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Articles from Mathematical Problems in Engineering (April 30, 2020)

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A Competitive Online Algorithm for Minimizing Total Weighted Completion Time on Uniform Machines. Chu, Xuyang; Tao, Jiping 6427
A financial chaotic system control method based on intermittent controller. Lu, Xia 5155
A Grasshopper Optimization-Based Approach for Task Assignment in Cloud Logistics. Xu, Lan; Tu, Yiliu; Zhang, Yuting 6484
A Harmonic Impedance Estimation Method Based on the Cauchy Mixed Model. Tang, Zhirong; Li, Huaqiang; Xu, Fangwei; Shu, Qin; Jiang, Yue 5722
A Heterogeneous QoS-Based Cloud Service Selection Approach Using Entropy Weight and GRA-ELECTRE III. Liu, Mingming; Shao, Yifan; Yu, Chunxia; Yu, Jiacheng 10654
A Hierarchical Innovation-Related Crowdsourcing Decision in Fast Fashion Industry. Li, Jizi; Bian, Yueqing; Liu, Chunling; Wu, Doudou 10951
A Levy Risk Model with Ratcheting Dividend Strategy and Historic High-Related Stopping. Zhang, Aili; Li, Zhang 5934
A logical framework of the evidence function approximation associated with relevance vector machine. Zou, Dawei; Tong, Liang; Wang, Jicheng; Fan, Shoufang; Ji, Jinxing 5237
A New Fault Diagnosis Method for Rotating Machinery Based on SCA-FastICA. Miao, Feng; Zhao, Rongzhen 5071
A New Genetic Algorithm Encoding for Coalition Structure Generation Problems. Contreras, Juan Pablo; Bosch, Paul; Varas, Mauricio; Basso, Franco 9906
A Note on the Appell Hypergeometric Matrix Function [F.sub. 2]. Hidan, M.; Abdalla, M. 2929
A Priori and a Posteriori Error Estimates of a WOPSIP DG Method for the Heat Equation. Zeng, Yuping; Wen, Kunwen; Liang, Fen; Zhu, Huijian 5829
A Quantitative Comparison of Multiple Population Mortality Model on Some East Asian Countries and Regions. Zhao, Ming; Wang, Xiaojun; Liu, Yu; Shen, Jiali 5832
A Study on the Calculation of Platform Sizes of Urban Rail Hub Stations Based on Passenger Behavior Characteristics. Zhang, Na; Chen, Feng; Zhu, Yadi; Peng, Hui; Wang, Jianpo; Li, Yu Report 9494
Adaptive Vector Nonsingular Terminal Sliding Mode Control for a Class of n-Order Nonlinear Dynamical Systems with Uncertainty. Shi, Nannan; Kang, Zhikuan; Zhao, Zhuo; Meng, Qiang 4786
Adjustable Scaling Parameters for State of Charge Estimation for Lithium-Ion Batteries Using Iterative Multiple UKFs. Jianwang, Hong; Ramirez-Mendoza, Ricardo A.; de J. Lozoya-Santos, Jorge 7722
Algorithms Based on COPRAS and Aggregation Operators with New Information Measures for Possibility Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Decision-Making. Garg, Harish; Arora, Rishu 12413
Algorithms for Solving Nonhomogeneous Generalized Sylvester Matrix Equations. El-Sayed, Ehab A.; Behady, Eid E. El 2942
An Adaptive First-Order Reliability Analysis Method for Nonlinear Problems. Wang, Zhiming; Zhang, Yafei; Song, Yalong 5480
An Approach to Semantic and Structural Features Learning for Software Defect Prediction. Meilong, Shi; He, Peng; Xiao, Haitao; Li, Huixin; Zeng, Cheng Report 8435
