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Matthew Norman: BNP bigot is not kidding.

Byline: Matthew Norman

IN A campaign leaflet for the recent local elections, the BNP leader Nick Griffin was pictured with his children and the caption "Our Dad's not a racist!"

No doubt Mr Griffin holds pungent opinions about asylum seekers who beg with their offspring, believing it to be a form of child abuse.

So how must he feel about a father who exposes his kids to public ridicule and hatred purely to further his career?

We all fib to our youngsters (my seven-year-old is convinced I scored the winner for Spurs in the 1991 FA Cup Final), but few of us get them to lie for us to entrap idiots into voting under false pretences.

Those who saw Mr Griffin in the BBC's undercover documentary will know that he is no genius.

This saloon bar ranter pitches his message at the saddest and smallest of human minds... at men like BNP local election candidate Stewart Williams, whose dream is to gun down "pakis" as they emerge from the mosque, and Steve Barkham who boasted of kicking an Asian man close to a coma.

Mr Griffin may also have confessed to a crime when he told a meeting that the Islamic faith's masterplan for world supremacy involves raping white women to impregnate them and boost the Muslim population.

The police will be examining his words to see if they can prosecute over this.

But since a two-year suspended sentence in 1998 for a race crime did nothing to improve him, what would be the point in gifting him so much priceless publicity?

Instead, social services in mid-Wales where he lives might wish to take a close look at the family.

If anyone could doubt the control parents exert over their children's thinking, consider that Mr Griffin's father was expelled from the Tory party over his links with the BNP, while his mother once stood as a candidate.

So we may assume that his four kids will grow up to share their daddy's outlook on Muslims and on Jews, who he has inevitably accused of a conspiracy to brainwash Britain. Brainwashing impressionable people is something Mr Griffin does know about, and the step from appearing in a BNP leaflet lying on their father's behalf to appearing on a BNP soapbox lying for themselves is a small one.

To me, this is as serious a form of child abuse as you could imagine, and the only high profile legal case this creature should be permitted is one in which he has to persuade a judge that he is a fit person to raise his own kids.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 17, 2004
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