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Articles from Mathematical Problems in Engineering (October 31, 2019)

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A Finite Point Method for Solving the Time Fractional Richards' Equation. Qin, Xinqiang; Yang, Xin 6289
A Novel Engagement-Pixel Tracking Method for Meshing Clearance Layout of Twin-Screw Rotors. Lu, Jie; Cai, Zhiqin; Cai, Sijie; Yao, Bin; Chen, Binqiang 5747
A Novel Triangular Element with Continuous Nodal Acoustic Pressure Gradient for Acoustic Scattering Problems. Chai, Yingbin; Li, Wei; Zhang, Yong-Ou 5177
A Parallel Manipulator with Planar Configurable Platform and Three End-Effectors. Gallardo-Alvarado, Jaime; Tinajero-Campos, Jesus H. 7455
A Robust EMD-Based RVFL Network Fusion Algorithm for Low-Cost GPS/INS Integrated System. Liu, Da; Zhang, Shufang; Zhang, Jingbo 7504
A Stochastic Optimal Regulator for a Class of Nonlinear Systems. Mavelli, Gabriella; Palombo, Giovanni; Palumbo, Pasquale 4412
A Thermal Damage Constitutive Model for Oil Shale Based on Weibull Statistical Theory. Zhao, Guijie; Chen, Chen; Yan, Huan 5751
Adaptive Chattering-Free Sliding Mode Control of Chaotic Systems with Unknown Input Nonlinearity via Smooth Hyperbolic Tangent Function. Fang, Jiunn-Shiou; Tsai, Jason Sheng-Hong; Yan, Jun-Juh; Guo, Shu-Mei 4305
Air Target Threat Assessment Based on Improved Moth Flame Optimization-Gray Neural Network Model. Yue, Longfei; Yang, Rennong; Zuo, Jialiang; Luo, Hao; Li, Qiuliang 6842
An Analytic Expression for the Inverse Involute. Rosado, Alberto Lopez; Munoz, Federico Prieto; Fernandez, Roberto Alvarez 5866
An Enhanced Adaptive Random Testing by Dividing Dimensions Independently. Li, Zhibo; Li, Qingbao; Yu, Lei 8110
An Optimum Design Method of Pneu-Net Actuators for Trajectory Matching Utilizing a Bending Model and GA. Sun, Yilin; Zhang, Qiuju; Chen, Xiaoyan; Chen, Haiwei 5568
Blowhole Detection Based on Bidirectional Enhancement and Omnidirectional Analysis for X-Ray Inspection of Castings. Zhao, Xinyue; Liang, Jingjing; He, Zaixing; Zhang, Shuyou 7087
Building Mathematical Models for Multicriteria and Multiobjective Applications 2019. de Almeida, Adiel Teixeira; Ekenberg, Love; Lopez, Juan Carlos Leyva; Morais, Danielle Costa 737
CAD Model Segmentation Algorithm Using the Fusion of PERT and Spectral Technology. Hao, Li; Mo, Rong; Wei, Binbin 6764
Comparisons of Two Typical Specialized Finite Element Programs for Mechanical Analysis of Cement Concrete Pavement. Gu, Hanyan; Jiang, Xin; Li, Zhenkun; Yao, Kang; Qiu, Yanjun 5669
Considering Passenger Preferences in Integrated Postdisruption Recoveries of Aircraft and Passengers. Yang, Tianshun; Hu, Yuzhen Report 12638
Consolidation Analysis of Ideal Sand-Drained Ground with Fractional-Derivative Merchant Model and Non-Darcian Flow Described by Non-Newtonian Index. Liu, Zhongyu; Cui, Penglu; Zhang, Jiachao; Xia, Yangyang 6969
Design and Performance Evaluation of Porous Titanium Alloy Structures for Bone Implantation. Shi, Jianping; Liang, Huixin; Jiang, Jie; Tang, Wenlai; Yang, Jiquan 4724
Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of a Mine Hoisting System with Constant Length and Variable Length. Wang, Guoying; Xiao, Xingming; Liu, Yunlong 4735
