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Articles from Mathematical Problems in Engineering (January 1, 2021)

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“Intelligent” Technical Guidelines for Chongqing East Railway Station Building and Supporting Hub Area. Shi, Jingyuan; Li, Qiuna 6612
“Internet + Artificial Intelligence” Human Resource Information Management System Construction Innovation and Research. Zeng, Zhen; Qi, Longqi 6237
2D Quasi-Static Accurate Solutions for Isotropic Thermoelastic Materials with Applications. Xiao, Wen-Ying; Tong, Jie; Liu, Ying-Jie; Su, Jiang; Li, Jian-Ping 5112
3D Skeletal Human Action Recognition Using a CNN Fusion Model. Li, Meng; Sun, Qiumei Report 4528
A BERT-Based Approach for Extracting Prerequisite Relations among Wikipedia Concepts. Bai, Youheng; Zhang, Yan; Xiao, Kui; Lou, Yuanyuan; Sun, Kai Report 5054
A Bilevel Programming Location Approach to Regional Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment Collection Centers: A Study in China. Li, Honglei; Lu, Yi Report 6811
A Clustering Application Scenario Based on an Improved Self-Organizing Feature Mapping Network System. Cao, Qian 3815
A Combined Convection Carreau-Yasuda Nanofluid Model over a Convective Heated Surface near a Stagnation Point: A Numerical Study. Hussain, Azad; Rehman, Aysha; Nadeem, Sohail; Malik, M. Y.; Issakhov, Alibek; Sarwar, Lubna; Hussain 4992
A Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms for Detection of Organic and Nonorganic Cotton Diseases. Kumar, Sandeep; Jain, Arpit; Shukla, Anand Prakash; Singh, Satyendr; Raja, Rohit; Rani, Shilpa; Hars 10002
A Comparative Study between GLP and GBWM. Abdulaal, Reda M. S.; Bafail, Omer A. 4315
A Comparative Study of Soft Computing Models for Prediction of Permeability Coefficient of Soil. Pham, Binh Thai; Nguyen, Manh Duc; Al-Ansari, Nadhir; Tran, Quoc Anh; Ho, Lanh Si; Le, Hiep Van; Pra Report 5597
A Comprehensive Review on Design of Autonomous Robotic Boat for Rescue Applications. Jain, Vanita; Saini, Dharmender; Gupta, Monu; Joshi, Neeraj; Mishra, Anubhav; Bansal, Vishakha; Jude 12444
A Comprehensive Review on Scatter Search: Techniques, Applications, and Challenges. Kalra, Minakshi; Tyagi, Shobhit; Kumar, Vijay; Kaur, Manjit; Mashwani, Wali Khan; Shah, Habib; Shah, 15251
A Consumer Behavior Prediction Model Based on Multivariate Real-Time Sequence Analysis. Guo, Lin; Zhang, Ben; Zhao, Xin 3365
A Corporate Reputation Propagation Dynamic Model. Wang, Yufeng; Yang, Xu; Chai, Yanyou; Yang, Xuguang; Tian, Qi Report 6960
A Critical Analysis of Finite-Element Modeling Procedures for Radial Bearing Stiffness Estimation. Gabrielli, Alberto; Battarra, Mattia; Mucchi, Emiliano 11117
A Digital Twin-Based Approach for Optimization and Prediction of Oil and Gas Production. Shen, Fei; Ren, Shuang Shuang; Zhang, Xiang Yang; Luo, Hong Wu; Feng, Chao Min 4151
A Disaster Management Framework Using Internet of Things-Based Interconnected Devices. Sharma, Kaljot; Anand, Darpan; Sabharwal, Munish; Tiwari, Pradeep Kumar; Cheikhrouhou, Omar; Frikha, 16043
A Dynamic Method to Predict the Earthquake-Triggered Sliding Displacement of Slopes. Feng, Wenkai; Lu, Zhichun; Yi, Xiaoyu; Dong, Shan 5183
A Dynamic-Weighted Attenuation Memory Extended Kalman Filter Algorithm and Its Application in the Underwater Positioning. Guo, Bo; Ma, Jianye; Wang, Cui Report 5782
A Flexible and Robust Approach to Analyze Survival Systems in the Presence of Extreme Observations. Sadiq, Maryam; Mehmood, Tahir 5383
A Fractal Prediction Method for Safety Monitoring Deformation of Core Rockfill Dams. Pei, Liang; Chen, Jiankang; Zhou, Jingren; Huang, Huibao; Zhou, Zhengjun; Chen, Chen; Yao, Fuhai Report 5635
A Fusion Method of Local Path Planning for Mobile Robots Based on LSTM Neural Network and Reinforcement Learning. Guo, Na; Li, Caihong; Gao, Tengteng; Liu, Guoming; Li, Yongdi; Wang, Di 10846
A Fuzzy ARIMA Correction Model for Transport Volume Forecast. Xie, Yumeng; Zhang, Peilin; Chen, Yanyi 5686
A Genetic-Based Hybrid Algorithm Harmonic Minimization Method for Cascaded Multilevel Inverters with ANFIS Implementation. Nikouei, Seyed Yahya; Dehkordi, Behzad Mirzaeian; Niroomand, Mehdi 7623
A Hardware-Efficient Elliptic Curve Cryptographic Architecture over GF (p). Cui, Chao; Zhao, Yun; Xiao, Yong; Lin, Weibin; Xu, Di Report 3457
A High-Dimensional Modeling System Based on Analytical Hierarchy Process and Information Criteria. Koç, Tuba 4940
A High-Performance Indirect Torque Control Strategy for Switched Reluctance Motor Drives. Li, Cunhe; Zhang, Cunshan; Liu, Jian; Bian, Dunxin Report 6802
A Hybrid Algorithm for Gas Source Locating Based on Unmanned Vehicles in Dynamic Gas Environment. Huang, Yu; Li, Lei; Ji, Renxing 4036
A Hybrid Cellular Genetic Algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem. Deng, Yanlan; Xiong, Juxia; Wang, Qiuhong 8437
A Hybrid Method to Diagnose 3D Rotor Eccentricity Faults in Synchronous Generators Based on ALIF_PE and KFCM. Zhang, Chao; He, Chuang-Jin; Li, Shuai; He, Yu-Ling; Wang, Xiao-Long; Liu, Xiang-Yu; Cheng, Lun 6546
A Hysteresis Dynamic Mathematical Model Approach to Parametric Estimation System. Ponce de León Puig, Nubia Ilia; Acho, Leonardo; Rodellar, José 4933
A Knowledge Graph System for the Maintenance of Coal Mine Equipment. Zhang, Guozhen; Cao, Xiangang; Zhang, Mengyuan 6944
A Laboratory Approach to Measure Carbonate Rocks' Adsorption Density by Surfactant and Polymer. Esfandyari, Hamid; Moghani, Abdorrahman; Esmaeilzadeh, Feridun; Davarpanah, Afshin Report 4390
A Method for Reconstruction of Boiler Combustion Temperature Field Based on Acoustic Tomography. Wu, Yuhui; Zhou, Xinzhi; Zhao, Li; Dong, Chenlong; Wang, Hailin 5754
A Micro-Doppler Frequency Ambiguity Resolution Method Based on Complex-Valued U-Net. Long, Ming; Yang, Jun; Xia, Saiqiang; Lv, Mingjiu; Wei, Xu; Chen, Wenfeng 5781
A Modified Bat Algorithm for Solving Large-Scale Bound Constrained Global Optimization Problems. Mashwani, Wali Khan; Mehmood, Ihsan; Abu Bakar, Maharani; Koçcak, Ismail 5828
