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On Nonsmooth Global Implicit Function Theorems for Locally Lipschitz Functions from Banach Spaces to Euclidean Spaces. Degla, Guy; Dansou, Cyrille; Dohemeto, Fortuné Report Jul 28, 2022 11034
Measure (? ,c)-Pseudo-Almost Periodic Functions and Lasota-Wazewska Model with Ergodic and Unbounded Oscillating Oxygen Demand. Larrouy, James; N'Guérékata, Gaston M. Report Jul 26, 2022 9172
On Certain Properties of a Univalent Function Associated with Beta Function. Oluwayemi, Matthew Olanrewaju; Olatunji, Sunday Olufemi; Ogunlade, Temitope O. Report Jul 25, 2022 2419
A Comparative Study of the Fractional-Order Nonlinear System of Physical Models via Analytical Methods. Yasmin, Humaira; Iqbal, Naveed Report Jul 13, 2022 4848
Application of Multiobjective Optimization Integrating Numerical and Scientific Computing in Graph Theory Coloring Algorithm. Li, Shuxia Report Jul 9, 2022 7163
Travelling Wave Solutions of Nonlinear Evolution Problem Arising in Mathematical Physics through (G?/G)-Expansion Scheme. Fan, Siyuan; Sun, Tianyi; Liu, Peng; Yu, Dongmin Report Jul 8, 2022 6563
Solutions of a Class of Multiplicatively Advanced Differential Equations II: Fourier Transforms. Pravica, David W.; Randriampiry, Njinasoa; Spurr, Michael J. Report Jul 7, 2022 23778
r-Hyperideals and Generalizations of r-Hyperideals in Krasner Hyperrings. Xu, Peng; Bolat, Melis; Kaya, Elif; Onar, Serkan; Ersoy, Bayram Ali; Hila, Kostaq Report Jul 5, 2022 7810
Virtual Machine Allocation Strategy Based on Statistical Machine Learning. Han, Bo; Zhang, Rongli Report Jul 5, 2022 3664
Statistical Inference for the Gompertz Distribution Based on Adaptive Type-II Progressive Censoring Scheme. Amein, M. M.; El-Saady, M.; Shrahili, M. M.; Shafay, A. R. Report Jul 4, 2022 6186
Stability and Boundedness of Solutions to Some Multidimensional Time-Varying Nonlinear Systems. Pinsky, Mark A. Report Jun 29, 2022 14297
Research on Optimization of Adaptive Positioning and Routing Algorithm for Industrial Internet of Things Engineering Based on Improved Neural Network. Fang, Xuanzheng; Yu, Yang Report Jun 28, 2022 3998
Optimization of Regional Industrial Structure Based on Multiobjective Optimization and Fuzzy Set. Guo, Lina Report Jun 24, 2022 5728
Stress-Strength Reliability and Randomly Censored Model of Two-Parameter Power Function Distribution. Liu, Yang; Khan, Majid; Anwar, Syed Masroor; Rasheed, Zahid; Feroze, Navid Report Jun 24, 2022 6109
Global Practical Conformable Stabilization by Output Feedback for a Class of Nonlinear Fractional?Order Systems. Gassara, Hamdi; Naifar, Omar; Ben Makhlouf, Abdellatif; Mchiri, Lassaad Report Jun 24, 2022 5175
On the Mixture of Normal and Half-Normal Distributions. Alruwaili, Bader; Alharbi, Randa; Hafez, E. H.; Riad, Fathy H. Report Jun 20, 2022 3423
Computational Technique to Study Analytical Solutions to the Fractional Modified KDV-Zakharov-Kuznetsov Equation. Abdoon, Mohamed A.; Hasan, Faeza Lafta; Taha, Nidal E. Report Jun 20, 2022 3240
E-dyNSGA-III: A Multi-Objective Algorithm for Handling Pareto Optimality over Time. Essiet, Ima Okon; Sun, Yanxia; Wang, Zenghui Report Jun 17, 2022 7704
Exact Solutions of Three-Dimensional Max-Type System of Difference Equations. Khaliq, Abdul; Sadiq, Stephen; Khan, Abdul Qadeer; Ibrahim, Tarek F. Report Jun 13, 2022 2439
Study of a Fractional System of Predator-Prey with Uncertain Initial Conditions. Ahmad, Shabir; Ullah, Aman; Akgul, Ali Report Jun 13, 2022 4054
Improved Nonparametric Control Chart Based on Ranked Set Sampling with Application of Chemical Data Modelling. Rasheed, Zahid; Khan, Majid; Abiodun, Nafiu Lukman; Anwar, Syed Masroor; Khalaf, G.; Abbasi, Saddam Report Jun 13, 2022 7704
Boundary Value Problems for Liénard-Type Equations with Quadratic Dependence on the "Velocity". Kirichuka, A.; Sadyrbaev, F. Report Jun 11, 2022 4966
Existence and Stability Results for Caputo-Type Sequential Fractional Differential Equations with New Kind of Boundary Conditions. Awadalla, Muath; Manigandan, Murugesan Report Jun 10, 2022 3899
Fully Bipolar Single-Valued Neutrosophic Transportation Problems. Ahmed, Jamil; Bashir, Shahida Report Jun 10, 2022 6563
On Characterization of Graphs Structures Connected with Some Algebraic Properties. Huang, Rongbing; Nadeem, Muhammad; Rashid, Iqra; Siddiqui, M.K.; Fufa, Samuel Asefa Report Jun 8, 2022 5416
A Novel and Improved Logarithmic Ratio-Product Type Estimator of Mean in Stratified Random Sampling. Iftikhar, Soofia; Khalil, Alamgir; Ali, Amjad Report Jun 8, 2022 5163
Parameter Identification with a New Recursive Framework for Wiener-Hammerstein-Like System and Its Application. Liang, Shujun; Zhang, Huanlong; Zhang, Jie; Wang, Fengxian Report Jun 8, 2022 6621
Calculating Crossing Numbers of Graphs Using Combinatorial Principles. Su, Zhenhua Report Jun 7, 2022 4645
Alpha Power Generalized Inverse Rayleigh Distribution: Its Properties and Applications. Ali, Muhammad; Khalil, Alamgir; Almaspoor, Zahra; Hussain, Sundus; Khalil, Umair; El-Morshedy, M. Report Jun 7, 2022 5486
On Solutions to a Class of Functional Differential Equations with Time-Dependent Coefficients. Mohsin, Muhammad; Shah, Syed Touqeer H.; Zaidi, Ali A. Report Jun 6, 2022 4346
Coupled Fixed Point Theorems in Topological Spaces with Size Function Topology. Sunyeekhan, Gun Report Jun 3, 2022 4769
Limits in the category Seg of Segal topological algebras /Piirid Segali topoloogiliste algebrate kategoorias Seg. Abel, Mart Report Jun 1, 2022 5289
Understanding Geometric Pattern and its Geometry Part 7--What can go wrong? Majewski, Miroslaw Report Jun 1, 2022 4170
Common Fixed Point Theorems on Tricomplex Valued Metric Space. Mani, Gunaseelan; Gnanaprakasam, Arul Joseph; Haq, Absar Ul; Baloch, Imran Abbas; Jarad, Fahd Report May 30, 2022 5600
Consolidation of a Certain Discrete Probability Distribution with a Subclass of Bi-Univalent Functions Involving Gegenbauer Polynomials. Amourah, Ala; Alomari, Mohammad; Yousef, Feras; Alsoboh, Abdullah Report May 29, 2022 2503
