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Articles from Mathematical Problems in Engineering (January 1, 2018)

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"Dose-Response" Vulnerability Assessment of Urban Power Supply Network: Foundation for Its Sustainability and Resilience. Tang, Haizhou; Zhao, Xudong; Chen, Zhilong; Xu, Jiheng; Su, Xiaochao 6935
[H.sub.[infinity]] Control for LPV Discrete Systems with Random Time-Varying Network Delay. Huang, Kewang; Ma, Tao; Pan, Feng 3960
[H.sub.[infinity]] Control for Nonlinear Infinite Markov Jump Systems. Liu, Yueying; Hou, Ting 3702
[H.sub.[infinity]] Control of Coronary Artery Input Time-Delay System via the Free-Matrix-Based Integral Inequality. Li, Sha-sha; Zhao, Zhan-shan; Zhang, Jing; Sun, Jie; Sun, Lian-kun 4629
[H.sub.[infinity]] Robust Tracking Control of Stochastic T-S Fuzzy Systems with Poisson Jumps. Lin, Xiangyun; Zhang, Weihai; Chen, Bor-Sen 5419
[H.sub.[infinity]] Tracking Control of Fuzzy Dynamic Output for Nonlinear Networked System with Packet Dropouts. Wang, Yang; Li, Jinna; Ji, Xiaolei 4738
3D Face Recognition based on Local Conformal Parameterization and Iso-Geodesic Stripes Analysis. Lv, Chenlei; Zhao, Junli 6025
3D-Dynamic Modelling and Performance Analysis of Service Behavior for Beam Pumping Unit. Zi-Ming, Feng; Jing-Jing, Tan; Yanan, Sun; De-Shi, Zhang; Wei-Bo, Duan 4161
A Bayesian Approach to Track Multiple Extended Targets Using Particle Filter for Nonlinear System. Han, Yulan; Han, Chongzhao 7684
A Bee Evolutionary Algorithm for Multiobjective Vehicle Routing Problem with Simultaneous Pickup and Delivery. Gong, Guiliang; Deng, Qianwang; Gong, Xuran; Zhang, Like; Wang, Haibin; Xie, He 12024
A Bimodel Algorithm with Data-Divider to Predict Stock Index. Wang, Zhaoyue; Hu, Jinsong; Wu, Yongjie 6128
A Biobjective Optimization Model for Deadline Satisfaction in Line-of-Balance Scheduling with Work Interruptions Consideration. Zou, Xin; Zhang, Lihui; Zhang, Qian 7755
A Brief Review on Polygonal/Polyhedral Finite Element Methods. Perumal, Logah 15666
A Cartesian Grid Method for Modeling Charge Distribution on Interfaces via Augmented Technique. Ji, Haifeng; Zhang, Qian; Zhang, Bin 3809
A Cascading Failures Perspective Based Mesoscopic Reliability Model of Weighted Public Transit Network considering Congestion Effect and User Equilibrium Evacuation. Zhang, Lin; Lu, Jian; Long, Man; Li, Shu-bin; Zhou, Jialin 9069
A Cellular Automata-Based Simulation Tool for Real Fire Accident Prevention. Czerniak, Jacek M.; Zarzycki, Hubert; Apiecionek, Lukasz; Palczewski, Wieslaw; Kardasz, Piotr 6319
A Closed-Loop Supply Chain with Trade-In Strategy under Retail Competition. Huang, Yanting 8659
A Collocation-Based Algorithm for Analyzing Bifurcations in Phase Locked Loops with Tanlock and Sawtooth Phase Detectors. Harb, Bassam A.; Ajlouni, Ahmad Al-; Eyadeh, Ali 3878
A Color Distance Model Based on Visual Recognition. Lv, Jingqin; Fang, Jiangxiong 5392
A Combined Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks. Qi, Xiaogang; Liu, Xiaoke; Liu, Lifang 5827
A Common Value Experimentation with Multiarmed Bandits. Gao, Xiujuan; Liang, Hao; Wang, Tong 4537
A Community Related Influence Evaluation Model for Social Networks with a Dynamic Perspective. Li, Meizi; Xiang, Yang; Zhang, Qian; Zhang, Bo 10123
A Comparative Study on Discrete Shmaliy Moments and Their Texture-Based Applications. Gonzalez, German; Nava, Rodrigo; Escalante-Ramirez, Boris 7314
A Complete MCDM Model for NPD Performance Assessment in an LED-Based Lighting Plant Factory. Chen, Wen-Chin; Lin, Yen-Fu; Liu, Kai-Ping; Chang, Hui-Pin; Wang, Li-Yi; Tai, Pei-Hao 15397