An Approach Using Adaptive Weighted Least Squares Support Vector Machines Coupled with Modified Ant Lion Optimizer for Dam Deformation Prediction. Chen, Yijun; Gu, Chongshi; Shao, Chenfei; Gu, Hao; Zheng, Dongjian; Wu, Zhongru; Fu, Xiao 11720
An Extended Bond-Based Peridynamic Approach for Analysis on Fracture in Brittle Materials. Li, Shuang; Jin, Yanli; Huang, Xiaohua; Zhai, Lianjun 6325
An Improved HotSpot Algorithm and Its Application to Sandstorm Data in Inner Mongolia. Qing-dao-er-ji, Ren; Pang, Rui; Chang, Yue 6477
An integrated model to characterize comprehensive stiffness of angular contact ball bearings. Lei, Chunli; Li, Fuhong; Gong, Baoru; Jia, Xibin 6171
An Integrated Production-Distribution Planning Problem under Demand and Production Capacity Uncertainties: New Formulation and Case Study. Abid], Taycir Ben; Ayadi, Omar; Masmoudi, Faouzi 9440
Analysis and application of transition systems based on Petri nets and relation matrices to business process management. Han, Dong; Tian, Yinhua 14563
Analysis of the Hydrodynamic Lubrication Characteristics of the External Return Spherical Bearing Pair of an Axial Piston Pump/Motor. Deng, Haishun; Wang, Lei; Guo, Yongcun; Zhang, Yu; Wang, Chuanli 7495
Analytical and Numerical Study of Soret and Dufour Effects on Thermosolutal Convection in a Horizontal Brinkman Porous Layer with a Stress-Free Upper Boundary. Filahi, Ismail; Bourich, Mohamed; Hasnaoui, Mohammed; Amahmid, Abdelkhalek Report 7940
Analytical method for evaluating the impact response of stiffeners in a ship side shell subjected to bulbous bow collision. Zhang, Min; Zhu, Zhijie; Zeng, Yang; Liu, Jingxi; Hu, Zhiqiang 5907
Application of Artificial Neural Networks for the Automatic Spectral Classification. Vilavicencio-Arcadia, Edgar; Navarro, Silvana G.; Corral, Luis J.; Martinez, Cynthia A.; Nigoche, Al 6606
Application of Multiple Criteria Decision-Making Methods in Assignment Place Selection. Soba, Mustafa; Ersoy, Yusuf; Altinay, Aysenur Tarakcioglu; Erkan, Birol; Sik, Eser 8992
Application Research of "Field" Theory in the Problem of Colleges and Universities Innovation Team Aggregation. Liang, HongJing; Liu, JinSheng; Wang, Rong; Song, YaQin; Zhou, YuanYuan 10908
Asymptotic Behaviors for Delay Lotka-Volterra Model Disturbed by G-Brownian Motion. He, Ping; Ren, Yong; Zhang, Defei 2271
Automatic Determination of Clustering Centers for "Clustering by Fast Search and Find of Density Peaks". Min, Xiangqiang; Huang, Yi; Sheng, Yehua Report 6014
Backstepping Sliding Mode Robust Control for a Wire-Driven Parallel Robot Based on a Nonlinear Disturbance Observe. Wang, Yuqi; Lin, Qi; Zhou, Lei; Shi, Xinxin; Wang, Lei 6015
Bearing Fault Dominant Symptom Parameters Selection Based on Canonical Discriminant Analysis and False Nearest Neighbor Using GA Filtering Signal. Zuo, Shilun; Liao, Zhiqiang 6689
Bivariate Mixture of Inverse Weibull Distribution: Properties and Estimation. AL-Moisheer, A.S.; Alotaibi, Refah Mohammed; Alomani, Ghadah A.; Rezk, H. 4009
Calculation of Stress Intensity Factors at Both Ends of the Indenter under Eccentric Loads. Yang, Xuefeng; Duo, Yili 5564
Combining 3D-CNN and Squeeze-and-Excitation Networks for Remote Sensing Sea Ice Image Classification. Han, Yanling; Wei, Cong; Zhou, Ruyan; Hong, Zhonghua; Zhang, Yun; Yang, Shuhu 7825