Existence of Unique Solution of Urysohn and Fredholm Integral Equations in Complex Double Controlled Metric Type Spaces. Ahmad, Sahibzada Waseem; Sarwar, Muhammad; Rahmat, Gul; Jarad, Fahd Report May 29, 2022 5095
Incomplete Metric With The Application For Integral Equations of Volterra Type. Chandok, Sumit; Paunovi?, Ljiljana; Radenovi?, Stojan Report May 27, 2022 6345
Stepwise Irregular Graphs and Their Metric-Based Resolvability Parameters. Akhter, Nahid; Al-Hossain Ahmad, Al-Nashri Report May 26, 2022 6005
Generalized Estimation for Two-Parameter Life Time Distributions Based on Fuzzy Life Times. Shah, Syed Habib; Shafiq, Muhammad; Zaman, Qamruz Report May 26, 2022 4578
Note on Precise Asymptotics in the Law of the Iterated Logarithm under Sublinear Expectations. Xu, Mingzhou; Cheng, Kun Report May 23, 2022 3005
Empirical Examination of the Poisson Regression Residuals for the Evaluation of Influential Points. Khan, Aamna; Ullah, Muhammad Aman; Amin, Muhammad; Muse, Abdisalam Hassan; Aldallal, Ramy; Mohamed, Report May 17, 2022 5174
Applications of Morse Theory to Fourth-Order Impulsive Differential Equations[sup.?]. Gao, Dongdong Report May 12, 2022 4168
Collaborative Filtering-Based Music Recommendation in Spark Architecture. Niu, Yizhen Report May 12, 2022 4697
A Hybrid Harmony Search Algorithm with Distribution Estimation for Solving the 0-1 Knapsack Problem. Liu, Kang; Ouyang, Haibin; Li, Steven; Gao, Liqun Report May 12, 2022 11846
On System of Nonlinear Sequential Hybrid Fractional Differential Equations. Awadalla, Muath; Abuasbeh, Kinda Report May 9, 2022 3124
Projections in Moduli Spaces of the Kleinian Groups. Alaqad, Hala; Gong, Jianhua; Martin, Gaven Report May 6, 2022 6541
The Weibull Claim Model: Bivariate Extension, Bayesian, and Maximum Likelihood Estimations. Emam, Walid; Tashkandy, Yusra Report May 4, 2022 4275
Generalized Difference-Cum Exponential Class of Estimators for Estimating Population Parameters of the Sensitive Variable. Vishwakarma, Gajendra K.; Yadav, Subhash Kumar; Bari, Tarushree Report May 2, 2022 5097
Defective Coloring on Classes of Perfect Graphs. Belmonte, Remy; Lampis, Michael; Mitsou, Valia Report May 1, 2022 11075
An explicit construction of graphs of bounded degree that are far from being Hamiltonian. Adler, Isolde; Kohler, Noleen Report May 1, 2022 12307
Open-independent, open-locating-dominating sets: structural aspects of some classes of graphs. Cappelle, Marcia R.; Coelho, Erika; Foulds, Les R.; Longo, Humberto J. Report May 1, 2022 12155
Efficient recurrence for the enumeration of permutations with fixed pinnacle set. Fang, Wenjie Report May 1, 2022 9826
Restricted generating trees for weak orderings. Birmajer, Daniel; Gil, Juan B.; Kenepp, David; Weiner, Michael D. Report May 1, 2022 6254
Freezing, Bounded-Change and Convergent Cellular Automata. Ollinger, Nicolas; Theyssier, Guillaume Report May 1, 2022 18101
Further enumeration results concerning a recent equivalence of restricted inversion sequences. Mansour, Toufik; Shattuck, Mark Report May 1, 2022 9957
Efficient Rational Community Detection in Attribute Bipartite Graphs. Yang, Chen; Ji, Hao; Wu, Yanping Report Apr 28, 2022 5607
Time-Like Sweeping Surfaces with a Bishop Frame in the Minkowski 3-Space E13. Nazra, Sahar H.; Abdel-Baky, Rashad A. Report Apr 28, 2022 5430
Personalized Music Hybrid Recommendation Algorithms Fusing Gene Features. Cao, Yixiao; Liu, Peng Report Apr 28, 2022 4259
Single and Multiple Ramp Progressive Stress with Binomial Removal: Practical Application for Industry. Hussam, Eslam; Alharbi, Randa; Almetwally, Ehab M.; Alruwaili, Bader; Gemeay, Ahmed M.; Riad, Fathy Report Apr 28, 2022 13224
H[sub.-]/L[sub.?] Fault Detection Observer Design for Uncertain Lipschitz Nonlinear Systems. Qin, Yufeng; Shi, Xianjun; Long, Yufeng; Lv, Jiapeng Report Apr 28, 2022 5098
Fault Tolerant Partition Resolvability in Convex Polytopes. Nadeem, Asim; Kashif, Agha; Bonyah, Ebenezer; Zafar, Sohail Report Apr 28, 2022 8091
Ulam-Hyers Stability for a Class of Caputo-Type Fractional Stochastic System with Delays. Song, Meiling; Luo, Zhiguo Report Apr 26, 2022 4377
Vehicle State Estimation Based on Adaptive Fading Unscented Kalman Filter. Liu, Yingjie; Cui, Dawei Report Apr 26, 2022 5155
Research on Optimization Algorithm of Cloud Computing Resource Allocation for Internet of Things Engineering Based on Improved Ant Colony Algorithm. Zhou, Qiao Report Apr 26, 2022 3537
A Novel Teaching-Learning-Based Optimization with Laplace Distribution and Experience Exchange. Zhai, Zhibo; Dai, Yusen; Xue, Yingfang Report Apr 26, 2022 5960
Maximal Injective Real W?-Subalgebras of Tensor Products of Real W?-Algebras. Rakhimov, A. A.; Nurillaev, Muzaffar; Salleh, Zabidin Report Apr 25, 2022 6566
Investigation of the Generalized Proportional Langevin and Sturm-Liouville Fractional Differential Equations via Variable Coefficients and Antiperiodic Boundary Conditions with a Control Theory Application Arising from Complex Networks. Boutiara, Abdellatif; Kaabar, Mohammed K. A.; Siri, Zailan; Samei, Mohammad Esmael; Yue, Xiao-Guang Report Apr 22, 2022 4904
Improved Hypercube Optimisation Search Algorithm for Optimisation of High Dimensional Functions. Tunay, Mustafa; Abiyev, Rahib Report Apr 22, 2022 6692
An Extended Target Tracking Algorithm Based on Gaussian Surface Fitting. Han, Yulan; Xu, Han; Hu, Gangdun; Han, Chongzhao Report Apr 22, 2022 9247
Iterative Least Square Optimization for the Weights of NURBS Curve. Wang, Tuo-Ran; Liu, Ning; Yuan, Lei; Wang, Ke-Xin; Sheng, Xian-Jun Report Apr 22, 2022 6225
Reduction of the Rank Calculation of a High-Dimensional Sparse Matrix Based on Network Controllability Theory. Zhao, Chen; Liu, Yuqing; Hu, Li; Yuan, Zhengzhong Report Apr 21, 2022 4005
Design of Mayer Wavelet Neural Networks for Solving Functional Nonlinear Singular Differential Equation. Sabir, Zulqurnain; Zahoor Raja, Muhammad Asif; Guirao, Juan L. G.; Saeed, Tareq Report Apr 21, 2022 4888
