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Articles from Mathematical Problems in Engineering (August 1, 2019)

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[L.sub.1] Input-Output Finite-Time Control of Positive Switched Nonlinear Systems. Liu, Leipo; Cao, Xiangyang; Fan, Bo; Fu, Zhumu 5949
A Density Peak Clustering Algorithm Based on the K-Nearest Shannon Entropy and Tissue-Like P System. Jiang, Zhenni; Liu, Xiyu; Sun, Minghe 7303
A Fast Simulation Model Based on Lindley's Recursion for the G/G/1/K Queue. Vazquez-Avila, J.L.; Sandoval-Arechiga, R.; Perez-Ramirez, Agustin; Sanchez-Lara, R.; Toral-Cruz, Ho 7246
A Method to Solve the Stiffness of Double-Row Tapered Roller Bearing. Zhang, Henghai; Shi, Wenku; Liu, Guozheng; Chen, Zhiyong 6141
A New Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm to Solve the Periodic Capacitated Arc Routing Problem with Continuous Moves. Batista, Guilherme V.; Scarpin, Cassius T.; Pecora, Jose E., Jr.; Ruiz, Angel 9198
A Novel Local Density Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm Based on Reverse Nearest Neighbors. Liu, Yaohui; Liu, Dong; Yu, Fang; Ma, Zhengming 7330
A Risk-Based Multisensor Optimization Scheduling Method for Target Threat Assessment. Zhang, Yunpu; Shan, Ganlin 7495
A Robust Optimal Finite Difference Scheme for the Three-Dimensional Helmholtz Equation. Cheng, Dongsheng; Chen, Baowen; Chen, Xiangling 6093
Abnormal Detection of Wind Turbine Based on SCADA Data Mining. Tao, Liang; Siqi, Qian; Zhang, Yingjuan; Shi, Huan 5276
Active-Side Calculation Method for a Backhoe Hydraulic Excavator with Incomplete Digging Resistance in a Normal State. Ren, Zhigui; Wang, Junli; Chen, Jin; Zhang, Junfeng; Liu, Jurong; Liang, Yang; Sun, Haoran 7062
An Efficient Approximation for Nakagami-m Quantile Function Based on Generalized Opposition-Based Quantum Salp Swarm Algorithm. Gao, Hongyuan; Hou, Yangyang; Zhang, Shibo; Diao, Ming 8422
An Evolution Analysis of Collaborative Innovation Network considering Government Subsidies and Supervision. Xu, Yingying; Qi, Liangqun; Lyu, Xichen; Zang, Xinyu 7451
An Interval-Based Evolutionary Approach to Portfolio Optimization of New Product Development Projects. Fernandez, Eduardo; Gomez-Santillan, Claudia; Rangel-Valdez, Nelson; Cruz-Reyes, Laura; Balderas, Fa 13434
Analysis and Forecasting of the Energy Consumption in Wastewater Treatment Plant. Li, ZhenHua; Zou, ZhiHong; Wang, LiPing 4921
Analysis of Gas Flow Behavior for Highly Deviated Wells in Naturally Fractured-Vuggy Carbonate Gas Reservoirs. Wang, Kongjie; Wang, Lian; Adenutsi, Caspar Daniel; Li, Zhiping; Yang, Sen; Zhang, Liang; Wang, Lan 6284
Analysis of Heat Transfer Characteristics of Fractured Surrounding Rock in Deep Underground Spaces. Chen, Liu; Chu, Yujie; Zhang, Yu; Han, Fei; Zhang, Jie 5569
Analysis of Nonlinear Vibrations and Dynamic Responses in a Trapezoidal Cantilever Plate Using the Rayleigh-Ritz Approach Combined with the Affine Transformation. Tian, Wei; Yang, Zhichun; Zhao, Tian 7764
Analysis of Rigid Body Swing Effect on SCR Response under Top Motion and Wave Action. Zhu, Bo; Huang, Weiping; Sun, Zhenwen; Yao, Xinglong; Liu, Juan 10254
Application of an Improved Cloud Model and Distance Discrimination to Evaluate Slope Stability. Guo, Jiang; Wang, Jiachuang; Liu, Shihao 12135
Approach to Multicriteria Group Decision Making with Z-Numbers Based on TOPSIS and Power Aggregation Operators. Wang, Feng; Mao, Junjun 12224
