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Matt buys trademark rights for New Amsterdam.

Matt buys trademark rights for New Amsterdam

The F.X. Matt Brewing Co. has announced a joint venture agreement with the New Amsterdam Brewing Co. of Manhattan. Matt has purchased the trademark rights for the New Amsterdam, Whyte's Pale Ale, Baja and El Paso Light brands. The Utica, NY-based brewery has been producing New Amsterdam under contract agreement since 1982.

"New Amsterdam will be operated as a separate division of the Matt Brewing Co. headquartered in New York City," Nicholas Matt, president of the brewery, stated. "We are pleased that Matthew Reich, the company's founder, will continue to be active in the management of New Amsterdam as president of the division."

Reich's name has become synonomous with specialty beers since he founded The Old New York Brewing Co., now New Amsterdam, in the early 80s. Reich said he approached the brewer to help alleviate the debt his company had incurred from a failed brewery venture a few years ago.

Terms of the joint venture provide for Matt's products to be marketed by New Amsterdam in the metropolitan New York area while that division's brands will be available in upstate New York through the brewery's local distributor, McCraith Beverage Inc.

Matt said his company is happy to have the marketing expertise from the people at New Amsterdam behind it in the New York metropolitan area.

New Amsterdam's products can be found in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Massachusetts, Virginia, Maryland, the D.C. area, Ohio and Japan and England.
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Title Annotation:F.X. Matt Brewing Co., New Amsterdam Brewing Co. joint venture
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 3, 1989
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