An Automatic Isotropic Triangular Grid Generation Technique Based on an Artificial Neural Network and an Advancing Front Method. Lu, Peng; Wang, Nianhua; Chang, Xinghua; Zhang, Laiping; Wu, Yadong; Zhang, Hongying Report Apr 21, 2022 9988
Design of Active Disturbance Rejection Controller for Dynamic Positioning Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization. Hu, Jia; Chen, Wentao Report Apr 20, 2022 4628
On Discrete Fractional Complex Gaussian Map: Fractal Analysis, Julia Sets Control, and Encryption Application. Elsonbaty, Amr; Elsadany, A.; Kamal, Fatma Report Apr 19, 2022 8068
The Solutions of Legendre's and Chebyshev's Differential Equations by Using the Differential Transform Method. Alotaibi, A. M.; El-Moneam, M. A.; Badr, Badr S. Report Apr 19, 2022 3495
Fractional-Order Chelyshkov Collocation Method for Solving Systems of Fractional Differential Equations. Ahmed, A. I.; Al-Ahmary, T. A. Report Apr 16, 2022 6869
The Fractional Hilbert Transform on the Real Line. Abdullah, Naheed; Iqbal, Saleem; Khalid, Asma; Al Johani, Amnah S.; Khan, Ilyas; Rehman, Abdul; Andu Report Apr 16, 2022 3315
Density-Based Geometric One-Class Classifier Combined with Genetic Algorithm. Kim, Do Gyun; Choi, Jin Young Report Apr 16, 2022 11177
A Combination of Bernstein and Improved Block-Pulse Functions for Solving a System of Linear Fredholm Integral Equations. He, Ji-Huan; Taha, Mahmoud H.; Ramadan, Mohamed A.; Moatimid, Galal M. Report Apr 16, 2022 5771
Bivariate Kumaraswamy Distribution Based on Conditional Hazard Functions: Properties and Application. Mohammed, B. I.; Hossain, Md. Moyazzem; Aldallal, R. A.; Mohamed, Mohamed S. Report Apr 16, 2022 3328
Approximation Technique for Solving Linear Volterra Integro-Differential Equations with Boundary Conditions. Alnair, Mohamed E. A.; Khidir, Ahmed A. Report Apr 12, 2022 5562
Numerical Solution of the Heat Transfer Equation Coupled with the Darcy Flow Using the Finite Element Method. Hirpho, Mohammed Report Apr 5, 2022 4558
Fixed Point Results for Generalized (? ,? )-Contraction Mapping in Rectangular b-Metric Spaces. Mamud, Mustefa Abduletif; Tola, Kidane Koyas Report Apr 5, 2022 6087
Multigraph Convolutional Network Enhanced Neural Factorization Machine for Service Recommendation. Gao, Wei; Wu, Jian Report Apr 1, 2022 11022
A Bias-Corrected Method for Fractional Linear Parameter Varying Systems. Yakoub, Zaineb; Naifar, Omar; Amairi, Messaoud; Chetoui, Manel; Aoun, Mohamed; Makhlouf, Abdellatif Report Apr 1, 2022 6922
Using a Divergence Regularization Method to Solve an Ill-Posed Cauchy Problem for the Helmholtz Equation. Barnes, Benedict; Aidoo, Anthony Y.; Ackora-Prah, Joseph Report Mar 29, 2022 4710
The Edge-Weighted Graph Entropy Using Redefined Zagreb Indices. Lu, Jing; Mutee-ur-Rehman, Hafiz; Nazeer, Saima; An, Xuemei Report Mar 28, 2022 3658
Blow-Up Analysis for a Reaction-Diffusion Model with Nonlocal and Gradient Terms. Shen, Xuhui; Lan, Lun Report Mar 28, 2022 2289
The Influence of Uncertain Loading on Topology-Optimized Designs. Hofer, Philipp; Wehrle, Erich Report Mar 28, 2022 6399
A Derivative-Free Affine Scaling LP Algorithm Based on Probabilistic Models for Linear Inequality Constrained Optimization. Zhao, Jingbo; Wang, Peng; Zhu, Detong Report Mar 27, 2022 7429
? -Completely Regular and Almost ? -Completely Regular Spaces. Azzam, A.A.; Nasef, A.A. Report Mar 26, 2022 4927
Video Style Transfer based on Convolutional Neural Networks. Dong, Sun; Ding, Youdong; Qian, Yun; Li, Mengfan Report Mar 25, 2022 4059
On the Planarity of Extended Zero-Divisor Graphs of Local Rings. Binyamin, Muhammad Ahsan; Chaudry, Sheroz Alam; Abbasi, Muhammad Salman; Alameri, Abdu Report Mar 23, 2022 2793
Output Feedback Stabilization of Unstable Heat Equations with Time Delay in Boundary Observation. Yang, Kun-Yi; Chen, Lan Report Mar 22, 2022 3394
Research on Location Characteristics of UCF Layout Based on DNSCAN Algorithm. Lu, Zhao Report Mar 22, 2022 6133
Computation of the Fault-Tolerant Metric Dimension of Certain Networks. Bashir, Humera; Zahid, Zohaib; Ojiema, Michael Onyango Report Mar 21, 2022 4894
Earf-YOLO: An Efficient Attention Receptive Field Model for Recognizing Symbols of Zhuang Minority Patterns. Wang, Xin; Yan, Jingke; Qin, Qin; Wang, Qin; Cai, Jingye; Deng, Jianhua; Wang, Jun Report Mar 21, 2022 8862
Import and Export Trade Prediction Algorithm of Belt and Road Countries Based on Hybrid RVM Model. Zhao, Yang; Li, Zhiqiang Report Mar 20, 2022 5471
A Positive Answer on Nirenberg's Problem on Expansive Mappings in Hilbert Spaces. Asfaw, Teffera M. Report Mar 17, 2022 3228
Research on Knowledge Graph Completion Model Combining Temporal Convolutional Network and Monte Carlo Tree Search. Wang, Ying; Sun, Mingchen; Wang, Hongji; Sun, Yudong Report Mar 16, 2022 8902
Metric Dimension of Some Generalized Families of Toeplitz Graphs. Nadeem, Muhammad Faisal; Qu, Shaojian; Ahmad, Ali; Azeem, Muhammad Report Mar 12, 2022 6166
Fejér-Pachpatte-Mercer-Type Inequalities for Harmonically Convex Functions Involving Exponential Function in Kernel. Butt, Saad Ihsan; Yousaf, Saba; Khan, Khuram Ali; Matendo Mabela, Rostin; Alsharif, Abdullah M. Report Mar 2, 2022 4671
Common Fixed Point Theorem for Multivalued Mappings Using Ternary Relation in G-Metric Space with an Application. Wangwe, Lucas Report Mar 2, 2022 6088
An Effective and Simple Scheme for Solving Nonlinear Fredholm Integral Equations. Shahsavaran, Ahmad; Fotros, Forough Report Mar 1, 2022 4685
Function-on-Function Linear Quantile Regression. Beyaztas, Ufuk; Shang, Han Lin Report Mar 1, 2022 6541
Inverse problem to identify a space-dependent diffusivity coefficient in a generalized subdiffusion equation from final data: The paper is dedicated to the 100th birthday of Professor Ulo Lepik. Janno, Jaan; Kasemets, Kairi; Kinash, Nataliia Report Mar 1, 2022 5890
On the numerical solution of some differential equations with nonlocal integral boundary conditions via Haar wavelet. Aziz, Imran; Nisar, Muhammad; ul-Islam, Siraj Report Mar 1, 2022 7558