A Modified HOSM Controller Applied to an ABS Laboratory Setup with Adaptive Parameter. Vaca García, Claudia Carolina; Ferré Covantes, Luis Adrián; Guzmán, Antonio Navarrete; Vera Vaca, Cl 4376
A Multiobjective Optimization Analysis of Spur Gear Pair: The Profile Shift Factor Effect on Structure Design and Efficiency. Belarhzal, Samya; Daoudi, Kaoutar; Boudi, El Mostapha; Bachir, Aziz; Elmoumen, Samira Report 5467
A Multiple-Fault Localization Method for Embedded Software with Applications in Engineering. Kong, Lu; Wang, JinBo; Zhou, Shan; Wang, MengRu Report 10374
A New Chaotic Mixer Design Based on the Delta Robot and Its Experimental Studies. Kalayci, Onur; Pehlivan, Ihsan; Akgul, Akif; Coskun, Selcuk; Kurt, Ersin 7827
A New Growth Curve for Predicting Production Performance of Water-Flooding Oilfields. Liu, Feng; Liu, Yancheng; Guo, Xiao; Yang, Fei; Zhou, Ahuan; Li, Chuanliang 3706
A New Hybrid Fuzzy Model: Satisfaction of Residents in Touristic Areas toward Tourism Development. Mehdiabadi, Amir; Wanke, Peter Fernandes; Khorshid, Seddigheh; Spulbar, Cristi; Birau, Ramona Report 15135
A New Hybrid Model for Hourly Solar Radiation Forecasting Using Daily Classification Technique and Machine Learning Algorithms. Ali-Ou-Salah, Hamza; Oukarfi, Benyounes; Bahani, Khalid; Moujabbir, Mohammed 9010
A New Method of Achieving Single Three-Dimensional Building Model Automatically Based on Oblique Photography Data. Che, Defu; Li, Zonghui; Liu, Yining; Zhong, Renqing; Ma, Baodong 6546
A New Numerical Technique for Solving Volterra Integral Equations Using Chebyshev Spectral Method. Khidir, Ahmed A. 5397
A Noise-Tolerant Audio Encryption Framework Designed by the Application of S[sub.8] Symmetric Group and Chaotic Systems. Aziz, Haris; Gilani, Syed Mushhad Mustuzhar; Hussain, Iqtadar; Janjua, Abdul Kashif; Khurram, Shahza 8232
A Note on Certain Laplace Transforms of Convolution-Type Integrals Involving Product of Two Generalized Hypergeometric Functions. Rathie, Arjun Kumar; Geum, Young Hee; Kim, Hwajoon 2738
A Note on Small Amplitude Limit Cycles of Liénard Equations Theory. Bouattia, Yassine; Boudjehem, Djalil; Makhlouf, Ammar; Zubair, Sulima Ahmed; Idris, Sahar Ahmed 1909
A Novel Approach for Solving Fuzzy Differential Equations Using Cubic Spline Method. Karpagappriya, S.; Alessa, Nazek; Jayaraman, P.; Loganathan, K. 3484
A Novel Approach to Increase the Goodness of Fits with an Application to Real and Simulated Data Sets. Farooq, Muhammad; zaman, Qamruz; Ijaz, Muhammad; Shah, Said Farooq; Kilai, Mutua 4133
A Novel Face Super-Resolution Method Based on Parallel Imaging and OpenVINO. Huang, Zhijie; Zheng, Wenbo; Yan, Lan; Gou, Chao Report 5305
A Novel Human-Machine Collaboration Model of an Ankle Joint Rehabilitation Robot Driven by EEG Signals. Shi, Min; Yang, Chengyi; Zhang, Dalu 5487
A Novel Hybrid Approach Based on BAT Algorithm with Artificial Neural Network to Forecast Iran's Oil Consumption. Bahmani, Mojtaba; Nejati, Mehdi; GhasemiNejad, Amin; Nazari Robati, Fateme; Lashkary, Mehrdad; Amani Report 3933
A Novel Hybrid Deep Learning Model for Sugar Price Forecasting Based on Time Series Decomposition. Zhang, Jinlai; Meng, Yanmei; Wei, Jin; Chen, Jie; Qin, Johnny Report 5448
A Novel Machine Learning Model for the Detection of Epilepsy and Epileptic Seizures Using Electroencephalographic Signals Based on Chaos and Fractal Theories. Brari, Zayneb; Belghith, Safya Report 4606
A Novel Memristor Chaotic System with a Hidden Attractor and Multistability and Its Implementation in a Circuit. Huang, Lili; Wang, Yanling; Jiang, Yicheng; Lei, Tengfei 5384
A Novel Method for Conflict Data Fusion Using an Improved Belief Divergence Measure in Dempster-Shafer Evidence Theory. Liu, Yifan; Bao, Tiantian; Sang, Huiyun; Wei, Zhaokun 9598
A Novel Method to Estimate the Sea State for Recycling Work on the Sea Surface. Zhang, Haixu; Xu, Xiaosu; Wang, Guangcai; Zhu, Yongyun Report 5054
A Novel MIMO Array with Reduced Mutual Coupling and Increased Degrees of Freedom. Liu, Mingxin; Zou, Lin; Ren, Haohao; Yu, Xuelian; Zhou, Yun; Wang, Xuegang 3145
A Novel Multiphase Model for Traffic Safety Evaluation: A Case Study of South Africa. Stevic, Željko; Das, Dillip Kumar; Kopic, Miloš Case study 12870
A Novel Optimized Graph-Based Transform Watermarking Technique to Address Security Issues in Real-Time Application. Sharma, Chirag; Bagga, Amandeep; Singh, Bhupesh Kumar; Shabaz, Mohammad 10189
A Novel Smith Predictive Linear Active Disturbance Rejection Control Strategy for the First-Order Time-Delay Inertial System. Chen, Guangda; Liu, Dejun; Mu, Yongxin; Xu, Jinfei; Cheng, Yanming 4641
A Novel Ultrawideband Gear-Shaped Dielectric Ring Resonator Antenna. Ghorbani, Mehdi; Ghorbaninejad, Habib 3234
A Numerical Approach for an Unsteady Tangent Hyperbolic Nanofluid Flow past a Wedge in the Presence of Suction/Injection. Shahzad, U.; Mushtaq, M.; Farid, S.; Jabeen, K.; Muntazir, R.M.A. 5564
A Numerical Study of MHD Carreau Nanofluid Flow with Gyrotactic Microorganisms over a Plate, Wedge, and Stagnation Point. Muntazir, R. M. Akram; Mushtaq, M.; Jabeen, K. 8017
A Practical Exploration of Constructive English Learning Platform Informatization Based on RBF Algorithm. Tang, Ning; Li, Bing; Tsai, Sang-Bing 7371
A Proposal Mathematical Model for the Vaccine COVID-19 Distribution Network: A Case Study in Mexico. Soria-Arguello, Isidro; Torres-Escobar, Rafael; Pérez-Vicente, Hugo Alexer; Perea-Rivera, Tomas Guil Case study 6597
A Pythagorean Fuzzy Approach for Sustainable Supplier Selection Using TODIM. Kaur, Prabjot; Dutta, Vaishnudebi; Pradhan, Bijay Lal; Haldar, Subhomoy; Chauhan, Supriya 7421
A Real-Time Star Tailing Removal Method Based on Fast Blur Kernel Estimations. Hou, Yaxian; Zhao, Rujin; Ma, Yuebo; He, Longdong; Zhu, Zifa Report 6840
A Real-Time Vehicle Counting, Speed Estimation, and Classification System Based on Virtual Detection Zone and YOLO. Lin, Cheng-Jian; Jeng, Shiou-Yun; Lioa, Hong-Wei 5766
A Refined Model for Analysis of Beams on Two-Parameter Foundations by Iterative Method. Yue, Feng 5783
A Robust Self-Organizing Tree-Based Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks. He, Qinbin; Mou, Jinping; Lin, Bin 5740
