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A mathsemantics workshop for elementary school teachers took place in Frostburg, Maryland, on August 21, 2001, followed by a mathsemantics workshop for high-school teachers of English and mathematics two days later. Based on materials turned in, at least 26 teachers attended the first workshop and at least 39 (of whom 24 were English teachers) attended the second. Subsequent workshops were scheduled as parts of a two-day session on October 15 and 16 for college teachers and students.

English professor Glynn Baugher, mathematics professor Kurtis Leminert, and mathsemanticist Edward MacNeal conducted the workshops. Topics covered, always from a mathsemantics perspective, have so far included addition, counting, zero, multiplication, negation, and joining mathematics and English, with additional topics planned.

"The workshops have been well received," reports Edward MacNeal. "Participants agree that the workshops increase their awareness of mathsemantics issues, increase the importance to them of mathsemantics, and that good mathsemantics is a desirable trait for employability. Participants wanted ways to incorporate mathsemantics into their specific curriculum, and specific ways to introduce mathsemantics to their students, even to the kindergarten level."

The topic "joining mathematics and English" was voted the most valuable. "Based on this initial response, it seems that, as much as the individual parts of mathsemantics are appreciated, its overall aim of bridging the gap between English and mathematics is of greatest interest."

Encouraged by these successful workshops, the three presenters have now formed the Mathsemantics Institute of Frostburg, "devoted to bridging the gap between our two most important languages: English and mathematics."
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Date:Sep 22, 2001
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