Dynamics Modeling and Analysis of a Novel Constraint Metamorphic Reversible Plough. Song, Yanyan; Chang, Boyan; Jin, Guoguang; Wei, Zhan; Li, Bo 8641
ECC Design Based on Uniform Design Test Method and Alternating Conditional Expectation. Li, Xiaoqin; Yang, Xiao; Ding, Zude; Du, Xi; Wen, Jincheng 8600
Effect of Thermal Cycling on Operational Characteristics and Lifetime Prediction of Space Pulse Tube Refrigerator. Wan, Fubin; Chen, Xun; Jiang, Zhenhua; Wu, Yinong 7250
Effects of Nonuniform Fiber Geometries on the Microstructural Fracture Behavior of Ceramic Matrix Composites. Kim, Hye-gyu; Ji, Wooseok; Cho, Nam Choon; Park, Jong Kyoo 8594
Environmental Efficiency Evaluation of Chinese Industry Systems by Using Non-Cooperative Two-Stage DEA Model. Shi, Xiao 7030
Error Mechanism and Self-Calibration of Single-Axis Rotational Inertial Navigation System. Nie, Bo; Chen, Guiming; Luo, Xianting; Liu, Bingqi 4913
Fault Tolerant Control for MIMO Nonlinear Systems via MPC Based on MIMO ARX-Laguerre Multiple Models. Mbarek, Abdelkader; Bouzrara, Kais 9096
Formation Control for Multiple Quadrotor Aircraft via Fixed-time Consensus Algorithm. Zhang, Xiaohua; Gao, Junli; Zhang, Wenfeng; Zeng, Tao; Ye, Liping 5871
H2/H[infinity] Antivertical Controller Based on Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) Using Active T-Foils and Trim Tabs for a Fast Catamaran. Zhu, Qidan; Ma, Yu 7021
Holistic User Context-Aware Recommender Algorithm. Kavu, Tatenda D.; Dube, Kudakwashe; Raeth, Peter G. 9850
Homoclinic Solutions for a Higher Order [[phi].sub.c]-Laplacian Difference Equation Containing Both Advance and Retardation. Mei, Peng; Zhou, Zhan 4477
Impact of Modeling Simplifications on Lightning Strike Simulation for Aeroengine. Qian, Yi-fan; Ye, Zhi-feng; Zhang, Hai-bo 5292
Improving Truncated Newton Method for the Logit-Based Stochastic User Equilibrium Problem. Xu, Min; Zhou, Bojian; He, Jie 10298
Intelligent Prediction of the Construction Cost of Substation Projects Using Support Vector Machine Optimized by Particle Swarm Optimization. Lin, Tongyao; Yi, Tao; Zhang, Chao; Liu, Jinpeng 6293
Interface Debonding Detection of Precast Segmental Concrete Beams (PSCBs) Using Piezoceramic Transducer-Based Active Sensing Approach. Liu, Yang; Zhang, Ming; Yin, Xinfeng; Hei, Chuang; Wang, Lei 5255
Key-Frame Extraction Based on HSV Histogram and Adaptive Clustering. Zhao, Hong; Wang, Wei-Jie; Wang, Tao; Chang, Zhao-Bin; Zeng, Xiang-Yan 5928
Leakage Characteristic Identification of Labyrinth Seals on Reciprocating Piston through Transient Simulations. Wang, Lingzi; Feng, Jianmei; Wang, Mingfeng; Ma, Zenghui; Peng, Xueyuan 5138
Lightweight and High-Strength Design of an Excavator Bucket under Uncertain Loading. Yu, Xiujuan; Pang, Xiaoping; Zou, Zhihong; Zhang, Guo; Hu, Ying; Dong, Jingjun; Song, Houli 6293
Linear Quadratic Optimal Control Design: A Novel Approach Based on Krotov Conditions. Kumar, Avinash; Jain, Tushar 8891
Model Updating of a Stitched Sandwich Panel Based on Multistage Parameter Selection. Cao, Zhifu; Fei, Qingguo; Jiang, Dong; Wu, Shaoqing; Fan, Zhiruo 6929