A Short-Term Photovoltaic Power Generation Forecast Method Based on LSTM. Li, Yang; Ye, Feng; Liu, Zihao; Wang, Zhijian; Mao, Yupeng Report 5211
A Simplified Finite Difference Method (SFDM) Solution via Tridiagonal Matrix Algorithm for MHD Radiating Nanofluid Flow over a Slippery Sheet Submerged in a Permeable Medium. Farooq, M. Asif; Salahuddin, A.; Mushtaq, Asif; Razzaq, M. 6378
A Smart Detection Method of Sleep Quality Using EEG Signal and Long Short-Term Memory Model. Shi, Min; Yang, Chengyi; Zhang, Dalu 5464
A Solution of Fredholm Integral Inclusions via Suzuki-Type Fuzzy Contractions. Uddin, Izhar; Perveen, Atiya; Isik, Hüseyin; Bhardwaj, Ramakant 4120
A Solution of the Inverse Kinematics Problem for a 7-Degrees-of-Freedom Serial Redundant Manipulator Using Gröbner Bases Theory. Ricardo Xavier da Silva, Sérgio; Schnitman, Leizer; Cesca Filho, Vitalino 4306
A Study on the Quality Evaluation of English Teaching Based on the Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Bat Algorithm and Big Data Analysis. Ji, Shu; Tsai, Sang-Bing Report 7630
A Sustainable Design Strategy Based on Building Morphology to Improve the Microclimate of University Campuses in Cold Regions of China Using an Optimization Algorithm. Chen, Shuo; Cui, Peng; Mei, Hongyuan 6609
A Three-Dimensional Mass-Spring Walking Model Could Describe the Ground Reaction Forces. Liang, Huiqi; Xie, Wenbo; Zhang, Zhiqiang; Wei, Peizi; Cui, Changhui 7878
A Tightly Coupled BDS/INS Integrated Positioning Algorithm Based on Triple-Frequency Single-Epoch Observations. Ye, Fei; Pan, Shuguo; Gao, Wang; Wang, Hao; Ma, Chun; Wang, Yunfeng Report 5510
A Traceability Public Service Cloud Platform Incorporating IDcode System and Colorful QR Code Technology for Important Product. Zhang, Shaqing; Liao, Jinhui; Wu, Shuangcheng; Zhong, Junrui; Xue, Xiaoping 7592
A Two-Step Compressed Sensing Approach for Single-Snapshot DOA Estimation of Closely Spaced Signals. Wei, Shuang; Long, Yanhua; Liu, Rui; Su, Ying Report 7011
A Vibration Feature Extraction Method Based on Time-Domain Dimensional Parameters and Mahalanobis Distance. Chen, Junjun; Xu, Bing; Zhang, Xin 5308
A Visual Analysis of Frontiers and Dynamic Tendencies for Humanitarian Logistics. Fu, Shaochuan; Ji, Xuehua; Lu, Changxiang; Fan, Shucheng Report 8461
A Voltage Control Strategy of VSG Based on Self-Adaptive Inertia Coefficient and Droop Coefficient. Lin, Shizhi; Lin, Lei; Wen, Buying 5255
Abundant Explicit Solutions to Fractional Order Nonlinear Evolution Equations. Khatun, M. Ayesha; Arefin, Mohammad Asif; Hafiz Uddin, M.; Inc, Mustafa 5841
Action Mechanism and Model of Cross-Border E-Commerce Green Supply Chain Based on Customer Behavior. Zhang, Xiaheng; Liu, Sukun 8065
Active Disturbance Rejection Control for a Five-Level Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter Fed Induction Motor Sensorless Field-Oriented. El Bourhichi, Salma; Oukassi, Abdellah; El Bahir, Lhoussain; El Adnani, Mustapha 4497
Active Disturbance Rejection Control of Underwater Vehicle with Omnidirectional Control. Zhang, Wen-Qing; Da, Liang-Long; Guo, Wu-Hong; Lv, Yong; Han, Mei Report 4988
Adaptive Control of a New Chaotic Financial System with Integer Order and Fractional Order and Its Identical Adaptive Synchronization. Dousseh, Paul Yaovi; Ainamon, Cyrille; Miwadinou, Clément Hodévèwan; Monwanou, Adjimon Vincent; Chab 5953
Adjusting LQG with Noise Signals, PID Controller for Acrobot System. Danh, Nguyen Cong 5045
Admissibility Analysis and Controller Design for Discrete Singular Time-Delay Systems Embracing Uncertainties in the Difference and Systems' Matrices. Huang, Chih-Peng Report 4445
Aero-Engine Real-Time Models and Their Applications. Chen, Jiajie; Hu, Zhongzhi; Wang, Jiqiang 12048
Aerodynamic Fields inside S-Shaped Baffled-Channel Air-Heat Exchangers. Menni, Younes; Lorenzini, Giulio; Kumar, Ravinder; Mosavati, Babak; Nekoonam, Saeed 6633
AI Based Gravity Compensation Algorithm and Simulation of Load End of Robotic Arm Wrist Force. Chen, Liang; Sun, Hanxu; Zhao, Wei; Yu, Tao 5854
Aircraft Parking Trajectory Planning in Semistructured Environment Based on Kinodynamic Safety RRT[sup.?]. Meng, Xianglei; Wang, Nengjian; Liu, Qinhui Report 4968
AIU-Net: An Efficient Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Brain Tumor Segmentation. Jiang, Yongchao; Ye, Mingquan; Huang, Daobin; Lu, Xiaojie 4694
Algorithms and Devices for Smart Processing Technology for Energy Saving. Lee, Sanghyuk; Nayel, Mohamed; Pham, Van Huy; Rhee, Sang Bong 818
Ammunition Type Optimization Based on Damage Ability Matching. Li, Yuan; Shi, Xianming; Li, Yajuan; Xia, Wei; Zhao, Jiangbo 5446
An Accelerated-Time Simulation of Queues at Ticket Offices at Railway Stations. Almech, A.; Roanes-Lozano, E. 6793
An Adaptive Control Combination Forecasting Method for Time Series Data. Jiang, Hongyan; Fang, Dianjun; Zhang, Xinyan 8289
An Adaptive Memetic Algorithm for Dynamic Electric Vehicle Routing Problem with Time-Varying Demands. Wang, Na; Sun, Yihao; Wang, Hongfeng 6950
An Analytical View of Fractional-Order Fisher's Type Equations within Caputo Operator. Shah, Nehad Ali 3081
An Apple Detection Method Based on Des-YOLO v4 Algorithm for Harvesting Robots in Complex Environment. Chen, Wei; Zhang, Jingfeng; Guo, Biyu; Wei, Qingyu; Zhu, Zhiyu 6584
An Approach to Gravity Anomaly Solution in Airborne Scalar Gravimetry. Zheng, Wei; Chen, Xuefeng 4715
An Easy-to-Integrate IP Design of AHB Slave Bus Interface for the Security Chip of IoT. Yuan, Conggui; Zheng, Xin; Rao, Bo; Cai, Shuting Report 6215
An Effective Deep Learning Model for Automated Detection of Myocardial Infarction Based on Ultrashort-Term Heart Rate Variability Analysis. Shahnawaz, Muhammad Bilal; Dawood, Hassan Report 9401
An Effective Solution to Eliminate DC-Offset for Extracting the Phase and Frequency of Grid Voltage. Sevilmi?, Fehmi; Karaca, Hulusi Report 4006
An Efficient Scheme for Industrial Internet of Things Using Certificateless Signature. Muhammad, Ali; Amin, Noor Ul; Ullah, Insaf; Alsanad, Ahmed; Hussain, Saddam; Al-Hadhrami, Suheer; Ud 6065
