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Matrix Technologies, Inc.

Matrix Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1988 in Muncie, Indiana. Having applied for patents in over 25 countries and actually holding patents in over 15 countries, Matrix Technologies received its first U.S. patent in 1989 for the Matrix Air Logic System. Designed to assist diecasters creating the most accurate castings possible, the Air Logic System is a data acquisition system combining pneumatics, electronics and sophisticated software to measure gap distances within a die. It generates consistent, reliable readings, accurate to a thousandth of an inch, which enables the operator to tell if the parts of a die are fitting together properly.

Even though the technological development that has gone into this new process monitoring system is quite innovative, it is a small system that is easy to operate and adaptable to any diecasting situation, large or small.

Immediately following the development of the Matrix Air Logic system, engineers at Matrix Technologies developed the Matrix Air Gauging System, a noncontact, nondestructive method for measuring unique materials or parts in process. By simultaneously measuring as many as 30 coordinates, the operator can verify the dimensional accuracy of a part or product of any size and degree of complexibility. Pneumatic sensors eliminate surface distortion and provide reliable and repeatable measurements accurate to |+ or -~0.0006 in.

Engineered for flexibility and simplicity, the Matrix Air Gauging System can operate as a stand-alone unit or integrated into a manufacturing process to perform on-line inspection during secondary machining operations.

The Matrix Air Gauging System offers a fundamental improvement to manufacturing operations by providing a method of dimensional analysis that validates dimensions and certifies overall qualifications. Patterns can be checked and adjusted before casting. Castings can then be checked before value-added functions are performed.

Corporate Offices:

1625 W. Fifth St. Muncie, Indiana 47302 317/284-1565

Sales & Service:

P.O. Box 561037 Charlotte, North Carolina 28256 704/784-4885
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Publication:Modern Casting
Date:May 1, 1993
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