Monthly Electricity Consumption Forecasting Method Based on X12 and STL Decomposition Model in an Integrated Energy System. Sun, Tianhe; Zhang, Tieyan; Teng, Yun; Chen, Zhe; Fang, Jiakun 8674
Multiobjective Genetic Algorithms for Reinforcing Equal Population in Congressional Districts. Lara-Caballero, Alejandro; de-los-Cobos-Silva, Sergio Gerardo; Mora-Gutierrez, Roman Anselmo; Rincon 8824
Multiobjective Intelligent Cooperative Design for the Multilayer Interference Fit. Ning, Ke; Wang, Jianmei; Jiang, Hongwei; Xiang, Dan; Hou, Dingbang 7558
Numerical Simulation of Rock Cutting with a Diamond Sawblade Based on LS-DYNA. Wang, Zhiwen; Zeng, Qingliang; Lu, Zhenguo; Wan, Lirong; Zhang, Xin 6048
On the Novel Finite-Time Stability Results for Uncertain Fractional Delay Differential Equations Involving Noninstantaneous Impulses. Li, Qien; Luo, Danfeng; Luo, Zhiguo; Zhu, Quanxin Report 4528
Performance Analysis and Optimization of CRNs Based on Fixed Feedback Probability Mechanism with Two Classes of Secondary Users. Zhao, Yuan; Li, Hongyi; Liu, Jiemin 6554
Picking Path Optimization of Agaricus bisporus Picking Robot. Hu, Xiaomei; Pan, Zhaoren; Lv, Shunke 10596
Potential Launch Opportunities for a SmallSat Mission around the Moon Injected during a Lunar Flyby En Route to Mars. Song, Yongjun; Song, Young-Joo; Lee, Seongwhan; Kim, Kap-Sung; Jin, Ho 11953
Prediction Model Design for Vibration Severity of Rotating Machine Based on Sequence-to-Sequence Neural Network. Wang, Zhiqiang; Qian, Hong; Zhang, Dongliang; Wei, Yingchen 3910
Real Representation Approach to Quaternion Matrix Equation Involving [phi]-Hermicity. Liu, Xin; Huang, Huajun; He, Zhuo-Heng 4831
Regional Electric Bus Driving Plan Optimization Algorithm considering Charging Time Window. Liu, Yuhuan; Yao, Enjian; Lu, Muyang; Yuan, Ling 6465
Reliability Assessment for Very Few Failure Data and Weibull Distribution. Zhang, Lulu; Jin, Guang; You, Yang 6136
Research on the Degree of Coupling between the Urban Public Infrastructure System and the Urban Economic, Social, and Environmental System: A Case Study in Beijing, China. Tao, ZhiMei Case study 14046
Robust Optimization of Industrial Process Operation Parameters Based on Data-Driven Model and Parameter Fluctuation Analysis. Li, Taifu; Liao, Zhiqiang 4851
Spanning Trees with At Most 6 Leaves in [K.sub.1,5]-Free Graphs. Sun, Pei; Liu, Kai 10471
State-Feedback Stabilization of Stochastic Nonholonomic Systems with an Unknown Time-Varying Delay. Du, Qinghui; Cui, Qianqian; Zhang, Dongkai 5210
Study on Banded Implicit Runge-Kutta Methods for Solving Stiff Differential Equations. Liu, M.Y.; Zhang, L.; Zhang, C.F. 5376
Three-Echelon Supply Chain Contractual Coordination with Loss-Averse Multiple Retailer Preference. Ming, Jian; Rajapov, Azamat; Hayrutdinov, Saidjahon 5945
Three-Way Decisions with Single-Valued Neutrosophic Decision Theory Rough Sets Based on Grey Relational Analysis. Liu, Peide; Yang, Hongyu 7752
Wave-Based Method for Free Vibration Analysis of Orthotropic Cylindrical Shells with Arbitrary Boundary Conditions. Pang, Fuzhen; Huo, Ruidong; Li, Haichao; Gao, Cong; Miao, Xuhong; Ren, Yi 8613
WFRFT Secure Communication Method Based on Chaotic Parameter Pool. Liu, Fang 5091

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