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Articles from Mathematical Problems in Engineering (December 31, 2019)

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A Brush-Type Tire Model with Nonsmooth Representation. Kikuuwe, Ryo 8324
A Dynamic Adjusting Reward Function Method for Deep Reinforcement Learning with Adjustable Parameters. Hu, Zijian; Wan, Kaifang; Gao, Xiaoguang; Zhai, Yiwei 5570
A MEMS Gyroscope Noise Suppressing Method Using Neural Architecture Search Neural Network. Zhu, Zhenshu; Bo, Yuming; Jiang, Changhui 4343
A Multichannel LSTM-CNN Method for Fault Diagnosis of Chemical Process. Shao, Bilin; Hu, Xiaoli; Bian, Genqing; Zhao, Yu 7524
A New Approach to Shortest Route Finding in a Railway Network with Two Track Gauges and Gauge Changeovers. Almech, Alberto; Roanes-Lozano, Eugenio; Solano-Macias, Carmen; Hernando, Antonio 8582
A Novel Key Influencing Factors Selection Approach of P2P Lending Investment Risk. Xia, Pingfan; Ni, Zhiwei; Zhu, Xuhui; Ni, Liping 9060
A Novel Method of Dynamic Force Identification and Its Application. Wang, Nengjian; Liu, Qinhui; Ren, Chunping; Liu, Chunsheng 5029
A Novel Particle Swarm Optimization with Improved Learning Strategies and Its Application to Vehicle Path Planning. Lu, En; Xu, Lizhang; Li, Yaoming; Ma, Zheng; Tang, Zhong; Luo, Chengming 9386
A Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Method for Numerically Solving Ordinary Differential Equations. Zhong, Xian-Ci; Chen, Jia-Ye; Fan, Zhou-Yang 6435
A Simplified Inverse Dynamics Modelling Method for a Novel Rehabilitation Exoskeleton with Parallel Joints and Its Application to Trajectory Tracking. Fang, Qianqian; Li, Ge; Xu, Tian; Zhao, Jie; Cai, Hegao; Zhu, Yanhe 5528
A Synthetic Feature Skull Descriptor for 3D Skull Similarity Measurement. Zhang, Dan; Wang, Kang 6464
A Trial-and-Error Congestion Pricing Method for Day-to-Day Dynamic Network Flows considering Travelers' Heterogeneous Inertia Patterns. Zhou, Bojian; Xu, Min; Zhang, Yong 11685
Active Set Type Algorithms for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization in Hyperspectral Unmixing. Sun, Li; Han, Congying; Liu, Ziwen 5763
Adaptive Autotuning Mathematical Approaches for Integrated Optimization of Automated Container Terminal. Zhong, Meisu; Yang, Yongsheng; Zhou, Yamin; Postolache, Octavian 9579
An Analytical Approach to Wet Cooling Towers Based on Functional Analysis. Qianjian, Guo; Qi, Xiaoni; Wei, Zheng; Sun, Peng 4393
An Improved Discrete Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Flexible Flowshop Scheduling with Step Deteriorating Jobs and Sequence-Dependent Setup Times. Xuan, Hua; Zhang, Huixian; Li, Bing 9369
Analysis of a Single Server Retrial Queue with Server Vacation and Two Waiting Buffers Based on ATM Networks. Gao, Shan; Wang, Xianchao 6559
Analysis of Heat Transfer in a Triangular Enclosure Filled with a Porous Medium Saturated with Magnetized Nanofluid Charged by an Exothermic Chemical Reaction. Muhammad, Raees-ul-Haq 6891
Application of Kriging Algorithm Based on ACFPSO in Geomagnetic Data Interpolation. Zhou, Zhijian; Zhang, Meng; Wang, Yanzhang; Wang, Chao; Ma, Ming 5070
Cascade Failure Model in Multimodal Transport Network Risk Propagation. He, Zhenggang; Guo, Jing-Ni; Xu, Jun-Xiang 3946