Haar wavelet fractional derivative: Dedicated to Professor Ulo Lepik on his 100th birthday: he enlighted a century with his outstanding life and brilliant work. Cattani, Carlo Report Mar 1, 2022 3583
Gershgorin disk theorem in complex interval matrices: This article is dedicated to the 100th birthday of Ulo Lepik. Maiti, Suman; Chakraverty, Snehashish Report Mar 1, 2022 3830
A Blind Source Separation Method Using Denoising Strategy Based on ICEEMDAN and Improved Wavelet Threshold. Feng, Lu; Li, Jiong; Li, Changqing; Liu, Yang Report Feb 28, 2022 5328
An Adaptive Self-Organizing Migration Algorithm for Parameter Optimization of Wavelet Transformation. Cao, Zijian; Jia, Haowen; Zhao, Tao; Fu, Yanfang; Wang, Zhenyu Report Feb 27, 2022 6778
Bayesian Analysis of 3-Component Unit Lindley Mixture Model with Application to Extreme Observations. Khalid, Maryam; Aslam, Muhammad Report Feb 27, 2022 5207
A Three-step Method for Three-way Clustering by Similarity-based Sample's Stability. Zhu, Jin; Jiang, Dongqin; Wang, Pingxin Report Feb 27, 2022 6105
Graphical Analysis of q-Rung Orthopair Fuzzy Information with Application. AlSalman, Hussain; Alkhamees, Bader Fahad Report Feb 27, 2022 7483
An Extended Cosine Generalized Family of Distributions for Reliability Modeling: Characteristics and Applications with Simulation Study. Mahmood, Zafar; M Jawa, Taghreed; Sayed-Ahmed, Neveen; Khalil, E M; Muse, Abdisalam Hassan; Tolba, A Report Feb 27, 2022 7870
Some Properties of Weak ? -Hyperfilters in Ordered? -Semihypergroups. Rao, Yongsheng; Chen, Xiang; Kosari, Saeed; Monemrad, Mohammadsadegh Report Feb 24, 2022 4556
Machine Learning and Statistical Methods for Studying Voids and Photothermal Effects of a Semiconductor Rotational Medium with Thermal Relaxation Time. Jawa, Taghreed M.; Elhag, Azhari A.; Aloafi, Tahani A.; Sayed-Ahmed, Neveen; Bayones, F. S.; Bouslim Report Feb 24, 2022 7446
Partial Stability of Conformable Stochastic Systems. Ben Makhlouf, Abdellatif; Mchiri, Lassaad Report Feb 21, 2022 3579
Strong Convergence Theorem for Finding a Common Solution of Convex Minimization and Fixed Point Problems in CAT(0) Spaces. Ndlovu, P. V.; Jolaoso, L. O.; Aphane, Maggie Report Feb 15, 2022 5292
Orientable Group Distance Magic Labeling of Directed Graphs. Ashraf, Wasim; Shaker, Hani; Imran, Muhammad Report Feb 15, 2022 2179
Convergence of Mann and Ishikawa Iterative Processes for Some Contractions in Convex Generalized Metric Space. El Kouch, Youness; Mouline, Jamal Report Feb 14, 2022 5564
Preopenness Degree in RL-Fuzzy Bitopological Spaces. Khalil, O. H.; El-Helow, K. E.; Ghareeb, A. Report Feb 11, 2022 5962
Sliding Mode Control of Underactuated Nonlinear Systems Based on Piecewise Double Power Reaching Law. Yue, Congcong; Yu, Haisheng; Meng, Xiangxiang Report Feb 11, 2022 6574
A New Class of Function with Finitely Many Fixed Points. Oluwayemi, Matthew O.; Fadipe-Joseph, Olubunmi A. Report Feb 10, 2022 2869
Locus Surfaces and Linear Transformations when Fixed Point is at an Infinity. Yang, Wei-Chi; Morante, Antonio Report Feb 1, 2022 6856
Accelerated Iterative Learning Control for Linear Discrete Time Invariant Switched Systems. Wang, Yongping; Riaz, Saleem; Bao, Ziyun; Zhang, Wenqian Report Jan 30, 2022 4848
Compact Finite Difference Scheme Combined with Richardson Extrapolation for Fisher's Equation. Chemeda, Hailu Muleta; Negassa, Ayana Deressa; Merga, Feyisa Edosa Report Jan 27, 2022 4038
A Topology Graph Algorithm Based on Lattice-Valued Logic to Solve Satisfiability Problems. Tan, Jieqing; Li, Yingjie Report Jan 27, 2022 5092
Convex Sets and Subharmonicity of the Inverse Norm Function. Heydari, Mohammad Taghi Report Jan 25, 2022 1360
Upper Bounds of AZI and ABC Index for Transformed Families of Graphs. Hussain, Muhammad; Asif, Muhammad; Dutta, Ashit Kumar; Almotairi, Sultan Report Jan 25, 2022 3714
Method of Lagrange Multipliers for Normalized Zero Norm Minimization. Tausiesakul, Bamrung Report Jan 20, 2022 5050
Connectivity Analysis of Bipolar Fuzzy Networks. Gong, Shu; Hua, Gang; Gao, Wei Report Jan 19, 2022 7069
Evaluating the Performance of Feature Selection Methods Using Huge Big Data: A Monte Carlo Simulation Approach. Khan, Faridoon; Urooj, Amena; Khan, Saud Ahmed; Khosa, Saima K.; Muhammadullah, Sara; Almaspoor, Zah Report Jan 19, 2022 6314
Results on Boundary Control for Parabolic Systems Using Backstepping Method. Mathiyalagan, K.; Renugadevi, T.; Shree Nidhi, A. Report Jan 18, 2022 6250
Time-like Ruled Surface in One-Parameter Hyperbolic Dual Spherical Motions. Naghi, Monia F.; Abdel-Baky, Rashad A.; Mofarreh, Fatemah Report Jan 17, 2022 5266
On the Timelike Sweeping Surfaces and Singularities in Minkowski 3-Space E[sub.1][sup.3]. Alluhaibi, Nadia; Abdel-Baky, Rashad A.; Naghi, Monia Report Jan 17, 2022 4788
Hyperparameter Tuning of Machine Learning Algorithms Using Response Surface Methodology: A Case Study of ANN, SVM, and DBN. Pannakkong, Warut; Thiwa-Anont, Kwanluck; Singthong, Kasidit; Parthanadee, Parthana; Buddhakulsomsir Report Jan 17, 2022 11431
Existence of Fixed Points in Fuzzy Strong b-Metric Spaces. Kanwal, Shazia; Kattan, Doha; Perveen, Saba; Islam, Sahidul; Shagari, Mohammed Shehu Report Jan 15, 2022 4111
Uniform Convexity and Convergence of a Sequence of Sets in a Complete Geodesic Space. Kimura, Yasunori; Sudo, Shuta Report Jan 13, 2022 7596
Time-Frequency Properties of the Short-Time Linear Canonical Transform and Its Application. Huang, Lei; Sun, Qingying; Xi, Qian; Liu, Yuhu; An, Mengsheng; Zhou, Zihan Report Jan 10, 2022 5481
Evaluating Log-Tangent Integrals via Euler Sums. Sofo, Anthony Report Jan 1, 2022 3312
Well Ordered Monotone Iterative Technique for Nonlinear Second Order Four Point Dirichlet BVPs. Verma, Amit K.; Urus, Nazia Report Jan 1, 2022 5879
Discrete Universality of Absolutely Convergent Dirichlet Series. Jasas, Mindaugas; Laurincikas, Antanas; Stoncelis, Mindaugas; Siauciunas, Darius Report Jan 1, 2022 2789
Joint Discrete Approximation of Analytic Functions by Hurwitz Zeta-Functions. Balciunas, Aidas; Garbaliauskiene, Virginija; Luksiene, Violeta; Macaitiene, Renata; Rimkeviciene, A Report Jan 1, 2022 4075