Axial-Swept Influence on Inner Flow Performance of HP Steam Turbine Based on CFD. Feng, Zi-Ming; Guo, Chenhao; Wei, Bingkun; Cui, Wei; Gu, Huibin; Zhang, Jindong 6335
Behavior of the Correction Equations in the Jacobi-Davidson Method. Kong, Yuan; Fang, Yong Correction notice 2809
Block-Extraction and Haar Transform Based Linear Singularity Representation for Image Enhancement. Hou, Yingkun; Qu, Xiaobo; Liu, Guanghai; Lee, Seong-Whan; Shen, Dinggang 6580
Characteristic Analysis and Modeling of Network Traffic for the Electromagnetic Launch System. Lu, Yao; Jiang, Hanhong; Liao, Tao; Xu, Chengcheng; Deng, Chen 3516
Comprehensive Evaluation of Global Clean Energy Development Level Based on Compatibility and Difference Degree. He, Yongxiu; Zhang, Yi; Pang, Yuexia 8933
Corrigendum to "Full and Reduced-Order Unknown Input Observer Design for Linear Time-Delay Systems with Multiple Delays". Warrad, Seifeddine Ben; Boubaker, Olfa; Lungu, Mihai; Mobayen, Saleh Correction notice 174
D2D Big Data Privacy-Preserving Framework Based on (a, k)-Anonymity Model. Wang, Jie; Li, Hongtao; Guo, Feng; Zhang, Wenyin; Cui, Yifeng 6212
Damage Ratio Based on Statistical Damage Constitutive Model for Rock. Chen, Ying; Zhang, Lin; Xie, Hui; Liu, Jianfeng; Liu, Hong; Yang, Baoquan 7334
Decomposition-Based Multiobjective Optimization with Invasive Weed Colonies. Tan, Yanyan; Lu, Xue; Liu, Yan; Wang, Qiang; Zhang, Huaxiang 9086
Distribution Law and Prediction Model of Dust Concentration under Airflow Adjustment in Fully Mechanized Heading Face. Gong, Xiaoyan; Jia, Congcong; Sun, Kang; Cui, Jian; Lei, Kefan; Xue, Yuxuan; Xue, He 8197
Dynamic Analysis of Cracked Plate Subjected to Moving Oscillator by Finite Element Method. Chung, Nguyen Thai; Hong, Nguyen Thi; Thuy, Le Xuan 3896
Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of a Novel 6-DOF Robotic Crusher Based on Movement Characteristics. Li, Guoguang; Shi, Boqiang; Liu, Ruiyue 4647
Dynamical Analysis and Stabilization of Wind Turbine Drivetrain via Adaptive Fixed-Time Terminal Sliding Mode Controller. Yang, Jianxiang; Mu, Anle; Li, Nailu 6512
Efficient Implementation and Numerical Analysis of Finite Element Method for Fractional Allen-Cahn Equation. Wang, Guozhen; Chen, Huanzhen 6146
Emulator Based on Switching Functions for a Dual Interleaved Buck-Boost Converter. Vazquez, Marco Antonio Sanchez; Araujo-Vargas, Ismael; Cano-Pulido, Kevin 4456
Energy Harvesting from Vehicle Suspension System by Piezoelectric Harvester. Zhao, Zhen; Wang, Tie; Zhang, Baifu; Shi, Jinhong 5770
Forecasting Primary Energy Requirements of Territories by Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average and Backpropagation Neural Network Models. Pan, Ning-Kang; Lv, Chunwan Report 7026
Fractal Characteristics of Transverse Crack Propagation on CRTSII Type Track Slab. He, Yue-Lei; Shen, Jian-Kang; Li, Zai-Wei; Lu, Hong-Yao 5057
Hidden Coexisting Attractors in a Fractional-Order System without Equilibrium: Analysis, Circuit Implementation, and Finite-Time Synchronization. Zheng, Guangchao; Liu, Ling; Liu, Chongxin 4884
Hydrodynamic Design Study on Ship Bow and Stern Hull Form Synchronous Optimization Covering Whole Speeds Range. Lu, Yu; Chang, Xin; Yin, Xunbin; Li, Ziying 7413
Mathematical Modeling and Discrete Firefly Algorithm to Optimize Scheduling Problem with Release Date, Sequence-Dependent Setup Time, and Periodic Maintenance. Qamhan, Mustafa A.; Qamhan, Ammar A.; Harkan, Ibrahim M. Al-; Alotaibi, Yousef A. 8761