CFD Modelling of a Stepped Spillway with Various Step Layouts. Li, Shicheng; Li, Qiulin; Yang, James 4267
Clustering Services Based on Community Detection in Service Networks. Zhou, Shiyuan; Wang, Yinglin 6672
Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch Problem of Wind-Thermal Power System Using Gravitational Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm. Jiang, Shanhe; Zhang, Chaolong; Wu, Wenjin; Chen, Shijun 14434
Comparative Study of Analytic Solution and Numerical Solution of Baseband Symbol Signal Based on Optimal Generic Function. Li, Mingxin; Xue, Wei; Makarov, Sergey B.; Qi, Junwei; Li, Beiming 6599
Considering Quarantine in the SIRA Malware Propagation Model. Piqueira, Jose Roberto C.; Batistela, Cristiane M. 4423
Decision Making for Principal-Agent Contracts in Intelligent Customization for New Energy Equipment. Meng, Fansheng; Song, Peng; Zhao, Gang 10580
Deflection Mechanism and Safety Analysis of Coal Mine Shaft in Deep Soil Strata. Han, Jihuan; Zou, Jiuqun; Hu, Chenchen; Yang, Weihao 5552
Dominance Degree Multiple Attribute Decision Making Based on Z-Number Cognitive Information. Yao, Aiting; Mao, Junjun; Wu, Minchao; Wu, Tao 12330
Dynamic Hybrid Multiple Attribute Decision-Making Problem Based on Reference Point Adaptation. Ma, Wei-Min; D, Hui Zhang; Sun, Bing-Zhen; Wang, Neng-Li; Zhao, Hai-Yan 6103
Dynamic Stability Discrimination Method for Concrete Dam under Complex Geological Conditions. Zhang, Liaojun; Ma, Tianxiao; Zhang, Hanyun; Chen, Dongsheng 8183
Dynamics Analysis of a Stochastic Leslie-Gower Predator-Prey Model with Feedback Controls. Ren, Huailan; Zhao, Wencai 5343
Effectiveness of Punishment and Operating Subsidy in Supervision of China's Pension PPP Projects: An Evolutionary Game and Simulation Analysis. Yue, Xianghua; Lin, Yuming 7769
Efficient Localization Algorithm for Near-Field Noncircular Sources via Dual-Polarization Sensor Array. Song, Jiaqi; Tao, Haihong 4320
Energy-Saving Design of Building Envelope Based on Multiparameter Optimization. Gan, Weinan; Cao, Yunzhong; Jiang, Wen; Li, Liangqiang; Li, Xiaolin 6592
Experimental Investigation on the Release Rule of the Gas Expansion Potential of Loaded Water-Filled Soft Coal. Qin, Hengjie; Wei, Jianping; Li, Donghao; Li, Sen 5685
Fault Diagnosis of Bearings Based on KJADE and VNWOA-LSSVM Algorithm. Wu, Tao; Liu, Chang Chun; He, Cheng 8942
Flotation Height Prediction under Stable and Vibration States in Air Cushion Furnace Based on Hard Division Method. Hou, Shuai; Liu, Jianhui; Lv, Wu 8588
GMM-MUD: An Effective Multiuser Detection Algorithm for DS-UWB-Based Space Formation Flying Systems. Ma, Bo; Wu, Mingyang; Wu, Zhilu; Yin, Zhendong; Shen, Tao 5678
Grasping Torque Optimization for a Dexterous Robotic Hand Using the Linearization of Constraints. Jia, Peng; Wu, Lei; Wang, Gang; Geng, Wei Na; Yun, Feihong; Zhang, Ning 10752
Improved Adaptive Holonic Particle Swarm Optimization. Li, Hao; Jin, Hongbin; Wang, Hanzhong; Ma, Yanyan 16370
Improving Faster R-CNN Framework for Fast Vehicle Detection. Nguyen, Hoanh 6581
Innovation Efficiency of China's High-End Manufacturing Industry: Evidence from Super-SBM Model and Malmquist Index. Li, Qiaochu; Liu, TingLi 10520