Composite Adaptive Fuzzy Prescribed Performance Control of Nonlinear Systems. Cao, Xudong; Wang, Jianjun; Xiang, Wei 4632
Contour Tracking Control Based on Extended State Observer for Multiaxis Motion System. Wang, Sanxiu; Zhou, Qiang; Wang, Yang 3852
Control of the Variable-Speed Pumped Storage Unit-Wind Integrated System. Shi, Yifeng; Shi, Xiangjian; Yi, Chuanbao; Song, Xufeng; Chen, Xiaogang 4711
Damage Constitutive Model and Mechanical Performance Deterioration of Concrete under Sulfate Environment. Liu, Peng; Chen, Ying; Yu, Zhiwu; Lu, Zhaohui 9678
Deep Domain Adaptation Model for Bearing Fault Diagnosis with Riemann Metric Correlation Alignment. An, Jing; Ai, Ping 7276
Design of Robust Adaptive Fuzzy Controller for a Class of Single-Input Single-Output (SISO) Uncertain Nonlinear Systems. Lin, Jieqiong; Zhou, Jiakang; Lu, Mingming; Wang, Hao; Yi, Allen 5578
Digital Instantaneous Frequency Measurement of a Real Sinusoid Based on Three Sub-Nyquist Sampling Channels. Su, Yu; Jiang, Defu 6494
Does Foreign Direct Investment Impact Energy Intensity? Evidence from Developing Countries. Cao, Wenming; Chen, Shuanglian; Huang, Zimei 8714
Effect of Changing Path on Pedestrian Traffic under the Cumulative Effect of Delay Time. Cen, Singling; Xue, Yu; Wang, Xue; Zhang, Peng 5302
Effectiveness of Entropy Weight Method in Decision-Making. Zhu, Yuxin; Tian, Dazuo; Yan, Feng 3274
Effects of SWS Strength and Concrete Air Void Composite Defects on Performance of CFST Arch Bridge Rib. Lu, Zhengran; Guo, Chao 9330
Electromechanical model of coupling spring piezoelectric oscillator with loading. Chen, Jianping,; Yi, Yan; Song, Bo 5917
Establishing the Improved Dynamic Model for the Extracorporeal Ultrasonic Lithotripsy Medical Cooperative Robot. Li, Xiao; Li, Maocai; Sun, Hanxu; Gong, Jun; Zhang, Zhaowen; Zhang, Rongshun 5137
Existence of Positive Weak Solutions for Quasi-Linear Kirchhoff Elliptic Systems via Sub-Supersolutions Concept. Menaceur, Amor; Boulaaras, Salah Mahmoud; Guefaifia, Rafik; Alharbi, Asma 3444
Facial Recognition for Drunk People Using Thermal Imaging. Sancen-Plaza, Agustin; Contreras-Medina, Luis M.; Barranco-Gutierrez, Alejandro Israel; Villasenor-M Report 4837
Faster Calculation of the Low-Frequency Radiated Sound Power of Underwater Slender Cylindrical Shells. Tang, Rui; Tian, He; Shang, Dajing 6452
Fault Diagnosis of Capacitance Aging in DC Link Capacitors of Voltage Source Inverters Using Evidence Reasoning Rule. Liao, Linhao; Gao, Haibo; Xu, Yelan He Xiaobin; Lin, Zhiguo; Chen, Yajie; You, Fubing 8708
Fault forecasting of a machining center tool magazine based on health assessment. Li, Guofa; Wang, Yanbo; He, Jialong; Hou, Tianwei; Lu, Le; Hou, Zhenhua 6186
Fault Mechanism of Fiber Optical Current Transformer Based on Signal Processing Method. Pang, Fubin; Huang, Qiang; Liu, Yu; Li, Peng; Kong, Xiangping; Song, Liangliang 5506
Faulty line selection based on modified CEEMDAN optimal denoising smooth model and duffing oscillator for un-effectively grounded system. Hou, Sizu; Guo, Wei 9452
Financing Target and Product Line Design on the Flexible and Fixed Reward Crowdfunding. Liu, Xiaofeng; Zhang, Hong; Xi, Nannan; Juho, Hamari 7379