Defective Coloring on Classes of Perfect Graphs. Belmonte, Remy; Lampis, Michael; Mitsou, Valia Report Jan 1, 2022 11733
An explicit construction of graphs of bounded degree that are far from being Hamiltonian. Adler, Isolde; Kohler, Noleen Report Jan 1, 2022 11690
Open-independent, open-locating-dominating sets: structural aspects of some classes of graphs. Cappelle, Marcia R.; Coelho, Erika; Foulds, Les R.; Longo, Humberto J. Report Jan 1, 2022 12003
Efficient recurrence for the enumeration of permutations with fixed pinnacle set. Fang, Wenjie Report Jan 1, 2022 9672
Freezing, Bounded-Change and Convergent Cellular Automata. Ollinger, Nicolas; Theyssier, Guillaume Report Jan 1, 2022 18037
Further enumeration results concerning a recent equivalence of restricted inversion sequences. Mansour, Toufik; Shattuck, Mark Report Jan 1, 2022 9868
On Hermitian Solutions of the Generalized Quaternion Matrix Equation AXB+CXD=E. Tian, Yong; Liu, Xin; Yuan, Shi-Fang Report Dec 30, 2021 3588
On Certain Bounds for Edge Metric Dimension of Zero-Divisor Graphs Associated with Rings. Siddiqui, Hafiz Muahmmad Afzal; Mujahid, Ammar; Binyamin, Muhammad Ahsan; Nadeem, Muhammad Faisal Report Dec 30, 2021 5308
Computer Network Dynamic Balance Flow Distribution Based on Closed-Loop Particle Swarm Feedback Model. Zhou, Wei Report Dec 28, 2021 7097
An Efficient Class of Modulus-Based Matrix Splitting Methods for Nonlinear Complementarity Problems. Xie, Shui-Lian; Xu, Hong-Ru Report Dec 28, 2021 4328
Sine Inverse Lomax Generated Family of Distributions with Applications. Fayomi, Aisha; Algarni, Ali; Almarashi, Abdullah M. Report Dec 28, 2021 4250
A Surface Family with a Common Asymptotic Null Curve in Minkowski 3-Space E13. Alluhaibi, Nadia; Abdel-Baky, Rashad A. Report Dec 23, 2021 3754
Variational Quantum Circuit-Based Reinforcement Learning for POMDP and Experimental Implementation. Kimura, Tomoaki; Shiba, Kodai; Chen, Chih-Chieh; Sogabe, Masaru; Sakamoto, Katsuyoshi; Sogabe, Tomah Report Dec 23, 2021 5760
A Highly Efficient Computer Method for Solving Polynomial Equations Appearing in Engineering Problems. Rafiq, Naila; Shams, Mudassir; Mir, Nazir Ahmad; Gaba, Yaé Ulrich Report Dec 22, 2021 6215
Stability Analysis of Multistage One-Step Multiderivative Methods for Nonlinear Impulsive Differential Equations in Banach Spaces. Long, Tao; Yu, Yuexin Report Dec 17, 2021 3200
Dynamical Behaviors of a Fractional-Order Three Dimensional Prey-Predator Model. Barhoom, Noor S. Sh.; Al-Nassir, Sadiq Report Dec 15, 2021 4185
Weighted Norm Inequalities for Multilinear Fourier Multipliers with Mixed Norm. Fujita, Mai Report Dec 13, 2021 4143
Development of the Modularity Measure for Assembly Process Structures. Modrak, Vladimir; Soltysova, Zuzana Report Dec 8, 2021 4989
Attention-Based Graph Convolutional Network for Zero-Shot Learning with Pre-Training. Wu, Xuefei; Liu, Mingjiang; Xin, Bo; Zhu, Zhangqing; Wang, Gang Report Dec 7, 2021 6515
Deformation Prediction of a Deep Foundation Pit Based on the Combination Model of Wavelet Transform and Gray BP Neural Network. Liu, Qiang; Yang, Chun-Yan; Lin, Li Report Dec 7, 2021 7184
Stability Analysis of Time-Varying Delay Systems with an Improved Type of LKF. Wang, Wenhao; Zhu, Hong; Shi, Kaibo; Zhong, Shouming; Zhao, Can Report Dec 7, 2021 3152
Asymptotically Effective Method to Explore Euler Path in a Graph. Fahad, Muhammad; Ali, Sikandar; Khan, Mukhtaj; Husnain, Mujtaba; Shafi, Zeeshan; Samad, Ali Report Dec 7, 2021 3622
An Efficient DOA Estimation Algorithm Based on Diagonal-Symmetric Loading. Xie, Yangyang; Wang, Biao; Chen, Feng Report Dec 7, 2021 4993
Semisupervised Classification with High-Order Graph Learning Attention Neural Network. Yang, Wu-Lue; Chen, Xiao-Ze; Yang, Xu-Hua Report Dec 7, 2021 7099
Stability of Fractional Differential Equations with New Generalized Hattaf Fractional Derivative. Hattaf, Khalid Report Dec 2, 2021 3755
Third-Order Generalized Discontinuous Impulsive Problems on the Half-Line. Minhos, Feliz; Carapinha, Rui Report Dec 1, 2021 4338
Self-Similarity Techniques for Chaotic Attractors with Many Scrolls Using Step Series Switching. Goufo, Emile Franc Doungmo; Ravichandran, Chokkalingam; Birajdar, Gunvant A. Report Dec 1, 2021 4391
An Existence Result for Quasilinear Parabolic Systems with Lower Order Terms. Balaadich, Farah; Azroul, Elhoussine Report Dec 1, 2021 4874
Numerical Validation of Probabilistic Laws to Evaluate Finite Element Error Estimates. Chaskalovic, Joel; Assous, Franck Report Dec 1, 2021 4651
The Duffing Oscillator Equation and Its Applications in Physics. Salas Salas, Alvaro Humberto; Castillo Hernández, Jairo Ernesto; Martínez Hernández, Lorenzo Julio Report Nov 30, 2021 3374
Uniformly Convergent Numerical Scheme for Singularly Perturbed Parabolic PDEs with Shift Parameters. Woldaregay, Mesfin Mekuria; Duressa, Gemechis File Report Nov 30, 2021 7065
Fixed Point Theorems for Set-Valued L-Contractions in Branciari Distance Spaces. Cho, Seong-Hoon Report Nov 29, 2021 7048
Closed-Form Solution of a Rational Difference Equation. Ibrahim, Tarek F.; Khan, Abdul Qadeer; O?ul, Burak; ?im?ek, Da?istan Report Nov 29, 2021 1670
Uncertainty Principles for Heisenberg Motion Group. Amghar, Walid Report Nov 28, 2021 2971
Estimations of Upper Bounds for n-th Order Differentiable Functions Involving ? -Riemann-Liouville Integrals via ? -Preinvex Functions. Talib, Sadia; Awan, Muhammad Uzair Report Nov 12, 2021 3431
A Class of Inexact Secant Algorithms with Line Search Filter Method for Nonlinear Programming. Wang, Zhujun; Cai, Li Report Nov 10, 2021 3584
A Note on Derivative of Sine Series with Square Root. Keska, Sergiusz Report Nov 8, 2021 1746
Solving the Single-Valued Trapezoidal Neutrosophic Transportation Problems through the Novel Dhouib-Matrix-TP1 Heuristic. Dhouib, Souhail Report Nov 2, 2021 4120
Fractional q-Integral Operators for the Product of a q-Polynomial and q-Analogue of the I-Functions and Their Applications. Vyas, V.K.; Al-Jarrah, Ali A.; Suthar, D. L.; Abeye, Nigussie Report Oct 31, 2021 2385