Internal Force Analysis and Field Test of Lattice Beam Based on Winkler Theory for Elastic Foundation Beam. Li, Jingbang; Zhu, Yanpeng; Ye, Shuaihua; Ma, Xiaorui 6976
Investigation on Wheel-Rail Contact and Damage Behavior in a Flange Bearing Frog with Explicit Finite Element Method. Gao, Yuan; Wang, Ping; Liu, Yibin; Xu, Jingmang; Dong, Zhiguo; Wang, Kai 9122
Large-Scale Spectral Clustering Based on Representative Points. Yang, Libo; Liu, Xuemei; Ni, Feiping; Liu, Mingtang 4759
Mathematical Model of a Three-Phase Induction Machine in a Natural abc Reference Frame Utilizing the Method of Numerical Integration of Average Voltages at the Integration Step and Its Application to the Analysis of Electromechanical Systems. Kuznyetsov, Oleksiy 7113
Memetic Variable Clustering and Its Application. Ni, JiaCheng; Li, Li 10715
Multiagent System for Mutual Collaboration Classification for Cancer Detection. Qasem, Mais Haj; Hudaib, Amjad; Obeid, Nadim 10742
Multifeature Interactive Fusion Model for Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis. Zeng, Biqing; Han, Xuli; Zeng, Feng; Xu, Ruyang; Yang, Heng 5373
Multiobjective Sustainable Order Allocation Problem Optimization with Improved Genetic Algorithm Using Priority Encoding. Fan, Zhiqiang; Li, Shanshan; Gao, Zhijun 7661
Multiview Clustering via Robust Neighboring Constraint Nonnegative Matrix Factorization. Chen, Feiqiong; Li, Guopeng; Wang, Shuaihui; Pan, Zhisong 5542
Novel Delay-Decomposing Approaches to Absolute Stability Criteria for Neutral-Type Lur'e Systems. Guo, Liang-Dong; Huang, Sheng-Juan; Wu, Li-Bing 6600
Novel Intelligent Approach for Peak Shear Strength Assessment of Rock Joints on the Basis of the Relevance Vector Machine. Xia, Caichu; Huang, Man; Qian, Xin; Hong, Chenjie; Luo, Zhanyou; Du, Shigui 6793
Numerical Research on a Three-Dimensional Solid Element Based on Generalized Elasticity Theory. Qiao, Zhen; Liu, Zhanfang 5116
Numerical Simulation and Engineering Application of Coalbed Water Injection. Shi, Yijie; Wang, Pengfei; Liu, Ronghua; Tan, Xuanhao; Zhang, Wen 7614
Numerical Simulation of Multiphase Flow Behavior in Hot Metal Ladle Desulfurization with Bottom Powder Injection and Electric Field. Feng, Lianghua; Liao, Xiangwei; Liu, Kun; Kang, Wei; Ha, Peng; Liu, Guangqiang; Sheng, Zhonghua; Shu 4268
Numerical Simulation of Solid Particle Erosion in Aluminum Alloy Spool Valve. Liu, Jin-gang; Wang, Gao-sheng; Peng, Tian-heng; Jiang, Sheng-qiang 6419
Optimal Investment-Reinsurance Policy with Stochastic Interest and Inflation Rates. Zhang, Xin; Zheng, Xiaoxiao 7441
Optimization of Subsidy Policy for New Energy Automobile Industry in China Based on an Integrated Fuzzy-AHP-TOPSIS Methodology. Wang, Xiaojia; Song, Yiming; Zhang, Xuan; Liu, Hui 6822
Outer Rotor Permanent Magnet Passively Compensated Pulsed Alternator for Electromagnetic Railgun System. Chen, Yaqian; Zhang, Bingyi; Wang, Shuai; Zhang, Haoyu; Feng, Guihong 8643
Positive Solutions for a Fourth-Order Riemann-Stieltjes Integral Boundary Value Problem. Cui, Yujun; ORegan, Donal; Xu, Jiafa 4770
Prediction of Oilfield-Increased Production Using Adaptive Neurofuzzy Inference System with Smoothing Treatment. Chen, Lin; Liu, Zhibin; Ma, Nannan; Wang, Yi 4899