Finite-Element Method for Calculating the Sound Field in a Tank with Impedance Boundaries. Li, Qi; Xing, Junhua; Tang, Rui; Zhang, Yiming 4729
Fixed-point theorems for [alpha]-admissible mappings with w-distance and applications to nonlinear integral equations. Zhang, Fengrong; Wang, Haoyue; Wu, Shuangqi; Zhao, Liangshi 4603
Flexural Behaviour of Unbonded Posttensioned Concrete Beam Strengthened with Aluminium Alloy Plates. Chang, Hong; Zhou, Wei 5164
Forensic Speaker Comparison Using Evidence Interval in Full Bayesian Significance Test. Silva, Adelino P.; Vieira, Maurilio N.; Barbosa, Adriano V. 5960
Free Vibration of FGSW Plates Partially Supported by Pasternak Foundation Based on Refined Shear Deformation Theories. Le, Cong Ich; Pham, Vu Nam; Nguyen, Dinh Kien 8667
Fuel-Efficient on-Orbit Service Vehicle Allocation Based on an Improved Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm. Jian, Wu; Qingguo, Liu; Xinxue, Liu; Yaxiong, Li 9238
Fusing Logical Relationship Information of Text in Neural Network for Text Classification. Wang, Heyong; Zeng, Dehang Report 8003
Generating Function for the Figurative Numbers of Regular Polyhedron. Carevic, Miroslava Mihajlov; Petrovic, Milena J.; Denic, Nebojsa 2591
Housing Risk and Its Influence on House Price: An Expected Utility Approach. Wang, Yehui; Liu, Jianxu; Tang, Yuxuan; Sriboonchitta, Songsak 9320
Hybrid Consensus Algorithm Optimization: A Mathematical Method Based on POS and PBFT and Its Application in Blockchain. Wu, Yaqin; Song, Pengxin; Wang, Fuxin 7955
Hydrodynamic Analysis of Ship with Well Deck in the Linear Numerical Wave Tank. Xu, Gang; Mei, Tian-Rui; Hu, Ming-Liang; Chen, Zhen; Hu, Jun-Ming 4859
Improved Beetle Antennae Search Algorithm-Based Levy Flight for Tuning of PID Controller in Force Control System. Fan, Yuqi; Shao, Junpeng; Sun, Guitao; Shao, Xuan 11093
Improved Chaotic Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Fuzzy Neural Network and Its Application. Pen, Yuexi; Lei, Kejun; Yang, Xi; Peng, Jinzhang 5868
Improved Feature Learning: A Maximum-Average-Out Deep Neural Network for the Game Go. Li, Xiali; Lv, Zhengyu; Liu, Bo; Wu, Licheng; Wang, Zheng 3941
Improved Strategies for BeiDou Ultrarapid Satellites' Clock Bias Prediction Using BDS-2 and BDS-3 Integrated Processing. Hu, Chao; Wang, Zhongyuan 8667
Improving Dam Seepage Prediction Using Back-Propagation Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm. Zhang, Xuan; Chen, Xudong; Li, Junjie 5447
Integrated Data Mining and TOPSIS Entropy Weight Method to Evaluate Logistics Supply and Demand Efficiency of a 3PL Company. Yan, Xintong; Gong, Jian; He, Jie; Zhang, Hao; Zhang, Changjian; Liu, Ziyang 8905
Interval Recognition Algorithm of the Pavement Surface Condition Based on Lagrange Interpolation Method. He, Ren; Zhang, Liwei 4654
Investigation on the Design Method of Shear Strength and Lateral Stiffness of the Cold-Formed Steel Shear Wall. Nie, Shaofeng; Zhou, Tianhua; Zhang, Yang; Zhang, Ben; Wang, Shuo 7350