An Efficient Surrogate-Based Optimization Method for BWBUG Based on Multifidelity Model and Geometric Constraint Gradients. Zhang, Daiyu; Zhang, Bei; Wang, Zhidong; Zhu, Xinyao 7357
An Empirical Study on Application of Machine Learning and Neural Network in English Learning. Dong, He; Tsai, Sang-Bing 5630
An Empirical Study on Application of Virtual Reality Animation Technology by Big Data Model. Sun, Qinggang; Tsai, Sang-Bing 5319
An Empirical Study on Big Data Model and Visualization of Internet+ Teaching. Zhang, Hua; Tsai, Sang-Bing Report 7263
An Empirical Study on Innovation of College Blended Teaching under Big Data Analysis. Xie, Qianqian; Tsai, Sang-Bing Report 6809
An Empirical Study on Sports Combination Training Action Recognition Based on SMO Algorithm Optimization Model and Artificial Intelligence. Jiang, Hecai; Tsai, Sang-Bing 6633
An Empirical Study on Virtual English Teaching System Based on the Microservice Architecture with Wireless Internet Sensor Network. Jin, Gaimin; He, Lifang; Tsai, Sang-Bing Report 6571
An End-to-End Learning-Based Row-Following System for an Agricultural Robot in Structured Apple Orchards. Huang, Peichen; Zhu, Lixue; Zhang, Zhigang; Yang, Chenyu 5364
An Evaluation Method of Mode Switching Quality for Double-Belt Continuously Variable Transmission. Zhang, Lanchun; Zhu, Zhongwei; Huang, Bin; Wang, Tianbo Report 3717
An Evaluation Method of Rock Brittleness Based on the Prepeak Crack Initiation and Postpeak Stress Drop Characteristics. Gao, Meiben; Li, Tianbin; Meng, Lubo 5506
An FBG Strain Sensor-Based NPW Method for Natural Gas Pipeline Leakage Detection. Hou, Qingmin 5340
An Improved Active Damping Method Based on Single-Loop Inverter Current Control for LCL Resonance in Grid-Connected Inverters. Wan, Xiaofeng; Ding, Xiaohua; Hu, Hailin 6436
An Improved Empirical Mode Decomposition Based on Local Integral Mean and Its Application in Signal Processing. Niu, Xiao-dong; Lu, Li-rong; Wang, Jian; Han, Xing-cheng; Li, Xuan; Wang, Li-ming 12521
An Improved Finite Element Model Updating Method Based on the Singular Values of Frequency Response Functions. Yin, Hong; Wang, Zenghui; Cao, Mingming; Peng, Zhenrui; Dong, Kangli 7289
An Improved High-Intelligence Method of Gas and Oil Pipeline Prewarning System in Real Soil Environment. Wang, Fang; Xing, Jichuan; Li, Jinxin; Zhao, Feng; Zhang, Shufeng 7628
An Improved Image Steganography Scheme Based on Partial Preservation Embedding Algorithm for Wireless Visual Sensor Networks. Shen, Qian; Jiang, Tao; Zhu, Yongjun; Wu, Yin Report 8086
An Improved Linear State Error Feedback Synchronization Control Criteria for a Six-Axis Duffing Chaotic System. Jia, Hao; Guo, Chen 5103
An Improved Mathematical Model of Cutting Temperature in End Milling Al7050 Based on the Influence of Tool Geometry Parameters and Milling Parameters. Ji, Junhao; Yang, Qi; Chen, Peng; Lu, Kaijie; Wu, Yuhan 5529
An Improved Monte Carlo Method Based on Neural Network and Fuzziness Analysis: A Case Study of the Nanpo Dump of the Chengmenshan Copper Mine. Gao, Feng; Wu, Xiaodong; Wu, LeWen Case study 8578
An Improved Prediction Method of Soil-Water Characteristic Curve by Geometrical Derivation and Empirical Equation. Zhou, Jie; Ren, Junjie; Li, Zeyao Report 10373
An Improved Tool Wear Monitoring Method Using Local Image and Fractal Dimension of Workpiece. Yu, Haicheng; Wang, Kun; Zhang, Ruhai; Wu, Xiaojun; Tong, Yulin; Wang, Ruiyuan; He, Dedao 5980
An Improved Vehicle Detection Algorithm Based on Multi-Intermediate State Machine. Xiao, Baosen; Xia, Jingbo; Li, Xiaolu; Gao, Qinquan 6000
An Integrated Simulation and Virtual Cellular Manufacturing System Concept Approach for Maintenance Policy Selection. Hayati, Jamileh; Abdollahzadeh, Sohrab 6851
An Intellectual Energy Device for Household Appliances Using Artificial Neural Network. Manoharan, Hariprasath; Teekaraman, Yuvaraja; Kuppusamy, Ramya; Radhakrishnan, Arun 6592
An Intelligent Fault Diagnosis Method for Transformer Based on IPSO-gcForest. Liu, Kezhen; Wu, Shizhe; Luo, Zhao; Gongze, Zeweiyi; Ma, Xianlong; Cao, Zhanguo; Li, Hejian 7314
An Intelligent PI Controller-Based Hybrid Series Active Power Filter for Power Quality Improvement. Baliyan, Arjun; Jamil, Majid; Rizwan, M.; Alsaidan, Ibrahim; Alaraj, Muhannad Report 3578
An Inventory Model for Growing Items with Imperfect Quality When the Demand Is Price Sensitive under Carbon Emissions and Shortages. De-la-Cruz-Márquez, Cynthia Griselle; Cárdenas-Barrón, Leopoldo Eduardo; Mandal, Buddhadev 11916
An Inventory Model for Perishable Items with Price-, Stock-, and Time-Dependent Demand Rate considering Shelf-Life and Nonlinear Holding Costs. Macías-López, Adrián; Cárdenas-Barrón, Leopoldo Eduardo; Peimbert-García, Rodrigo E.; Mandal, Buddha 10903
An OCaNet Model Based on Octave Convolution and Attention Mechanism for Iris Recognition. Zou, Dong; Feng, Jianbing; He, Zhixin; Liu, Liping; Zhao, Meijun; Zheng, Lizhong 5164
An Operational Safety Evaluation Method for Manned Transport Aircraft and Large UAV in Mixed Airspace. Ma, Xin; Zhang, Xiaoqiang; Wang, Huawei; Ding, Songbin; Li, Xia 8255
An Optimal Design Method for Compliant Mechanisms. Le Chau, Ngoc; Tran, Ngoc Thoai; Dao, Thanh-Phong 9343
An Optimized and Efficient Routing Protocol Application for IoV. Afzal, Kiran; Tariq, Rehan; Aadil, Farhan; Iqbal, Zeshan; Ali, Nouman; Sajid, Muhammad 13436
An XFEM-Based Analysis of Concrete Face Cracking in Rockfill Dams. Zhou, Binpeng; Chai, Junrui; Wang, Jing; Zhou, Heng; Wen, Lifeng 6319
Analysis and Calculation of Threshold Pressure Gradient Based on Capillary Bundle. Ren, Shuangshuang; Shen, Fei; Yang, Shenglai; Zhang, Xiangyang; Luo, Hongwu; Feng, Chaomin 5818
Analysis and Measurement of Parameters of Quality of Life in Informal Settlements Surrounding of Tehran Metropolis. Ghaderpour, Yousef; Arasteh Taleshmekaiil, Mohammad Reza; Rouki, Bahareh; Mohemsaz, Mona; Azimi, Moh 7700
Analysis and Optimization of Static Contact Characteristics of Heavy-Duty Tracked Vehicle Rollers. Tian, He; Fang, Yi; Wang, Shuai; Chen, Zeren; Yan, Chuliang 6223