Certain Bounds of Regularity of Elimination Ideals on Operations of Graphs. Lv, Zongming; Junjua, Muhammad Junaid Ali; Tahir, Muhammad Tajammal; Shabbir, Khurram Report Oct 29, 2021 4255
A Multisource Situation Information Fusion Method Based on Dynamic Evidence Combination. Liu, Jing; Chang, ChaoWen; Zhang, Yuchen; Wang, Yongwei Report Oct 29, 2021 7439
Metric Dimension on Path-Related Graphs. Nazeer, Saqib; Hussain, Muhammad; Alrawajeh, Fatimah Abdulrahman; Almotairi, Sultan Report Oct 29, 2021 4970
Existence of Solutions for Superlinear Second-Order System with Noninstantaneous Impulses. Bu, Yucheng Report Oct 25, 2021 2327
Periodic Oscillatory Phenomenon in Fractional-Order Neural Networks Involving Different Types of Delays. Wang, Nengfa; Xu, Changjin; Liu, Zixin Report Oct 25, 2021 4193
A Generalized Definition of the Fractional Derivative with Applications. Abu-Shady, M.; Kaabar, Mohammed K. A. Report Oct 23, 2021 3592
Uniformly Convergent Nonpolynomial Spline Method for Singularly Perturbed Robin-Type Boundary Value Problems with Discontinuous Source Term. Debela, Habtamu Garoma; Duressa, Gemechis File Report Oct 22, 2021 4509
Truncating Regular Vine Copula Based on Mutual Information: An Efficient Parsimonious Model for High-Dimensional Data. Alanazi, Fadhah Amer Report Oct 20, 2021 6574
Poisson Regression-Based Mean Estimator. Shahzad, Usman; Shahzadi, Shabnam; Afshan, Noureen; Al-Noor, Nadia H.; Alilah, David Anekeya; Hanif, Report Oct 18, 2021 2869
Factorizable Ordered Hypergroupoids with Applications. Shi, Xiaolong; Guan, Hao; Akhoundi, Maryam; Omidi, Saber Report Oct 18, 2021 2543
Robust Assessment on the Developments of Three Extended Exponential Models with Some New Properties and Applications. Ahmadini, Abdullah Ali H.; Tahir, Muhammad H.; Alamri, Osama; Munawar, Alia; Elgarhy, Mohammed Report Oct 16, 2021 9017
An Efficient Mathematical Approach for the Fraction Order Differentiation Based on Future Applications of Chaotic Parameter. Bary, Ghulam; Ahmed, Waqar; Sajid, Muhammad; Ahmad, Riaz; Saleem Khan, Muhammad Farooq; Fayz-Al-Asad Report Oct 16, 2021 5148
On a Unified Mittag-Leffler Function and Associated Fractional Integral Operator. Zhang, Yanyan; Farid, Ghulam; Salleh, Zabidin; Ahmad, Ayyaz Report Oct 13, 2021 3414
An Expanded Heterogeneous Particle Swarm Optimization Based on Adaptive Inertia Weight. Zdiri, Sami; Chrouta, Jaouher; Zaafouri, Abderrahmen Report Oct 12, 2021 9327
The Dominator Edge Coloring of Graphs. Li, Minhui; Zhang, Shumin; Wang, Caiyun; Ye, Chengfu Report Oct 7, 2021 5186
Statistical Inference for Piecewise Affine System Identification. Jianwang, Hong; Ramirez-Mendoza, Ricardo A.; Yan, Xiang Report Oct 5, 2021 4820
Polytiles: Equilateral and Equiangular Polygons (part 1a). Ruen, Thomas L. Report Oct 1, 2021 4393
Synthetic Division: Connecting with Other Mathematical Ideas. Palmer, Katrina; Post, Jaehee; Bosse, Michael; Bauldry, William; Cook, William Report Oct 1, 2021 4143
Understanding Geometric Pattern and its Geometry Part 5--Patterns on tessellations with regular tiles. Majewski, Miroslaw Report Oct 1, 2021 4108
On Behavior of the Periodic Orbits of a Hamiltonian System of Bifurcation of Limit Cycles. Menaceur, Amor; Abdalla, Mohamed; Idris, Sahar Ahmed; Mekawy, Ibrahim Report Sep 30, 2021 2369
Critical and Subcritical Anisotropic Trudinger-Moser Inequalities on the Entire Euclidean Spaces. Song, Xiaoping; Li, Dongliang; Zhu, Maochun Report Sep 30, 2021 3297
New Weighted Lomax (NWL) Distribution with Applications to Real and Simulated Data. Alshanbari, Huda M.; Ijaz, Muhammad; Asim, Syed Muhammad; Hosni El-Bagoury, Abd Al-Aziz; Dar, Javid Report Sep 30, 2021 4499
Blow-Up of Solutions for Wave Equation Involving the Fractional Laplacian with Nonlinear Source. Bidi, Y.; Beniani, A.; Alnegga, M. Y.; Moumen, A. Report Sep 30, 2021 2708
Limit Properties of the Largest Entries of High-Dimensional Sample Covariance and Correlation Matrices. Ding, Xue Report Sep 29, 2021 3173
A Note on Small Amplitude Limit Cycles of Liénard Equations Theory. Bouattia, Yassine; Boudjehem, Djalil; Makhlouf, Ammar; Zubair, Sulima Ahmed; Idris, Sahar Ahmed Report Sep 29, 2021 1909
Modified Robust Ridge M-Estimators in Two-Parameter Ridge Regression Model. Yasin, Seyab; Salem, Sultan; Ayed, Hamdi; Kamal, Shahid; Suhail, Muhammad; Khan, Yousaf Ali Report Sep 22, 2021 8063
Estimation of Population Median under Robust Measures of an Auxiliary Variable. Irfan, Muhammad; Javed, Maria; Shongwe, Sandile C.; Zohaib, Muhammad; Haider Bhatti, Sajjad Report Sep 18, 2021 5859
PSBFEM-Abaqus: Development of User Element Subroutine (UEL) for Polygonal Scaled Boundary Finite Element Method in Abaqus. Ye, Nan; Su, Chao; Yang, Yang Report Sep 16, 2021 7680
Some Summation Formulas for the Generalized Kampé de Fériet Function. Verma, Ashish; Younis, Jihad; Pandey, Vikash Kumar; Aydi, Hassen Report Sep 15, 2021 1953
Some New Kinds of Fractional Integral Inequalities via Refined (? ,h-m)-Convex Function. Zahra, Moquddsa; Ashraf, Muhammad; Farid, Ghulam; Nonlaopon, Kamsing Report Sep 14, 2021 3991
Some Special Ruled Surfaces Generated by a Direction Curve according to the Darboux Frame and their Characterizations. Echabbi, Nidal; Ouazzani Chahdi, Amina Report Sep 11, 2021 3842
Global Residue Harmonic Balance Method for a System of Strongly Nonlinear Oscillator. Chen, Huaxiong; Liu, Wei Report Sep 9, 2021 3538
Novel Robust Control of Stochastic Nonlinear Switched Fuzzy Systems. Yang, Hong; Zhang, Yu; Zhang, Le Report Sep 6, 2021 3491
Robust Regression-Ratio-Type Estimators of the Mean Utilizing Two Auxiliary Variables: A Simulation Study. Zaman, Tolga; Dünder, Emre; Audu, Ahmed; Alilah, David Anekeya; Shahzad, Usman; Hanif, Muhammad Report Sep 6, 2021 3675
Two Extensions of the Quadratic Nonuniform B-Spline Curve with Local Shape Parameter Series. Kong, Xiang; Chen, Jun Report Sep 3, 2021 5620
A New Numerical Technique for Solving Volterra Integral Equations Using Chebyshev Spectral Method. Khidir, Ahmed A. Report Sep 3, 2021 5398