Investment Risk Assessment of Dispersed Wind Power in Low Wind Speed Area Using a Hybrid Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Approach Based on Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Environment. Liu, Lingyun; Zhou, Jianli; Dong, Haoxin; Tao, Yao; Wu, Yunna; Wang, Yang 13780
Leverage Label and Word Embedding for Semantic Sparse Web Service Discovery. Sun, Chengai; Lv, Liangyu; Tian, Gang; Wang, Qibo; Zhang, Xiaoning; Guo, Lantian 5134
Levitation Stability and Hopf Bifurcation of EMS Maglev Trains. Hu, Junxiong; Ma, Weihua; Chen, Xiaohao; Luo, Shihui 5172
Linear Twin Quadratic Surface Support Vector Regression. Zhai, Qianru; Tian, Ye; Zhou, Jingyue 13372
Marcinkiewicz-Zygmund laws of large numbers under sublinear expectation. Hu, Cheng 4150
Mathematical and Engineering Aspects of Chemically Reactive Tangent Hyperbolic Nanofluid over a Cone and Plate with Mixed Convection. Bilal, Sardar; Shah, Zahir; Kumam, Poom; Thounthong, Phatiphat 4635
Model of the Secondary Path between the Input Voltage and the Output Force of an Active Engine Mount on the Engine Side. Zhang, Henghai; Shi, Wenku 7692
Model Predictive Control with a Relaxed Cost Function for Constrained Linear Systems. Sotelo, David; Favela-Contreras, Antonio; Kalashnikov, Viacheslav V.; Sotelo, Carlos 5091
Modeling and Prediction of the Volatility of the Freight Rate in the Roadway Freight Market of China. Xiao, Wei; Gan, Mi; Liu, Hongling; Liu, Xiaobo 10696
Modeling and Risk Analysis Using Parametric Distributions with an Application in Equity-Linked Securities. Choi, Sun-Yong; Yoo, Ji-Hun 10369
Multidirectional Gradient Neighbourhood-Weighted Image Sharpness Evaluation Algorithm. Yan, Xingya; Lei, Jian; Zhao, Zhi 4182
Multiobjective Particle Swarm Optimization for Microgrids Pareto Optimization Dispatch. Zhang, Qian; Ding, Jinjin; Shen, Weixiang; Ma, Jinhui; Li, Guoli 8307
Multiscale and Multiphase Computational Particle Technology. Zhang, Hao; An, Xizhong; Yang, Dongmin; Zheng, Qijun 496
Nonlinear Dynamic Feature Extraction Based on Phase Space Reconstruction for the Classification of Speech and Emotion. Sun, Ying; Zhang, Xue-Ying; Ma, Jiang-He; Song, Chun-Xiao; Lv, Hui-Fen 9243
Nonlinear Vibration of the Blade with Variable Thickness. Jie, Xiaobo; Zhang, Wei; Mao, Jiajia 5161
NSGA-II-Based Parameter Tuning Method and GM(1,1)-Based Development of Fuzzy Immune PID Controller for Automatic Train Operation System. Chu, Pengzi; Yu, Yi; Dong, Danyang; Lin, Hui; Yuan, Jianjun 11422
Numerical Method to Simulate Self-Propulsion of Aframax Tanker in Irregular Waves. Peng, Gui-sheng; Gao, Yang; Wen-hua, Wang; Lin, Lin; Huang, Yi 4948
Numerical modeling on anisotropy of seepage and stress fields of stratified rock slope. Liu, Honglei; Shi, Honglei; Yang, Tianhong 5247
On Randomized Sampling Kaczmarz Method with Application in Compressed Sensing. Sun, Mei-Lan; Gu, Chuan-Qing; Tang, Peng-Fei 6370
On Serre Reduction of Multidimensional Systems. Li, Dongmei; Liu, Jinwang; Zheng, Licui 5428
On the development of refined plate theory for static bending behavior of functionally graded plates. Do, Van Thom; Pham, Van Vinh; Nguyen, Hoang Nam 7287
On the Extended Hypergeometric Matrix Functions and Their Applications for the Derivatives of the Extended Jacobi Matrix Polynomial. He, Fuli; Bakhet, Ahmed; Abdalla, M.; Hidan, M. 3317