A Compound Structure for Wind Speed Forecasting Using MKLSSVM with Feature Selection and Parameter Optimization. Sun, Sizhou; Fu, Jingqi; Zhu, Feng; Xiong, Nan 11237
A Comprehensive Analysis on Transient Electromagnetic Force Behavior of Stator Windings in Turbo-Generator. Jiang, Hong-Chun; He, Yu-Ling; Tang, Gui-Ji; Xu, Ming-Xing 6482
A Computational Method of Active Earth Pressure from Finite Soil Body. Tang, Yi; Chen, Jiangong 2886
A Conjugate Gradient Algorithm under Yuan-Wei-Lu Line Search Technique for Large-Scale Minimization Optimization Models. Li, Xiangrong; Wang, Songhua; Jin, Zhongzhou; Pham, Hongtruong 6319
A Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis of a Triangular Finned Annulus Based on DG-FEM. Ishaq, Muhammad; Syed, Khalid Saifullah; Iqbal, Zafar; Hassan, Ahmad 7029
A Consensus Reaching Model with Minimum Adjustments in Interval-Valued Intuitionistic MAGDM. Xu, Gai-li 12636
A Constrained-Total-Least-Squares Method for Joint Estimation of Source and Sensor Locations: A General Framework. Wang, Ding; Liu, Ruirui; Yin, Jiexin; Wu, Zhidong; Wang, Yunlong; Wang, Cheng 9116
A Corotational Formulation Based on Hamilton's Principle for Geometrically Nonlinear Thin and Thick Planar Beams and Frames. Elkaranshawy, Hesham A.; Elerian, Ahmed A.H.; Hussien, Walied I. 9796
A Coupled Lattice Boltzmann-Volume Penalization for Flows Past Fixed Solid Obstacles with Local Mesh Refinement. Guo, Kai; Cui, Xiongwei; Liu, Minghao 6030
A Coupled Pseudospectral-Differential Quadrature Method for a Class of Hyperbolic Telegraph Equations. Wang, Fangzong; Wang, Yong 4705
A Cross-Hierarchical Scanning Method Based SP-4-WFRFT for Digital Communication Signals. Liu, Fang 4847
A Data-Driven Modeling Strategy for Smart Grid Power Quality Coupling Assessment Based on Time Series Pattern Matching. Yu, Hao; Jia, Qingquan; Wang, Ning; Dong, Haiyan 5819
A Deception Jamming Method Countering Bi- and Multistatic ISAR Based on Micro-Doppler Effect. Tang, Zheng-Zhao; Dong, Yang-Yang; Dong, Chun-Xi; Chang, Xin; Zhao, Guo-Qing 3084
A Deep Learning Prediction Model Based on Extreme-Point Symmetric Mode Decomposition and Cluster Analysis. Li, Guohui; Zhang, Songling; Yang, Hong 3416
A Delamination Propagation Model for Fiber Reinforced Laminated Composite Materials. Aveiga, David; Ribeiro, Marcelo L. 3964
A Derivative-Free Trust Region Algorithm with Nonmonotone Filter Technique for Bound Constrained Optimization. Gao, Jing; Cao, Jian; Yang, Yueting 8607
A Disruption Recovery Problem with Time Windows Change in the Last Mile Delivery of Online Shopping. Jiang, Li; Liang, Changyong; Dong, Junfeng; Lu, Wenxing; Mladenovic, Marko 6307
A Distributed Anchor Node Selection Algorithm Based on Error Analysis for Trilateration Localization. Fan, Yingsheng; Qi, Xiaogang; Yu, Baoguo; Liu, Lifang 6458
A Distributional Identity for the Bivariate Brownian Bridge: A Nontensor Gaussian Field. Ai, Xiaohui 2820
A Dynamic Approach to Measuring China's Provincial Energy Supply Security along "the Belt and Road". Li, Pin; Zhang, Jin-suo; Xu, Jian; Wang, Ping 10546
A Dynamic Programming-Based Sustainable Inventory-Allocation Planning Problem with Carbon Emissions and Defective Item Disposal under a Fuzzy Random Environment. Kang, Kai; Pu, Wei; Ma, Yanfang 10922
A Facility Location Model for Air Pollution Detection. Lancia, G.; Rinaldi, F.; Serafini, P. 6170
A Family of Heuristic-Based Inequalities for Maximizing Overall Safety Margins in Aircraft Parking Stands Arrangement Problems. Qin, Yichen; Wang, Z.X.; Chan, Felix T.S.; Chung, S.H.; Qu, T. 11243