Fixed Point Theorems for (? ,k,? ,? )-Contraction Multivalued Mappings in b-Metric Space. Errai, Youssef; Marhrani, El Miloudi; Aamri, Mohamed Report Sep 2, 2021 4202
List-antimagic labeling of vertex-weighted graphs. Berikkyzy, Zhanar; Brandt, Axel; Jahanbekam, Sogol; Larsen, Victor; Rorabaugh, Danny Report Sep 1, 2021 4178
Binary patterns in the Prouhet-Thue-Morse sequence. Almeida, Jorge; Klima, Ondrej Report Sep 1, 2021 7647
On the VC-dimension of half-spaces with respect to convex sets. Grelier, Nicolas; Ilchi, Saeed Gh.; Miltzow, Tillmann; Smorodinsky, Shakhar Report Sep 1, 2021 5320
Determining the Hausdorff Distance Between Trees in Polynomial Time. Kelenc, Aleksander Report Sep 1, 2021 7701
Antipowers in Uniform Morphic Words and the Fibonacci Word. Garg, Swapnil Report Sep 1, 2021 4599
The structure and the list 3-dynamic coloring of outer-1-planar graphs. Zhang, Yanli Xin Report Sep 1, 2021 9889
Introduction to local certification. Feuilloley, Laurent Report Sep 1, 2021 11354
Certificate complexity and symmetry of nested canalizing functions. Li, Yuan; Ingram, Frank; Zhang, Huaming Report Sep 1, 2021 5690
Five results on maximizing topological indices in graphs. Cambie, Stijn Report Sep 1, 2021 6175
On the genera of polyhedral embeddings of cubic graphs. Brinkmann, Gunnar; Tucker, Thomas; Cleemput, Nico Van Report Sep 1, 2021 9161
On non-adaptive majority problems of large query size. Gerbner, Daniel; Vizer, Mate Report Sep 1, 2021 6383
A tight lower bound for the online bounded space hypercube bin packing problem. Kohayakawa, Yoshiharu; Miyazawa, Flavio Keidi; Wakabayashi, Yoshiko Report Sep 1, 2021 6488
A New Scale-Invariant Lindley Extension Distribution and Its Applications. Kayid, Mohamed; Alskhabrah, Rayof; Alshangiti, Arwa M. Report Aug 31, 2021 5533
A New Modified Efficient Levenberg-Marquardt Method for Solving Systems of Nonlinear Equations. Wu, Zhenxiang; Zhou, Tong; Li, Lei; Chen, Liang; Ma, Yanfang Report Aug 31, 2021 5830
On Generalized Strongly Convex Functions and Unified Integral Operators. Yu, Timing; Farid, Ghulam; Mahreen, Kahkashan; Jung, Chahn Yong; Shim, Soo Hak Report Aug 30, 2021 6339
Direct Data-Driven Control for Cascade Control System. Jianwang, Hong; Ramirez-Mendoza, Ricardo A.; Xiaojun, Tang Report Aug 29, 2021 6154
Approximations, Errors, and Misconceptions in the Use of Map Projections. Baselga, Sergio; Olsen, Michael J. Aug 29, 2021 9521
Simultaneous Developability of Partner Ruled Surfaces according to Darboux Frame in E[sup.3]. Ouarab, Soukaina Report Aug 28, 2021 3468
Padé-Approximation-Based Preview Repetitive Control for Continuous-Time Linear Systems. Zhao, Jia-Yu; Wang, Zhao-Hong; Yan, Jian-De; Lan, Yong-Hong Report Aug 26, 2021 4304
A Source Problem for the Helmholtz Equation via a Dirichlet-to-Neumann Map. Lee, Kuo-Ming Report Aug 23, 2021 3900
Characterizing Inequalities for Biwarped Product Submanifolds of Sasakian Space Forms. Khan, Meraj Ali; Al-dayel, Ibrahim Report Aug 20, 2021 5761
The Local and Parallel Finite Element Scheme for Electric Structure Eigenvalue Problems. Lin, Fubiao; Cao, Junying; Liu, Zhixin Report Aug 20, 2021 5452
Research on Pseudorandom Number Generator Based on Several New Types of Piecewise Chaotic Maps. Zang, Hongyan; Yuan, Yue; Wei, Xinyuan Report Aug 20, 2021 4989
On the Kampé de Fériet Hypergeometric Matrix Function. Verma, Ashish; Younis, Jihad; Aydi, Hassen Report Aug 18, 2021 4227
Connectivity Indices of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Graphs and Their Applications in Internet Routing and Transport Network Flow. Naeem, Tulat; Gumaei, Abdu; Kamran Jamil, Muhammad; Alsanad, Ahmed; Ullah, Kifayat Report Aug 14, 2021 8068
On Two Banach-Type Fixed Points in Bipolar Metric Spaces. Gaba, Yaé Ulrich; Aphane, Maggie; Sihag, Vizender Report Aug 13, 2021 5487
The Marichev-Saigo-Maeda Fractional Calculus Operators Pertaining to the V-Function. Chandak, S.; Shimelis, Biniyam; Abeye, Nigussie; Padma, A. Report Aug 12, 2021 3565
Pascu-Type Analytic Functions by Using Mittag-Leffler Functions in Janowski Domain. Mashwan, Wali Khan; Ahmad, Bakhtiar; Khan, Muhammad Ghaffar; Mustafa, Saima; Arjika, Sama; Khan, Bil Report Aug 12, 2021 2878
Modified Smith Predictor Based on H[sub.2] and Predictive PI Control Strategy. Sang, Shiqing; Nie, Pengcheng Report Aug 10, 2021 6358
Stability Theory for Nullity and Deficiency of Linear Relations. Kito, Silas Luliro; Wanjala, Gerald Report Aug 10, 2021 8669
Qualitative Behavior of a Nonlinear Generalized Recursive Sequence with Delay. Ibrahim, Tarek F.; Khan, Abdul Qadeer; Ibrahim, Abdelhameed Report Aug 6, 2021 1816
Group Classification and Conservation Laws of a Class of Hyperbolic Equations. Ndogmo, J. C. Report Aug 6, 2021 8586
Optimal Preview Controller for Linear Discrete-Time Systems: A Virtual System Method. Wu, Jiang; Zhang, Huali; Fan, Denggui Report Jul 31, 2021 3586
Energy Loss Calculation of Low Voltage Distribution Area Based on Variational Mode Decomposition and Least Squares Support Vector Machine. Liu, Keyan; Jia, Dongli; Zhao, Fengzhan; Zhang, Qicheng; Hao, Shuai; Zhang, Shuai Report Jul 28, 2021 6680
Global Optimization of Redescending Robust Estimators. Baselga, Sergio; Klein, Ivandro; Suraci, Stefano Sampaio; Oliveira, Leonardo Castro de; Matsuoka, Ma Report Jul 24, 2021 8318
A Fusion Crossover Mutation Sparrow Search Algorithm. Tang, Yanqiang; Li, Chenghai; Li, Song; Cao, Bo; Chen, Chen Report Jul 23, 2021 8944
Solving Bisymmetric Solution of a Class of Matrix Equations Based on Linear Saturated System Model Neural Network. Zhang, Feng Report Jul 20, 2021 4148
On Solitary Wave Solutions for the Camassa-Holm and the Rosenau-RLW-Kawahara Equations with the Dual-Power Law Nonlinearities. Sukantamala, Nattakorn; Nanta, Supawan Report Jul 19, 2021 4544
The Product-Type Operators from Hardy Spaces into nth Weighted-Type Spaces. Abbasi, Ebrahim Report Jul 16, 2021 3586
Parameter Estimation of the Lotka-Volterra Model with Fractional Order Based on the Modulation Function and Its Application. Hao, Ying; Guo, Mingshun Report Jul 14, 2021 4085