Analysis of Dynamic Characteristics of Pressure-Regulating and Pressure-Limiting Combined Relief Valve. Shi, Rui; Wang, Chuanli; He, Tao; Xie, Tian 7575
Analysis of Environmental Controls on the Quasi-Ocean and Ocean CO[sub.2] Concentration by Two Intelligent Algorithms. Zhou, Jialu; Li, Xiaoqiang; Wang, Wenfeng; Chen, Xi 4446
Analysis of Environmental Costs' Effect in Green Mining Strategy Using a System Dynamics Approach: A Case Study. Jafarpour, Amir; Khatami, Siamak Case study 11490
Analysis of Factors Affecting Freight Demand Based on Input-Output Model. Lu, Changxiang; Fu, Shaochuan; Fang, Jiaqi; Huang, Jikai; Ye, Yong 11527
Analysis of Individual's Activity Space Based on the Cellular Signaling Data. Song, Shaofei; Li, Weifeng; Yu, Qing; Yang, Dongyuan 5842
Analysis of Microscopic Main Controlling Factors for Occurrence of Movable Fluid in Tight Sandstone Gas Reservoirs Based on Improved Grey Correlation Theory. Lu, Xuefei; Dong, Fengjuan; Wei, Xiaolong; Wang, PengTao; Liu, Na; Ren, Dazhong 4600
Analysis of Smooth Implementation of Industry Poverty Alleviation considering Government Supervision. Yao, Haifeng; Fu, Jiangyue 6790
Analysis of the Contribution of Intellectual Capital to Economic Growth Based on an Empirical Analysis of Prefecture-Level Cities in Guangxi. Zeng, Qun; Tan, ZhenHai; Liu, Chunnian 7939
Analysis of the Mechanical Characteristics of Different Track Bed Types in Heavy-Haul Railway Tunnels. Li, Ziqiang; Huang, Weiwei; Xu, Zhifan; Tang, Xiao; Wang, Mingnian; Yu, Li; Li, Zheng 6849
Analysis of the Synthetic Electric Field of an UHVDC Transmission Tower in a High-Altitude Area. Qu, Hui; Chen, Hechong 5021
Analysis of Three-Dimensional Vibration Characteristics of Single-Circle Double-Track Subway Tunnel under Moving Load. Dai, Chunquan; Yang, Mengying; Wang, Quanlei; Yang, Tingzhi; Jiang, Kun Report 6377
Analysis on Forestry Economic Growth Index Based on Internet Big Data. Duan, Qingru; Kan, Lianbao; Tsai, Sang-Bing 7451
Analysis on the Influence Mechanism of Cooling Water on Turbocharger and Optimum Coolant Mass Flow Rate Intelligent Prediction. Lu, Chunping; Li, Jianyu; Tan, Dongli Report 8521
Analysis on Treatment Effect of Mine Tunnel Construction Spring in Karst Area. Liu, Bocheng; Ye, Wenlong; Zhu, Chunming; Chen, Ran; Huang, Songxian; Ni, Xiaodong 5325
Analytical and Numerical Results on Global Dynamics of the Generalized Boussinesq Equation with Cubic Nonlinearity and External Excitation. Li, Mingyuan; Zhang, Wei; Wu, Qiliang 3389
Analytical Calculation of Critical Anchoring Length of Steel Bar and GFRP Antifloating Anchors in Rock Foundation. Yan, Nan; Liu, Xueying; Zhang, Mingyi; Bai, Xiaoyu; Kuang, Zheng; Huang, Yongfeng; Jing, Desheng 5312
Analytical Investigation into Effects of Capillary Force on Condensate Film Flowing over Horizontal Semicircular Tube in Porous Medium. Chang, Tong-Bou; Shiue, Bai-Heng; Ciou, Yi-Bin; Lo, Wai-Io 5211
Analytical Solutions for Two Mixed Initial-Boundary Value Problems Corresponding to Unsteady Motions of Maxwell Fluids through a Porous Plate Channel. Fetecau, Constantin; Vieru, Dumitru; Zeeshan, Ahmed 5231
Analytical Solutions of Seismic-Generated Internal Tsunamis. Liu, Chi-Min 5266
Analytical Study of the Confining Medium Diameter Impact on Load-Carrying Capacity of Rock Bolts. Chen, Jianhang; Dai, Xin; Zhang, Junwen 4031
Analyzing Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy Sources for Environmental Quality: Dynamic Investigation in Developing Countries. Khan, Itbar; Han, Lei; Khan, Hayat; Kim Oanh, Le Thi Report 9003
Angle and Force Hybrid Control Method for Electrohydraulic Leveling System with Independent Metering. Liu, Kailei; Kang, Shaopeng; Cao, Zhongliang; Liu, Rongsheng; Ding, Zhaoxuan 8007
Antiseismic Method of Prestressed Fabricated Building Structure under Intelligent Big Data. Li, Zhonghong; Huang, Yong 6503
Application Analysis of Wearable Technology and Equipment Based on Artificial Intelligence in Volleyball. Dai, Xianyan; Li, Shangbin 6498
Application of Adaptive Local Iterative Filtering and Permutation Entropy in Gear Fault Recognition. Zhang, Wenbin; Wang, Yun; Tan, Yushuo; Guo, Dewei; Pu, Yasong 4271
Application of an Improved Seeds Local Averaging Algorithm in X-ray Spectrum. Tang, Lin; Zhang, Jianwei; Shi, Kaibo; Liu, Bingqi; Liu, Xingyue; Zhao, Yongxin; Li, Yuepeng 5818
Application of Artificial Intelligence to Social Governance Capabilities under Public Health Emergencies. Wu, Yafang; Shan, Shaonan Report 6531
Application of Blockchain for Internet of Things: A Bibliometric Analysis. Duan, Ruijun; Guo, Li Report 9703
Application of Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Finance of Beibu Gulf Region. Wang, RenLan; Wu, Yanhong 6342
Application of Computer Technology in Optimal Design of Overall Structure of Special Machinery. Guo, Caiping Report 6323
Application of Double Strength Reduction Factor Method in the Stability Analysis of Rock Slopes. Lu, Jiawei; Zhang, Jixun; Ren, Xuhua; Deng, Yunrui Report 6314
Application of High-Dimensional Outlier Mining Based on the Maximum Frequent Pattern Factor in Intrusion Detection. Shen, Limin; Sun, Zhongkui; Chen, Lei; Feng, Jiayin 6667
Application of Interaction Effect Multichoice Goal Programming in Project Portfolio Analysis. Zhai, Su-Lan; Wu, Xiao-Lan; Wang, Sheng-Yuan; Zhao, Tong 6589
Application of Machine Learning in Supply Chain Management: A Comprehensive Overview of the Main Areas. Tirkolaee, Erfan Babaee; Sadeghi, Saeid; Mooseloo, Farzaneh Mansoori; Vandchali, Hadi Rezaei; Aeini, 9659
Application of SHEPWM in Helicopter Transient Electromagnetic Based on the Subsection Control Approach. Gao, Lihui; Yu, Shengbao; Jiang, Chunxia; Chen, Nan; Chen, Renhui; Huang, Yong Report 4519
Application of Slope Radar (S-SAR) in Emergency Monitoring of the ?11.03? Baige Landslide. Wei, Xu; Wenkai, Feng Report 6107
Application of Traditional Cultural Symbols in Art Design under the Background of Artificial Intelligence. Lin, Cuifang 5987
Application of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence Technology in Fitness Clubs. Zhao, Changjun 6329
Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Analysis of the Three-Dimensional Evaluation System of Rural Landscape Planning. Li, Jing; Hou, Tao Report 10357
Application of VR Technology in Jewelry Display. Jin, Cuiling; Li, Jiapei 5962
Application Research of Internet of Things Technology in the Causes of Dragon Boat Sports Injury. Wang, Shuai; Zhao, Xia 6907
Applications of Robust Regression Techniques: An Econometric Approach. Khan, Dost Muhammad; Yaqoob, Anum; Zubair, Seema; Khan, Muhammad Azam; Ahmad, Zubair; Alamri, Osama 5800
Applying Bayesian Optimization for Machine Learning Models in Predicting the Surface Roughness in Single-Point Diamond Turning Polycarbonate. Nguyen, Van-Hai; Le, Tien-Thinh; Truong, Hoanh-Son; Le, Minh Vuong; Ngo, Van-Luc; Nguyen, Anh Tuan; 10244
Applying of Fuzzy Nonlinear Regression to Investigate the Effect of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Income Distribution. Ashraf Ganjoei, Reza; Akbarifard, Hossein; Mashinchi, Mashaallah; Jalaee Esfandabadi, Sayyed Abdol M 8205
Approximate Calculation Method for Noncentral t-Distribution Quantile. Gao, Jun; Yao, Jitao 4779
Approximations of (∈,∈∨q[sub.k])-Fuzzy Hyperideals in Ordered LA-Semihypergroups. Abughazalah, Nabilah; Yaqoob, Naveed; Ashraf, Samavia 4274
Arch Antislide Pile-Wall Structure System: Model and Optimization. Li, Heng; Wang, Hui; Yue, Gaowei; Zhao, Fasuo; Li, Wenzhe 7786
Are Self-Driving Vehicles Ready to Launch? An Insight into Steering Control in Autonomous Self-Driving Vehicles. Rasib, Marya; Butt, Muhammad Atif; Khalid, Shehzad; Abid, Samia; Raiz, Faisal; Jabbar, Sohail; Han, Report 16686
ARIMA-FSVR Hybrid Method for High-Speed Railway Passenger Traffic Forecasting. Ge, Meng; Junfeng, Zhang; Jinfei, Wu; Huiting, Han; Xinghua, Shan; Hongye, Wang 2772
Artificial Intelligence Method for Shear Wave Travel Time Prediction considering Reservoir Geological Continuity. Liu, Shanshan; Zhao, Yipeng; Wang, Zhiming 6371
Artificial Neural Network- (ANN-) Based Proxy Model for Fast Performances' Forecast and Inverse Schedule Design of Steam-Flooding Reservoirs. Zhou, Yuhui; Xu, Yunfeng; Rao, Xiang; Hu, Yujie; Liu, Deng; Zhao, Hui 4855
Assessing the Effect of Laboratory Activities on Core Curricular Units of an Engineering Master's Program: A Multivariate Analysis. Lopes, António M.; da Silva, Lucas; Seabra, Jorge 5700
Assistant Training System of Teenagers' Physical Ability Based on Artificial Intelligence. Du, Cong 6017
Assisting and Opposing Stagnation Point Pseudoplastic Nano Liquid Flow towards a Flexible Riga Sheet: A Computational Approach. Rehman, Aysha; Hussain, Azad; Nadeem, Sohail 5269
Athlete?s Physical Fitness Prediction Model Algorithm and Index Optimization Analysis under the Environment of AI. Zhao, Liqiu; Zhao, Yuexi; Wang, Xiaodong Report 6575
Automated Detection of Arrhythmia for Hybrid Neural Network of LSTM-Residual with Multi-Information Fusion. Tao, Liang; Liu, Baoning; Liang, Wei 4549
Automated High-Resolution Structure Analysis of Plant Root with a Morphological Image Filtering Algorithm. Gong, Liang; Du, Xiaofeng; Lin, Chenhui; Zhu, Kai; Liu, Chengliang; Liang, Wanqi 4374
Automatic Bearing Fault Feature Extraction Method via PFDIC and DBAS. Liao, Zhiqiang; Song, Xuewei; Jia, Baozhu; Chen, Peng 5625
Automatic Data Collecting and Application of the Touch Probing System on the CNC Machine Tool. Tang, Zhi; Jiang, Xinyu; Zi, Wenliang; Shen, Xin; Zhang, Die 8319
Automatic Fabric Defect Detection Based on an Improved YOLOv5. Jin, Rui; Niu, Qiang 5780
Automatic Focusing Method of Microscopes Based on Image Processing. Zhang, Hongjun; Yao, Jin 6688
Automatic Selection and Parameter Configuration of Big Data Software Core Components Based on Retention Pattern. Xu, Ping Report 6335
Background Modeling Based on Statistical Clustering Partitioning. Li, Biao; Zhiyong, Xu; Zhang, Jianlin; Wang, Xiangru; Fan, Xiangsuo 9881
Basketball Technology Simulation Application Based on Virtual Reality. Song, Yushuai 6507
Behavior Analysis of a Flexure Hinge Array. Le Chau, Ngoc; Tran, Ngoc Thoai; Dao, Thanh-Phong 5162
Behavioral Analysis of Subjects for Green Technology Innovation: A Tripartite Evolutionary Game Model. Guo, Yongquan; Zou, Hua; Liu, Zhu Report 8014
Bifurcation Analysis of a Two-Dimensional Neuron Model under Electrical Stimulation. Yuan, Chunhua; Li, Xiangyu 6233
Big Data Integration Method of Mathematical Modeling and Manufacturing System Based on Fog Calculation. Chen, Xin Report 5761
Binary Bitwise Artificial Bee Colony as Feature Selection Optimization Approach within Taguchi's T-Method. Harudin, Nolia; Ramlie, Faizir; Wan Muhamad, Wan Zuki Azman; Muhtazaruddin, M. N.; Jamaludin, Khairu 5512
Bionic Design and Parameter Optimization of Rotating and Fixed Stem- and Leaf-Cutting Devices for Carrot Combine Harvesters. Tang, Han; Jiang, Yeming; Wang, Jinwu; Guan, Rui; Zhou, Wenqi Report 9003
Blended Teaching Design of College Students' Mental Health Education Course Based on Artificial Intelligence Flipped Class. Shan, Shan; Liu, Yu 6760
Blockchain-Based Authentication with Optional Privacy Preservation for Internet of Vehicles. Zhang, Jinxin; Wu, Meng 7997
Buckling Stability Analysis for Piles in the Slope Foundation Based on Cusp Catastrophe Theory. Zhang, Rui; Li, Chuanxun; Jin, Dandan 5629
Calculation Method for Grading Size and Grading Bounding Box of Virtual Aggregate Based on DEM. Zhou, Zhigang; Ling, Jun 5951
Calculation of Negative Frictional Resistance of Foundation Pile in Deep Fill Foundation. Zhao, Ningyu; Wu, Hongjun; Song, Yi; Xiang, Shun Report 4436
Calibration and Analysis of Mechanical Modeling for Traction Wire Rope of Mountainous Orchard Carrier. Ouyang, Yuping; Wang, Tianyu; Hong, Tiansheng; Sun, Xudong 8130
Camshaft Loosening Diagnosis on the Basis of Generalised Force Recognition at the Centre of Gravity of an Engine. Xu, Chuanyan; Meng, Lixue; Gong, Ruyan; Gong, Xun; Li, Aijuan 4068
Caputo Time Fractional Model Based on Generalized Fourier's and Fick's Laws for Jeffrey Nanofluid: Applications in Automobiles. Ahmad, Jawad; Ali, Farhad; Murtaza, Saqib; Khan, Ilyas 4935