Mesh Phase Analysis of Encased Differential Gear Train for Coaxial Twin-Rotor Helicopter. Zhang, Donglin; Zhu, Rupeng; Fu, Bibo; Tan, Wuzhong 4873
Model Predictive Control of the Harvesting Effort of a Sustainable Seafood with a Nonlinear State Equation. Bounkhel, Messaoud; Tadj, Lotfi; Hedjar, Ramdane 3355
Modeling and Simulation of a Moving Yarn Segment: Based on the Absolute Nodal Coordinate Formulation. Li, Shujia; Wang, Yongxing; Ma, Xunxun; Wang, Shengze 7709
Neural Adaptive PID and Neural Indirect Adaptive Control Switch Controller for Nonlinear MIMO Systems. Slama, Sabrine; Errachdi, Ayachi; Benrejeb, Mohamed 5314
Nonlinear/Linear Switched Control of Inverted Pendulum System: Stability Analysis and Real-Time Implementation. Tiga, Amira; Ghorbel, Chekib; Braiek, Naceur Benhadj 3806
Numerical Simulation of Air Entrainment Performance of a Foam Generator Used for Dust Control in Coal Mines. Wang, Hetang; Tang, Yan 4628
Numerical Simulation Study on Flow and Fracture of Granular Materials. Liu, Mingqing; Liu, Jun; Liu, Guangkun; Shan, Peng; Xiao, Zhimin; Zhao, Futian Report 7956
Optimal Replenishment and Lot Sizing Strategy for Inventory Mechanism with Step-Shaped Demand and Backordering. Zhang, Lixia; Han, Lili 5799
OTAs Selection for Hot Spring Hotels by a Hybrid MCDM Model. Liao, Sen-Kuei; Hsu, Hsiao-Yin; Chang, Kuei-Lun 7347
Partial and Local Argument Properties of Holomorphic and Meromorphic Complex Functions in Several Variables. Zhou, Jun; Duan, Zhaoxia 6149
Research on Prediction Method of Reasonable Cost Level of Transmission Line Project Based on PCA-LSSVM-KDE. Xue-Hua, Zhao; Xu-Juan, Miao; Zhen-Gang, Zhang; Zheng, Hao 6271
Simulation of Floc Size Distribution in Flocculation of Activated Sludge Using Population Balance Model with Modified Expressions for the Aggregation and Breakage. Li, Zhenliang; Lu, Peili; Zhang, Daijun; Song, Fuzhong 5208
Solution of the Ill-Posed Semi-parametric Regression Model Based on Singular Value Modification Restriction. Zhou, Yan; Jin, Fengxiang; Ma, Depeng 4417
Statistical Constitutive Model of Thermal Damage for Deep Rock considering Initial Compaction Stage and Residual Strength. Zhu, Lingjie; Xu, Xiaoli; Cao, Xiaojian; Chen, Shaoyong 4640
Study on the Radial and Axial Temperature Fields of Coal Roadway under Seasonal Fluctuation Boundary. Song, Huaitao; Qin, Yueping; Wu, Jiansong; Wang, Gongzhong; Li, Sen; Niu, Cong; Wu, Zeqi 7957
The General Solution of Quaternion Matrix Equation Having [eta]-Skew-Hermicity and Its Cramer's Rule. Rehman, Abdur; Kyrchei, Ivan; Ali, Ilyas; Akram, Muhammad; Shakoor, Abdul 7770
The HSABA for Emergency Location-Routing Problem. Luan, Siliang; Yang, Qingfang; Zhou, Huxing; Jiang, Zhongtai; Wang, Wei; Wang, Zhuorui; Chu, Ruijuan 8529
Time Domain Electromagnetic Transient Analysis of Aerial Nonuniform Transmission Lines Excited by an Incident Electromagnetic Field. Sanchez-Alegria, Avisai; Moreno, Pablo; Loo-Yau, Jose R.; Ortega-Cisneros, Susana 5784
Towards Optimization of Boosting Models for Formation Lithology Identification. Xie, Yunxin; Zhu, Chenyang; Lu, Yue; Zhu, Zhengwei 8139
Training Sequence Design of TDS-OFDM Signal in Joint Radar and Communication System. Zuo, Jiajun; Yang, Ruijuan; Luo, Shaohua; Li, Xiaobai 4505
Transmissivity Identification by Combination of CVFEM and Genetic Algorithm: Application to the Coastal Aquifer. Smaoui, Hassan; Maqsoud, Abdelkabir; Kaidi, Sami 8950

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