20, 2014 3353
Make it yours marking your gunsmithing projects: you've spent hundreds of hours creating a home-built gun masterpiece. Now's not the time to mess it up with crooked stamping. Here's how to make your markings straight and true. Dec 20, 2013 3538
More power for your firepower build A .40 S&W Uzi carbine: he's modified the magazine (9/20 issue) and made a barrel (10/20); now he's ready to modify the bolt and finish the .40 Uzi. Nov 20, 2013 4632
More power for your firepower: build A .40 S&W Uzi carbine part 2: last time (9/20 issue) he had to modify 9mm magazines into .40 cal. magazines, and now he turns his attention to fabricating a .40 cal. barrel. Oct 20, 2013 2483
More power for your firepower build a .40 S&W Uzi carbine part 1: can't find 9mm ammo? Just would like more power? Those are both reasons for turning that garden-variety Uzi carbine into a powerful .40 cal. By Steven Matthews. Sep 20, 2013 3278
Cerakote another high-tech finish option for the hobbyist: Matthews has tried everything from bluing to modern spray-on finishes. Now he takes a shot with the hottest new firearms finish option. Aug 20, 2013 3916
Rapid-fire part 2 on a budget: last time (6/20 issue), Matthews thought he'd altered his .22 AR enough to make it run with a SlideFire stock. He quickly found it just wasn't that easy. Jul 20, 2013 5224
Rapid-fire on a budget part 1: the big ammo shortage hit Matthews like it did everyone else, cutting down on the fun he was having with his SlideFire-equipped rifles. He was sure he could adapt the SlideFire to a .22 Long Rifle. Was he crazy? Read and see! Jun 20, 2013 4962
AR gunsmithing for beginners part 2: there's just no reason to accept poor reliability or a bad trigger on your AR, and the ever-thrifty Matthews shows that it doesn't take a lot of money to make any AR a sweet shooter. May 20, 2013 4291
AR gunsmithing for beginners part 1: few guns are as easy to work on as the AR, but there are a few tricks and tips that make it easier. Apr 20, 2013 3924
SlideFire+AK-47: a rapid-fire dream come true: Matthews had tried other devices before and found them wanting, but he found the SlideFire stock gave him the fast firing he'd yearned for. Mar 20, 2013 4257
AK-HD building a heavy duty semi-auto AK-47 receiver part 2: in part 1 (1/20 issue), Matthews built a frame bending jig and bent his extra-thick AK receiver. This time, he forms the rails, installs the trunnions and trigger assembly and finishes the receiver. Feb 20, 2013 3593
AK-HD building a heavy duty semi-auto AK-47 receiver part 1: Matthews has built a bunch of AKs, but he wanted one with an extra-stiff receiver. Here's how he made it. Jan 20, 2013 3302
Diycamo camouflage your gun with Lauer' camo Pak Plus: Matthews is used to making it up as he goes along. He tried it that way here and found that sometimes, following instructions pays off. Dec 20, 2012 3787
The PPS-43 pistol why build when it's cheaper to buy: every rule has an exception, and here's one. Matthews will usually weld together any pile of junk into a gun, but this time, he finds it better just to buy. Product/service evaluation Nov 20, 2012 3294
The "other" soviet submachine gun dummy up a PPS-43 display Gun Part 2: last month (9/20 issue), Matthews bent sheet metal for an upper receiver and welded the barrel in place. This time, he finishes his dummy Sudayev. Oct 20, 2012 2049
The "other" Soviet submachine gun dummy up a PPS-43 display gun part 1: if you can weld, here's a dummy gun project that's quick, easy and cheap, and gives you something unusual to hang on the wall. Sep 20, 2012 3013
Budget built big bore AR-10 part 2: here's a build that won't take much time, especially if you've built ARs in the past. And the savings over a complete AR-10 are significant. Aug 20, 2012 2722
Budget built big bore AR-10 part 1: for years, manufacturers were reluctant to provide the home builder the parts to make an AR-10. Now that's changed, and Matthews was ready to put one together. Jul 20, 2012 2543