Casing Collapse Strength Analysis under Nonuniform Loading Using Experimental and Numerical Approach. Li, Dongfeng; Yu, Fu; Fan, Heng; Wang, Rui; Yang, Shangyu; Yan, Xiangzhen Report 4987
Catching Critical Transition in Engineered Systems. Huang, Jin; Meng, Tianchuang; Deng, Yangdong; Huang, Fanling 4223
CFD Numerical Investigation of a New Solar Flat Air-Collector Having Different Obstacles with Various Configurations and Arrangements. Rouissi, Walid; Naili, Nabiha; Jarray, Mohamed; Hazami, Majdi 8258
Chamber Optimization for Comprehensive Improvement of Cone Crusher Productivity and Product Quality. Wu, Fengbiao; Ma, Lifeng; Zhao, Guanghui; Wang, Zhijian 6333
Characteristics of Flow Movement in Complex Canal System and Its Influence on Sudden Pollution Accidents. Luo, Maoyi; Zhang, Faxing; Song, Zhaoming; Zhang, Liyuan 6803
Circuit Implementation Synchronization between Two Modified Fractional-Order Lorenz Chaotic Systems via a Linear Resistor and Fractional-Order Capacitor in Parallel Coupling. Liu, Juan; Cheng, Xuefeng; Zhou, Ping 2952
Classification of All Single Traveling Wave Solutions of Fractional Perturbed Gerdjikov-Ivanov Equation. Li, Zhao; Han, Tianyong 2958
Classification of Date Fruits into Genetic Varieties Using Image Analysis. Koklu, Murat; Kursun, Ramazan; Taspinar, Yavuz Selim; Cinar, Ilkay Report 5611
Classification of Shellfish Recognition Based on Improved Faster R-CNN Framework of Deep Learning. Feng, Yiran; Tao, Xueheng; Lee, Eung-Joo 5817
Cleaning of Graphite Particles Embedded in the Surface of Ductile Iron by Using a Novel Method. Jia, Baoshen; Miao, Xinxiang; Jiang, Yilan; Tang, Hongping; Yao, Caizhen Report 4203
Collaborative Evolution Mechanism of PMC Project Organizational Management System from the Perspective of Organizational Conflict. Li, Hongyan; Feng, Jingchun; Zhang, Ke; Chen, Rundong; Feng, Haiyu; Wang, Tengfei 10079
Collaborative Product Portfolio Design Based on the Approach of Multichoice Goal Programming. Wang, Sheng-Yuan; Chen, Wan-Ming; Liu, Ying 9312
Combined Auxiliary Networks and Bird's Eye View Method for Real-Time Multicategory Object Recognition. Gong, Zhangpeng; Wei, Luansu; Wang, Guoye; Xu, Dongxin; Ge, Chang 6438
Combined Fuzzy Clustering and Chan_Vese Model for Multicolor Gradual Ochotona curzoniae Image Segmentation. Chen, Haiyan; Zhang, Huaqing Report 5375
Compact Ultrawide Band Metamaterial-Inspired Split Ring Resonator Structure Loaded Band Notched Antenna. Jairath, Kapil; Singh, Navdeep; Jagota, Vishal; Shabaz, Mohammad 4573
Comparative Analysis of the Kinematics Solution Based on the DH Method and Screw Theory. Li, Yong-Bin; Li, Tie-Jun; Zhu, Hui-Fang; Yang, Dong; Chen, Ya-Jun; Zhang, Wen-Ming; Liu, Jian-Ming 4465
Comparative Regression Analysis for Estimating Resonant Frequency of C-Like Patch Antennas. Özkaya, Umut; Yigit, Enes; Seyfi, Levent; Öztürk, Saban; Singh, Dilbag 4791
Comparative Study of Accurate Descriptions of Hot Flow Behaviors of BT22 Alloy by Intelligence Algorithm and Physical Modeling. Ding, Shaoling; Fang, Chao; Zhang, Shulin 8244
Comparative Study on Feature-Based Scoring Using Vector Space Modelling System. Walia, Tarandeep Singh; Frikha, Tarek; Cheikhrouhou, Omar; Hamam, Habib Report 7307
Comparison of the Fold and Cusp Catastrophe Models for Tensile Cracking and Sliding Rockburst. Wei, Xinjiang; Wang, Xiao; Chen, Taotao; Ding, Zhi; Wu, Xi 7157
Competitive Product Identification and Sales Forecast Based on Consumer Reviews. Zhang, Guoquan; Qiu, Haibin 11590
Complex Network Controllability Analysis on Business Architecture Optimization. Chen, Jicheng; Chen, Hongchang; Li, Hanchao 3655
Composite Curve Path following an Underactuated AUV. Li, Ben; Xu, Guohua; Xia, Yingkai; Wang, Wenjin; Su, Zhen 8133
Compound Fault Diagnosis of Gearbox Based on RLMD and SSA-PNN. Liang, Shitong; Ma, Jie 3448
Compound Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Bearing Based on ALIF-KELM. Ma, Jie; Liang, Shitong; Du, Zhengyu; Chen, Ming Report 6131
Compound Grey-Logistic Model and Its Application. Wu, Xiao-Lan; Wang, Sheng-Yuan; Xu, Guo-Yin 8246
Comprehensive Evaluation of Urban Road Network Resilience Facing Earthquakes. Gao, Lin; Wang, Mingzhen; Liu, Anshuang; Gong, Huafeng 8745
Comprehensive Management and Coordination Mechanism of Marine Economy. Tian, Jinzhao; Xia, Qiqi; Wang, Peinan Report 6152
Comprehensive Risk Evaluation in the Long-Term Operation of Urban Subway Based on Multiple Indices. Zou, Baoping; Sun, Di; Mu, Jundong; Xu, Zhipeng 6808
Compulsory Islanding Transition Strategy Based on Fuzzy Logic Control for a Renewable Microgrid System. Wan, Jiexing; Hua, Wei; Wang, Baoan 7929
Computational Analysis for Rainfall Characterization and Drought Vulnerability in Peninsular India. Akhtar, M. P.; Faroque, Firoz Alam; Roy, L. B.; Rizwanullah, Mohd.; Didwania, Mukesh Report 10940
Computational Analysis of Fluid Flow through a Sine-Curved Channel with High Reynolds Number. Memon, Abid A.; Memon, M. Asif; Bhatti, Kaleemullah; Alotaibi, Hammad; Hamed, Y.S.; Shaikh, Gul M.; 4630
Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Flow Patterns, Pressure Drop, and Heat Transfer Coefficient in Staggered and Inline Shell-Tube Heat Exchangers. Sharma, Shubham; Sharma, Shalab; Singh, Mandeep; Singh, Parampreet; Singh, Rasmeet; Maharana, Sthita 4686
Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Impingement Heat Transfer in an Inline Array of Multiple Jets. Singh, Parampreet; Grover, Neel Kanth; Agarwal, Vivek; Sharma, Shubham; Singh, Jujhar; Sadeghzadeh, 5909
Computational Image Encryption Techniques: A Comprehensive Review. Kaur, Mandeep; Singh, Surender; Kaur, Manjit 12207
Computer Management Design and Optimization of City Smart Medical Laboratory Service. Jin, Xiangdong; Zhang, Xia; Fan, Tianli; Song, Yinsen 5393
Computer Vision-Based Wildfire Smoke Detection Using UAVs. Rahman, Ehab Ur; Khan, Muhammad Asghar; Algarni, Fahad; Zhang, Yihong; Irfan Uddin, M.; Ullah, Insaf 4351
Computing Analysis for First Zagreb Connection Index and Coindex of Resultant Graphs. Javaid, Muhammad; Ali, Usman; Liu, Jia-Bao 5984