Preview Tracking Control for Continuous-Time Singular Interconnected Systems. Xie, Hao; Liao, Fucheng; Deng, Jiamei 6684
Pricing and Coordination Strategy in a Green Supply Chain with a Risk-Averse Retailer. Wang, Liyan; Ye, Minghai; Ma, Shanshan; Sha, Yipeng 6806
Pricing Decisions of a Supply Chain with Multichannel Retailer under Fairness Concerns. Zhen, Xueping; Shi, Dan; Tsai, Sang-Bing; Wang, Wei 13488
Product Design Evaluation Method Using Consensus Measurement, Network Analysis, and AHP. Yang, Yan-pu; Tian, Hong-liang; Jiao, Sheng-jie 5484
Prototype Filter Design Based on Channel Estimation for FBMC/OQAM Systems. Liu, Yongjin; Chen, Xihong; Zhao, Yu 6271
Redefinition of Cost-Benefit Efficiency of Land-Use Projects: Focusing on Environmental Cost. Chen, Xu; Du, Qianyi; Xiong, Xueyan; Zhong, Deliang; Deng, Na; Liu, Shudong; Li, Yipeng 8068
Research on Coupling Degree Model of Safety Risk System for Tunnel Construction in Subway Shield Zone. Pan, Haize; Gou, Jing; Ren, Zihong Wan Chuxuan; Chen, Mengjie; Gou, Tangqiao; Luo, Zhenhua 12431
Research on the Optimization Model of the Abrasive Blocks Using Weighted Case-Based Reasoning. Gao, Wei; Yang, Shengqiang; Tian, Jianyan; Yang, Yan; Fan, Xiaojian; Wei, Wanzhen 7617
Robust Optimization Solution to Emergency Mobile Facility Fleet Size and Location. Li, Jianxun; Lai, Kin Keung; Lin, Qiuping 8045
Rule Extraction Model Based on Decision Dependency Degree. Chen, Xinying; Li, Guanyu; Sun, Yunhao 13805
Simulation and Experimental Study on Drying Process of the Household Gas Clothes Dryer. Huang, Xiao-mei; Zhao, Yi; Liu, Hui-qing 11332
Single Image Dehazing and Edge Preservation Based on the Dark Channel Probability-Weighted Moments. Yousaf, Rehan Mehmood; Habib, Hafiz Adnan; Mehmood, Zahid; Banjar, Ameen; Alharbey, Riad; Aboulola, 6842
Speech Watermarking for Tampering Detection Based on Modifications to LSFs. Chen, Xiangning; Yuan, Weitao; Wang, Shengbei; Wang, Chao; Wang, Lin 5081
Stability of Moving Mass Control Spinning Missiles with Angular Rate Loops. Zheng, Qiushi; Zhou, Zhiming 4761
Study on Adaptive Cruise Control Strategy for Battery Electric Vehicle. Zhang, Sheng; Zhuan, Xiangtao Report 6913
Study on Seismic Behavior of Steel Frame-Steel Shear Wall with Assembled Two-Side Connections. Zhang, Yuben; Zhan, Xun 6439
Synchronization of Synchronous Reluctance Motors Using the Discrete Sliding Mode Control Technique. Rahman, Salahuddin Abdul; Zribi, Mohamed; Smaoui, Nejib 6970
The Aircraft Pose Estimation Based on a Convolutional Neural Network. Fu, Daoyong; Li, Wei; Han, Songchen; Zhang, Xinyan; Zhan, Zhaohuan; Yang, Menglong 7326
The Development of Demand Identification Model for Poverty Alleviation Subjects Using Fuzzy Proximity. Jing, Shuwei; Li, Rui; Yan, Junai; Zhang, Sujiao 6534
The Mathematical Modeling, Simulation, and Practice of a Multipoint Synchronous Lifting Control Case Study for Bridges. Wang, Jianjun; Zhao, Jingyi; Li, Wenlei 4572
Three-Dimensional Asphalt Pavement Crack Detection Based on Fruit Fly Optimisation Density Peak Clustering. Li, Wei; Deng, Ranran; Zhang, Yingjie; Sun, Zhaoyun; Hao, Xueli; Huyan, Ju 6534

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