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The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCEM has launched a new website designed to stimulate debate and involvement in the Department for Education and Skills (DMS) initiative. Public sector specialist, Tribal Group plc is running the centre under a three-year contract from the DfES. The centre will help to enthuse learners and enable them to achieve greater progress in mathematics by improving skills and teaching knowledge. This makes up part of the response from the DfFS to recommendations in Professor Adrian Smiths report Making Mathematics Count. The NCETM 'initiative advocates a collaborative practice mode to facilitate, enhance and provide leadership for continuing professional development of maths teachers from primary school to college level. This will help to make maths lessons more stimulating, encourage more pupils to take 'N level maths, and widen the pool of highly qualified maths teachers. The [pounds sterling]15m, three-year, government programme to drive the centre will be formally launched in June 2006. An interim website is available now at outlining the rollout plan and encouraging teachers and other key stakeholders to become involved in the project.

The NCETM will be a virtual centre with a web portal to support activities, along with resources at regional and local level. Until the launch in June 2006, activity will focus on pathfinder schools and colleges-identifying and training regional hubs, schools and colleges; and instigating links with business and commerce.

Development of resources has already started and on completion will include: activities for teaching and continuing professional development (CPD); online tests with value added analysis; networking forums for expert teachers; links to business and commerce; international links to encourage CPD; and targeted support for trainee teachers, newly qualified teachers, advanced skills teachers, heads of department and maths coordinators.
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Date:Jan 1, 2006
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