Computing Bounds for Second Zagreb Coindex of Sum Graphs. Javaid, Muhammad; Ibraheem, Muhammad; Ahmad, Uzma; Zhu, Q. 2854
Computing Edge Weights of Symmetric Classes of Networks. Afzal, Hafiz Usman; Javaid, Muhammad; Alanazi, Abdulaziz Mohammed; Alshehri, Maryam Gharamah 7816
Computing Unloading Strategy of Massive Internet of Things Devices Based on Game Theory in Mobile Edge Computing. Ding, Xinhui; Zhang, Wenjuan 7973
Conditional Deep 3D-Convolutional Generative Adversarial Nets for RGB-D Generation. Sharma, Richa; Sharma, Manoj; Shukla, Ankit; Chaudhury, Santanu 3688
Conditional Symmetry of a Memristive System with Amplitude and Frequency Modulation Control. Zang, Hongyan; Huang, Lili; Lei, Tengfei; Wang, Yanling 3984
Conflict-Resilient Incremental Offloading of Deep Neural Networks to the Edge of Smart Environment. Chen, Zhongmin; Xu, Zhiwei; Wan, Jianxiong; Tian, Jie; Liu, Limin; Zhang, Yujun 7868
Congestion Prediction Based on Dissipative Structure Theory: A Case Study of Chengdu, China. Sun, Xiaoke; Chen, Hong; Wen, Yahao; Liu, Zhizhen; Chen, Hengrui Case study 7171
Connectivity and Wiener Index of Fuzzy Incidence Graphs. Fang, Juanyan; Nazeer, Irfan; Rashid, Tabasam; Liu, Jia-Bao 4421
Constraint Satisfaction for Motion Feasibility Checking. Lee, Seokjun; Kim, Incheol 9735
Constructing Sports Multi-Index Data Analysis Based on 5G IoT Technology. Wang, Hui; Zhao, Ben 6464
Construction of Credit Evaluation Index System for Two-Stage Bayesian Discrimination: An Empirical Analysis of Small Chinese Enterprises. Li, Zhanjiang; Guo, Lin Report 7908
Construction of Network Multimedia Teaching Platform System of College Sports. Li, Wumei; Fan, Xiaorui 6742
Construction of the Teaching Quality Monitoring System of Physical Education Courses in Colleges and Universities Based on the Construction of Smart Campus with Artificial Intelligence. Huang, Xiang; Huang, Xingyu; Wang, Xiaoping 7338
Continuum Damage Mechanics Approach for Modeling Cumulative-Damage Model. Li, Haoran; Wang, Jiadong; Wang, Juncheng; Hu, Ming; Peng, Yan 5849
Control Force Compensation and Wear Monitoring of Variable Stiffness Joints in Drive Machining Process. Wu, Yanchen 5894
Control of Hopf Bifurcation Type of a Neuron Model Using Washout Filter. Yuan, Chunhua; Li, Xiangyu 4384
Control System Design for 16/6/8 Double-Stator Bearingless Switched Reluctance Motor. Sun, Chuanyu; Yang, Hang; Han, Shangke; Ding, Hongchang; Li, Jiaqing; Han, Ning 5763
Convective Mass/Heat Analysis of an Electroosmotic Peristaltic Flow of Ionic Liquid in a Symmetric Porous Microchannel with Soret and Dufour. Yasmin, Humaira; Iqbal, Naveed 6682
Convergence Rate Analysis of the Proximal Difference of the Convex Algorithm. Wang, Xueyong; Zhang, Ying; Chen, Haibin; Kou, Xipeng 2130
Coordinated Planning and Energy Conservation for Distribution Network with Renewable Energy: Standardized Information Model and Software. Wang, Tianlin; Cao, Huazhen; Gao, Chong; Li, Zhuohuan; Yu, Tao; Cheng, Ran 4470
Correlation Determination between COVID-19 and Weather Parameters Using Time Series Forecasting: A Case Study in Pakistan. Batool, Humera; Tian, Lixin Case study 5439
Correlation of Gastric Cancer Cells with Seasonal Changes under Microscope. Jin, Qi; Huang, Shuo; Sun, Yuhong; Wang, Yi; Xue, Yaguang; Hu, Mingming; He, Qiyong 6154
Corrigendum to ?A New Approach to Increase the Flexibility of Curves and Regular Surfaces Produced by 4-Point Ternary Subdivision Scheme?. Hameed, Rabia; Mustafa, Ghulam; Liaqat, Amina; Baleanu, Dumitru; Khan, Faheem; Al-Qurashi, Maysaa M. Correction notice 311
Corrigendum to “Adaptive Digital Watermarking Scheme Based on Support Vector Machines and Optimized Genetic Algorithm”. Zhou, Xiaoyi; Cao, Chunjie; Ma, Jixin; Wang, Longjuan Correction notice 160
Corrigendum to “Combining Facility Location and Routing Decisions in Sustainable Urban Freight Distribution under Horizontal Collaboration: How Can Shippers Be Benefited?”. Ouhader, Hanan; El Kyal, Malika Correction notice 198
Corrigendum to “Embedded YOLO: A Real-Time Object Detector for Small Intelligent Trajectory Cars”. Feng, WenYu; Liu, Jiali; Zhu, YuanFan; Zheng, JunTai; Wang, Han Correction notice 157
Corrigendum to “Numerical Simulation of Droplet Impacting and Sliding on Hydrophobic Granular Surfaces”. Bao, Qing; Kang, Hengyi Correction notice 161
Corrigendum to “Shewhart-Type Charts for Masked Data: A Strategy for Handling the Privacy Issue”. Shah, Said Farooq; Hussain, Zawar; Riaz, Muhammad; Cheema, Salman Arif Correction notice 187
Cost Benefit Analysis of Incorporating Security and Evaluation of Its Effects on Various Phases of Agile Software Development. Kumar, Sushil; Kaur, Avinash; Jolly, Ashish; Baz, Mohammed; Cheikhrouhou, Omar 5541
Cost Optimization of Two-Dimensional Warranty Products under Preventive Maintenance. Wang, Qian; Cheng, Zhonghua; Gan, Qintao; Bai, Yongsheng; Zhang, Jianqing 6004
Coupling Coordinated Evolution and Forecast of Tourism-Urbanization-Ecological Environment: The Case Study of Chongqing, China. Li, Liuxin; Yang, Qing; ChangchengSun,; Xie, Xinli; FengtaiZhang, Case study 8547
Coupling Effect of Eccentricity and Slenderness Ratios on RCFST Column Instability Modes. Guo, Chao; Lu, Zhengran Report 6033
Cross-Platform Drilling 3D Visualization System Based on WebGL. Liu, Shanshan; Feng, Yueli; Wang, Xiaoqiu; Yan, Pengyin 8071
Curvature- and Torsion-Based Consensus for the Markovian Switching Multiagent System with Communication of Noise Disturbance and Time Delay. Mou, Jinping; Tong, Dongbing; Shao, Xianyi; Ge, Huafeng; Lv, Yiling 4510
Cutting Force Modeling and Experimental Study for Ball-End Milling of Free-Form Surfaces. Lei, Zhaozhao; Lin, Xiaojun; Wu, Gang; Sun, Luzhou Report 7274
Data Mining Analysis of Gene Prognostic Markers of Metastatic Skin Cancer Based on the Elastic Network Method. Liu, Gang; Li, Chen; Wei, Wenhao; Li, Wentao; Zhen, Haiyan 4981
Data-Driven Spatial Econometric Analysis Model for Regional Tourism Development. Zhao, Xuemei; Yu, Guofeng 4666

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