On the Generalization of a Solution for a Class of Integro-Differential Equations with Nonseparated Integral Boundary Conditions. Xing, Yanyuan; Jiao, Feng; Liu, Fang 4321
On the Study of a Single-Period Principal-Agent Model with Taxation. Wang, Huan; Huang, Wenyi 6408
Optimal Operation Strategies under a Carbon Cap-and-Trade Mechanism: A Capital-Constrained Supply Chain Incorporating Risk Aversion. Qi, Linming; Liu, Lu; Jiang, Liwen; Wang, Zicheng; Zhao, Weiliang 10340
Optimization Design of Actuator Parameters in Multistage Reciprocating Compressor Stepless Capacity Control System Based on NSGA-II. Jiang, Zhinong; Zhou, Chao; Wang, Yao; Zhang, Jinjie; Liu, Wenhua; Sun, Xu 6328
Optimization of Accelerated Destructive Degradation Testing of Cementitious Materials for Their Performances Qualification under Aggressive Environments: The Case of Carbonation. Yan, Weian; Bigaud, David; Chaibati, Nadare Matoiri; Izoret, Laurent 13089
Partnerships of Bidders with Constant Relative Risk Aversions. Zhao, Pingping; Xiang, Kaili; Chen, Peimin 2618
Pattern Synthesis of Time-Modulated Sparse Array by an OPM-CVX Algorithm. Liang, Lei; Jiang, Yachao; Liu, Jialing; Li, Hailin; Zhou, Jianjiang 8530
Pinning Synchronization of Complex Dynamical Networks with Variable-Delayed Coupling by Periodically Intermittent Control. Cheng, Ranran; Tian, Xiaoyong; Peng, Mingshu; Yu, Jinchen 4069
Positive Definite Advection Transport Algorithm for Conservation Law Equations on Nonuniform Irregular Grids. Yuan, Xinpeng; Xiong, Chunguang 5713
Practical Stability and Integral Stability for Singular Differential Systems with Maxima. Bao, Junyan; Wang, Peiguang; Li, Yanjun 6828
Price Strategy of Competitive Supply Chain Based on Bank Financing. Gao, Jing 9122
Pricing Decisions in a Competitive Closed-Loop Supply Chain with Duopolistic Recyclers. Lee, Doo Ho 12377
Property and Representation of n-Order Pythagorean Matrix. Song, Haizhou; Qiufen, Wang 10065
Refinements of Equilibria for Population Games Based on Bounded Rationality of Agents. Zhong, Chongyi; Yang, Hui; Wang, Chun 7327
Refocusing Algorithm Based on Nonlinear SAI System. Liu, Bin; Luo, Yue; Pan, Yi-Hua; Yan, Wen-Min; Zhang, Xin-Yu 4273
Reinforcement Learning-Based Genetic Algorithm in Optimizing Multidimensional Data Discretization Scheme. Chen, Qiong; Huang, Mengxing; Xu, Qiannan; Wang, Hao; Wang, Jinghui 8497
Research on intelligent vehicle path planning based on rapidly-exploring random tree. Shi, YangyangLi, Qiongqiong; Bu, Shengqiang; Yang, Jiafu; Zhu, Linfeng 6660
Research on the Combination Method of Temporal Conflict Evidence Based on Transition Matrix. Wu, Bin; Yi, Xiao 7217
Research on the models of coupling dynamics and damage classification for vehicle-engine vibration. Lei, Ao; Song, Chuan-xue; Lei, Yu-long; Fu, Yao; Zheng, Shang Report 7509
Robust Feedback Control for Nonminimum Phase, Delayed, or Unstable Systems with Multiple Inputs. Gil-Martinez, Montserrat; Rico-Azagra, Javier 10382
Robust Semisupervised Kernelized Fuzzy Local Information C-Means Clustering for Image Segmentation. Yang, Yao; Wu, Chengmao; Li, Yawen; Zhang, Shaoyu 11023
