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Matt launches 100% alcohol-free brew.

The F. X. Matt Brewing Co. reported the introduction of Freeport USA, billed as the nation's first 100-percent alcohol free brew.

"As far as we know, we are the only brewery in the United States, and perhaps even the world, that is selling a 100-percent alcohol-free brew," said Nicholas Matt, president of F. X. Matt. "It is very exciting to be the first brewery to offer beer drinkers an alcohol-free alternative with a distinctive "real-beer' taste."

In 1991, the sale of non-alcoholic brew was one of the fastest growing segments in the beer industry. This was largely a reflection of today's changing consumer lifestyle coupled with the trend among consumers toward less alcohol consumption. As a result, Matt expects his company to gain a portion of the market share due to those consumers who prefer no alcohol in beer.

"Although Freeport is distinctively different from non-alcoholic brews because it is completely free of alcohol, we believe that Freeport USA will appeal to many of the same consumers-especially once they realize the advantages of Freeport USA," Matt continued.

Matt added that consumers are sometimes mislead by the term non-alcoholic brew."

"One of the biggest misconceptions among consumers purchasing non-alcoholic brews is that they are drinking a beverage that does not have alcohol," he noted. "This is simply not the fact."

According to F. X. Matt II, chairman of the brewery, Freeport is produced through a unique process that does not require fermentation; therefore, alcohol is never created. The brew's taste is enhanced, Matt added, with the addition of a special flavor complex that "adds back much of the taste of real beer. The end result is a product that tastes remarkably like beer, but without alcohol."

The premium-priced Freeport will be available immediately in grocery and convenience stores, restaurants and taverns throughout New York state.
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Title Annotation:Matt Brewing Company Inc.'s Freeport USA brew
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Mar 9, 1992
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