More improvised gunsmithing projects: Matthews taxes a break from big projects to show you several quick 'n easy jobs you can whip up in short order. Jun 20, 2012 3487
Put together a PSL part 3: last time (4/20 issue), Matthews installed the barrel, top cover, trigger group and buttstock. This month, he finishes the PSL. May 20, 2012 2073
PUT Together a: last time (3/20 issue), Matthews acquired his parts and started assembling the barrel and receiver. This time he installs the barrel, top cover, trigger group and buttstock. PSL part 2. Apr 20, 2012 2751
Put together a PSL part 1: ready to step up in power from the AK? This Romanian rifle has the ballistics, and you can build one from a parts kit for about $500. Mar 20, 2012 3081
Suomi M31 E-Z build: last time (1/20 issue), Matthews welded on the barrel extension and assembled the receiver tube. This time, he completes assembly, finishes and tests his semi-auto Suomi. Feb 20, 2012 2150
Build a 9mm Uzi semiautomatic carbine part 2: in part 1 (11/20), Matthews rounded up the needed parts and converted the trigger housing into a semi-auto housing with a semi-auto fire control group. Now it's time to complete the project. Dec 20, 2011 3317
Build a 9mm Uzi semiautomatic carbine part 1: if you like a challenge but some of Matthews' epic projects have scared you off, here's one that may be right down your alley. It's more than just assembly, but requires minimal welding and no machine tools. Nov 20, 2011 2686
Resurrecting a cold warrior: build your own RPD--part 4: in the first three parts (7/20, 8/20, 9/20), Matthews modified the bolt carrier, fitted the barrel and gas tube, and modified the lower receiver and fire control mechanism. This time he finishes the RPD. Oct 20, 2011 1948
Resurrecting a coldwarrior build your own RPD - Part 3. Sep 20, 2011 2591
Resurrecting a cold warrior build your own RPD - part 2: in part 1 (7/20 issue), the bolt carrier was modified to semi-auto configuration. Now our attention is turned to the barrel fitting. Aug 20, 2011 3150
Build your own RPD - part 1: if you yearned for one of DSA's semi-autos but just couldn't swing the price; here's how to get one for a lot less, if you have the tools and the skill. Jul 20, 2011 2747
Dummy up a Bren LMG part 2: in part 1 (5/20 issue), Matthews cleaned up the cut receiver sections and demilled the barrel. This time, he finishes up the Bren dummy. Jun 20, 2011 2127
Dummy up a Bren LMG part 1: did Matthews' six-part series on building a semi-auto Bren leave your head spinning? Well, here's a much easier project in two quick parts that yields a great-looking display piece. May 20, 2011 2026
Arplinking done dirt cheap part 4: in part 3 (3/20 issue), Matthews completed the bolt and modified the magazine well. This time, live-fire testing uncovers some problems that in the end, he solves. Apr 20, 2011 1300
AR plinking done dirt cheap part 3: in part 2 (2/20 issue), Matthews finished the barrel of his 7.62x25mm AR conversion and started on the bolt, which he completes this time, along with magazine modifications. Mar 20, 2011 2467
AR plinking done dirt cheap part 2: last month (1/20 issue), Matthews gathered the components needed for the project and started shaping the barrel. This time he finishes the barrel and starts work on the bolt assembly. Viewpoint essay Feb 20, 2011 2701
AR plinking done dirt cheap part 1: the big ammo scare is over, but .223's still high. Matthews decided what he needed was something to shoot the last cheap centerfire: 7.62x25mm Tokarev. Product/service evaluation Jan 20, 2011 2030
Build your own Bren gun! In the five previous installments (7/20, 8/20, 9/20, 10/20, 11/20), Matthews did some labor and machine-intensive work that will challenge any home gunsmith. This time he gets to the payoff. Dec 20, 2010 1992