Scattering of Plane [P.sub.1] Wave by an Inclusion in a Three-Dimension Poroelastic Half-Space. Zhao, Yanxi; Zhang, Hai; Xu, Nan; Wei, Youxin; Liu, Zhongxian 6113
Segmentation of Overlapped Cervical Cells Using Asymmetric Mixture Model and Shape Constraint Level Set Method. Huang, Yiming; Zhu, Hongqing 8691
Self-Coupling Black Box Model of a Dynamic System Based on ANN and Its Application. Chen, Jie; Su, JunWei; Li, JingYin 4198
Shear Strength Prediction Model of FRP Bar-Reinforced Concrete Beams without Stirrups. Gao, Danying; G, Changhui Zhang 6868
SiameseDenseU-Net-based Semantic Segmentation of Urban Remote Sensing Images. Dong, Rongsheng; Bai, Lulu; Li, Fengying Report 7057
Sine Cosine Algorithm with Multigroup and Multistrategy for Solving CVRP. Yang, Qingyong; Chu, Shu-Chuan; Pan, Jeng-Shyang; Chen, Chien-Ming 6481
State Estimation of Lithium Batteries for Energy Storage Based on Dual Extended Kalman Filter. Xu, Xinming; Wu, Di; Yang, Lei; Zhang, Huai; Liu, Guangjun 4829
Steady-State Stability of Sending-End System with Mixed Synchronous Generator and Power-Electronic-Interfaced Renewable Energy. Hou, Kaiyuan; Li, Zeyu; Chen, Lei; Xia, Deming; Li, Qun; Xiao, Yong 7042
Strategies on Pricing, Greenness Degree, and Carbon Emission Reduction in Supply Chains under Single and Cross Distributions of Green and Nongreen Products. Lee, Doo Ho Report 10439
Study and Verification of Large-Scale Parallel Mesh Generation Algorithm for Centrifugal Pump. Dong, Liang; i, Yuhang Zhang; Ge, Zhipeng; Dai, Cui.; Guo, Jinnan Report 6763
Study on Software Vulnerability Characteristics and Its Identification Method. Luo, Chenlan; Bo, Wang; Kun, Huang; Yuesheng, Lou 4355
Study on the Optimization Method of Point Merge Procedure Based on Benefit in the Terminal Area. Tian, Yong; Xing, Dawei; Wan, Lili; Ye, Bojia 6202
Technical efficiency evolution model of the integration of information technology and manufacturing technology. Wu, Dingjuan; Zhu, Jianhua 16401
The Phenomenon of Bistable Phase Difference Intervals in the Times-Frequency Vibration Synchronization System Driven by Two Homodromy Exciters. Li, Lingxuan; Chen, Xiaozhe 10494
The Properties of Generalized Collision Branching Processes. Wang, Juan; Cai, Chunhao 4949
The Time-Dependent Failure Mechanism of Rocks and Associated Application in Slope Engineering: An Explanation Based on Numerical Investigation. Liu, Honglei; Li, Lianchong; Li, Shaohua; Yang, Weimin 9127
Tolerance Zone-Based Grouping Method for Online Multiple Overtracing Freehand Sketches. Wang, Shuxia; Wang, Shouxia; He, Weiping; Qin, Shengfeng 8135
Turing Instability and Amplitude Equation of Reaction-Diffusion System with Multivariable. Zheng, Qianqian; Shen, Jianwei 2710
U-Model Based Adaptive Neural Networks Fixed-Time Backstepping Control for Uncertain Nonlinear System. Zhang, Jianhua; Li, Yang; Fei, Wenbo; Wu, Xueli 3519
Video-Based Vehicle Counting for Expressway: A Novel Approach Based on Vehicle Detection and Correlation-Matched Tracking Using Image Data from PTZ Cameras. Meng, Qiao; Song, Huansheng; Zhang, Yu'an; Zhang, Xiangqing; Li, Gang; Yang, Yanni 9895

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