New Soft Structure: Infra Soft Topological Spaces. Al-shami, Tareq M. Report Jul 14, 2021 10259
Alternating Minimization Methods for Solving Multilinear Systems. Liang, Maolin; Dai, Lifang Report Jul 13, 2021 7611
Identification of Rational Systems with Logarithmic Quantized Data. Ji, Mingming; Su, Shengchao Report Jul 13, 2021 3623
Small Modification on Modified Euler Method for Solving Initial Value Problems. Workie, Abushet Hayalu Report Jul 12, 2021 2190
Some New Coupled Fixed-Point Findings Depending on Another Function in Fuzzy Cone Metric Spaces with Application. Waheed, Muhammad Talha; Rehman, Saif Ur; Jan, Naeem; Gumaei, Abdu; Al-Rakhami, Mabrook Report Jul 8, 2021 5773
Improving Neural Machine Translation with AMR Semantic Graphs. Nguyen, Long H. B.; Pham, Viet H.; Dinh, Dien Report Jul 8, 2021 6717
An Efficient Algorithm for Solving a Class of Fractional Programming Problems. Qiu, Yongjian; Zhu, Yuming; Yin, Jingben Report Jul 7, 2021 5540
Robust Normalized Subband Adaptive Filter Algorithm with a Sigmoid-Function-Based Step-Size Scaler and Its Convex Combination Version. Shen, Zijie; Tang, Lin; Yang, Li Report Jul 6, 2021 5829
Characterization of Skew CR-Warped Product Submanifolds in Complex Space Forms via Differential Equations. Al-Dayel, Ibrahim; Khan, Meraj Ali Report Jul 6, 2021 4003
On the Solvability of a Resonant Third-Order Integral m-Point Boundary Value Problem on the Half-Line. Imaga, O. F.; Oghonyon, J. G.; Ogunniyi, P. O. Report Jul 2, 2021 3026
Novel Stability Results for Caputo Fractional Differential Equations. Ben Makhlouf, Abdellatif; El-Hady, El-Sayed Report Jul 1, 2021 2898
PIA and PPIA for Interpolating Points and Derivatives at Endpoints by Bézier Curves. Yi, Yeqing; Hu, Lijuan; Liu, Chengzhi Report Jul 1, 2021 6614
On Estimation of Three-Component Mixture of Distributions via Bayesian and Classical Approaches. Tahir, Muhammad; Almanjahie, Ibrahim M.; Abid, Muhammad; Ahmad, Ishfaq Report Jul 1, 2021 6467
Fitted Numerical Scheme for Second-Order Singularly Perturbed Differential-Difference Equations with Mixed Shifts. Ayalew, Meku; Kiltu, Gashu Gadisa; Duressa, Gemechis File Report Jul 1, 2021 3849
The algebra of binary trees is affine complete. Arnold, Andre; Cegielski, Patrick; Grigorieff, Serge; Guessarian, Irene Report Jul 1, 2021 4387
Interval-Valued m-Polar Fuzzy Positive Implicative Ideals in BCK-Algebras. Muhiuddin, G.; Al-Kadi, D.; Mahboob, A.; Albjedi, Amjad Report Jun 30, 2021 5735
On Opial-Type Inequalities for Superquadratic Functions and Applications in Fractional Calculus. Nazeer, Waqas; Farid, Ghulam; Salleh, Zabidin; Bibi, Ayesha Report Jun 30, 2021 5208
New Post Quantum Analogues of Hermite-Hadamard Type Inequalities for Interval-Valued Convex Functions. Kalsoom, Humaira; Ali, Muhammad Aamir; Idrees, Muhammad; Agarwal, Praveen; Arif, Muhammad Report Jun 30, 2021 5862
The Hermitian Kirchhoff Index and Robustness of Mixed Graph. Lin, Wei; Zhou, Shuming; Li, Min; Chen, Gaolin; Zhou, Qianru Report Jun 30, 2021 4378
A Modified Conjugate Gradient Method for Solving Large-Scale Nonlinear Equations. Guan, Hongbo; Wang, Sheng Report Jun 24, 2021 4556
Finite-Time Simultaneous Stabilization of a Set of Nonlinear Singular Systems. Sun, Liying; Li, Meiqing Report Jun 19, 2021 3806
Guaranteed Deterministic Approach to Superhedging: Case of Binary European Option. Smirnov, Sergey N.; Zanochkin, Andrey Yu. Report Jun 18, 2021 12278
Extremal Values of Randi? Index among Some Classes of Graphs. Ghalavand, Ali; Ashrafi, Ali Reza; Pourbabaee, Marzieh Report Jun 14, 2021 4606
An Efficient Finite Element Method and Error Analysis for Schrödinger Equation with Inverse Square Singular Potential. Zhang, Hui; Lin, Fubiao; Cao, Junying Report Jun 14, 2021 3647
An Effective Heuristic for Multidepot Low-Carbon Vehicle Routing Problem. Liu, LiLing; Lai, LiFang Report Jun 9, 2021 5502
Random Fuzzy Granular Decision Tree. Li, Wei; Ma, Xiaoyu; Chen, Yumin; Dai, Bin; Chen, Runjing; Tang, Chao; Luo, Youmeng; Zhang, Kaiqiang Report Jun 9, 2021 11773
Research on the Dynamic Evolution of Scientific and Technological Innovation Efficiency in Universities and Identification of Influencing factors--based on Markov Chain Estimation and GMM Model. Luo, Quanzhi Report Jun 8, 2021 9265
Catching Critical Transition in Engineered Systems. Huang, Jin; Meng, Tianchuang; Deng, Yangdong; Huang, Fanling Report Jun 8, 2021 4222
Solvability for a Fully Elastic Beam Equation with Left-End Fixed and Right-End Simply Supported. Wei, Mei; Li, Yongxiang Report Jun 8, 2021 4337
On Strongly b-? -Continuous Mappings in Fuzzifying Topology. Yang, Ting; Khalil, Ahmed Mostafa Report Jun 4, 2021 6229
Global Regularity Criterion for the 3D Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations Involving the Velocity Partial Derivative. Li, TianLi; Wang, Wen Report Jun 2, 2021 1853
Monte Carlo Sampling Method for a Class of Box-Constrained Stochastic Variational Inequality Problems. Li, Pei-Yu Report Jun 2, 2021 3771
An Extension of the Carathéodory Differentiability to Set-Valued Maps. Hurtado, Pedro; Leones, Alexander; Martelo, M.; Moreno, J. B. Report Jun 1, 2021 4491
Generalized Refinement of Gauss-Seidel Method for Consistently Ordered 2-Cyclic Matrices. Dessalew, Gashaye; Kebede, Tesfaye; Awgichew, Gurju; Walelign, Assaye Report Jun 1, 2021 2929
A Note on Certain Laplace Transforms of Convolution-Type Integrals Involving Product of Two Generalized Hypergeometric Functions. Rathie, Arjun Kumar; Geum, Young Hee; Kim, Hwajoon Report May 30, 2021 2738
Martingale Transforms between Martingale Hardy-amalgam Spaces. Bansah, Justice Sam Report May 30, 2021 4313
Some Hardy-Type Inequalities for Superquadratic Functions via Delta Fractional Integrals. Hanif, Usama; Nosheen, Ammara; Bibi, Rabia; Khan, Khuram Ali; Moradi, Hamid Reza Report May 28, 2021 3919
Distance-Based Topological Polynomials Associated with Zero-Divisor Graphs. Ahmad, Ali; López, S. C. Report May 28, 2021 3846

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