Build your own: Bren gun! In the four previous installments (7/20, 8/20, 9/20, 10/20), Matthews made compliance parts, assembled the bolt and rebuilt the receiver. Now he rebuilds the magazine well and fabricates a striker. Nov 20, 2010 2248
Build your own Bren gun! Matthews has made a good start (7/20, 8/20, 9/20 issues). This time he gets into the meat of the project: rejoining the cut receiver sections. This one will test your welding skills! Oct 20, 2010 2313
Build your own Bren gun! He has acquired parts and materials and made the required U.S. compliance parts (7/20, 8/20 issues). Now it's time to work on the bolt and carrier. Sep 20, 2010 2091
Build your own Bren gun! he's gathered the parts and supplies (7/20 issue); now Matthews starts by crafting the U.S.-made parts that will be required to make a legal semi-auto Bren. Aug 20, 2010 3015
Build your own Bren Gun! Part 1--getting started: full-autos cost as much as a luxury car, and even semi-autos aren't cheap. But if you have $350, a good set of tools, about 100 hours work time and a lot of patience and ingenuity, you can have your own semi-auto Bren. Jul 20, 2010 2109
Semi-auto Suomi from scratch: part 4 finishing the gun: in part 3 (5/20 issue), Matthews made a semi-auto trigger group. In this installment, he finishes and tests this unusual carbine. Jun 20, 2010 3506
Semi-Auto Suomi from scratch: Part 3: trigger guard and housing. May 20, 2010 3336
Semi-auto Suomi from scratch; with the receiver well under way, Matthews turns this time to the barrel, its shroud, and the bolt, getting to the halfway point of this big project. Viewpoint essay Apr 20, 2010 2805
Semi-auto Suomi from scratch part I: the receiver: he's written about some easy projects lately: here's one that will be a real challenge. If you have the skill and patience, you can build an unusual semi-auto carbine for $200. Mar 20, 2010 2752
An accurate AR for less than a grand? If you're willing to do a little work yourself, yes! And this isn't a monster Matthews project; you can do it in an afternoon. Viewpoint essay Jan 20, 2010 2917
A scratch-made dummy M1919: in Part 1 (11/20 issue), Matthews showed how to make the receiver of this inexpensive dummy. Now he turns to the barrel and tripod: Part 2. Dec 20, 2009 4903
Part 1: a scratch-made dummy M1919: it's one thing to make a dummy gun from a parts kit. It's another to make one from raw steel pieces. Matthews shows how in this two-part series. Nov 20, 2009 3518
Restoring a veteran firearm for a returning veteran: Matthews usually keeps to military arms, but when a neighbor asked if he could bring a .22 pump back to life for his son, he showed some flair for the sporting side. Personal account Sep 20, 2009 3364
Building the rapid fire Vz-58 Part 2: he did most of the hard parts in Part 1 (7/20 issue). Now he's ready to complete assembly and test fire. Product/service evaluation Aug 20, 2009 5243
Building the Rapid Fire Vz-58 part 1: he's already made a Vz-58 dummy, a very easy project. Now Matthews takes on the more complicated task of putting together a semi-auto rifle. Jul 20, 2009 5043
Building the SGN-22 Part 4: the receiver, bolt and fire control are complete; now Matthews finishes this economical self-ejecting rimfire. Jun 20, 2009 2708
Building the SGN-22: Part 3: the receiver is made and the barrel installed; now it's time to build the bolt. May 20, 2009 2813
Building the SGN-22: Part 2: the receiver is made and the barrel installed, now it's time to build the bolt. Apr 20, 2009 3970
Building the SGN-22: Part 1: ready to try building a gun largely from scratch? Here's a simple self-ejecting single-shot that's easy and cheap to build. Mar 20, 2009 3120
Ultra-economy scopes: worthless junk or a blessing for financially challenged shooters? Feb 20, 2009 3736
Building a semi-automatic PPSh-41: Part 2: in Part 1 (12-20-08), Matthews modified the bolt for semi-auto operation. In this story, he finishes the revamped burp gun. Jan 20, 2009 4440

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