A Fast Color Image Segmentation Approach Using GDF with Improved Region-Level Ncut. Li, Ying; Wang, Shuliang; Li, Caoyuan; Pan, Zhenkuan; Zhang, Weizhong 7758
A Fast Imbalanced Binary Classification Approach to NLOS Identification in UWB Positioning. Song, Bo; Li, Sheng-Lin; Tan, Mian; Ren, Qing-Hui 5381
A Fast Screen and Shape Recognition Algorithm for Multiple Change-Point Detection. Zhuang, Dan; Liu, Youbo 6736
A Finite Segment Method for Skewed Box Girder Analysis. Xue, Xingwei; Wu, Jiawei; Zhou, Junlong; Li, Hongnan 5331
A Finite State Space Model for Representing the Broadband Infinite Series for Acoustic Reverberation between Parallel Reflecting Planes. Panza, Michael J. 7671
A Finite-Time Disturbance Observer Based Full-Order Terminal Sliding-Mode Controller for Manned Submersible with Disturbances. Fang, Xing; Liu, Fei 5347
A Fluid-Solid-Magnetic Coupling Algorithm of Internal Crack Growth in the Weld of Oil and Gas Pipelines. Cui, Wei; Song, Rixuan; Xia, Fafeng; Zhang, Qiang; Wang, Peter 7409
A Force-Directed Algorithm for Drawing Directed Graphs Symmetrically. Xu, Taihua; Yang, Jie; Gou, Guanglei 11454
A Fractional Derivative-Based Lateral Preview Driver Model for Autonomous Automobile Path Tracking. Wang, Peng; Wang, Qingyun; Wan, Maosong; Chen, Ning 4495
A Fuzzy Co-Clustering Algorithm via Modularity Maximization. Liu, Yongli; Chen, Jingli; Chao, Hao 6801
A Game-Theoretic Precoding for Secure Communication in MIMO Interference Channels. Huang, Boyang; Fang, Yanjun; Kong, Zhengmin 6411
A General Maximum Progression Model to Concurrently Synchronize Left-Turn and through Traffic Flows on an Arterial. Jing, Binbin; Xu, Jianmin 7638
A Geometric Aspect of the Two-Parameter Planar Lorentzian Motions. Senturk, Gulsum Yeliz; Yuce, Salim 7238
A Geometric Modeling and Computing Method for Direct Kinematic Analysis of 6-4 Stewart Platforms. Zhang, Ying; Liu, Xin; Wei, Shimin; Wang, Yaobing; Zhang, Xiaodong; Zhang, Pei; Liang, Changchun 6158
A Grey-Fuzzy Multiobjective Model for Supplier Selection and Production-Distribution Planning Considering Consumer Safety. Memon, Muhammad Saad; Mari, Sonia Irshad; Shaikh, Faheemullah; Shaikh, Shakeel Ahmed 8243
A Hierarchical Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Algorithm for Running State of a 6kV (10 kV) Power Switch Cabinet. Wang, Fuzhong; Han, Sumin; Cao, Bin 5752
A Hierarchical Neural-Network-Based Document Representation Approach for Text Classification. Zheng, Jianming; Guo, Yupu; Feng, Chong; Chen, Honghui 6310
A High-Precision Rotor Position and Displacement Prediction Method Specially for Bearingless Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor. Sun, Yukun; Cui, Qiang; Huang, Yonghong; Yuan, Ye 6767
A High-Precision Single Shooting Method for Solving Hypersensitive Optimal Control Problems. Pan, Binfeng; Wang, Yang; Tian, Shaohua 6793
A High-Speed Train Operation Plan Inspection Simulation Model. Rui, Yang; Ruifang, Mou; Feng, Jiang 8853
A Human-Robot Interaction Based Coordination Control Method for Assistive Walking Devices and an Assessment of Its Stability. Zhang, Xia; Ge, Wenliang; Fu, Hao; Chen, Renxiang; Luo, Tianhong; Hashimoto, Minoru 9002
A Hybrid Dynamical Modelling and Control Approach for Energy Saving of Central Air Conditioning. Zhang, Yan; Liu, Yongqiang; Liu, Yang 7060
A Hybrid Epigraph Directions Method for Nonsmooth and Nonconvex Constrained Optimization via Generalized Augmented Lagrangian Duality and a Genetic Algorithm. Freire, Wilhelm P.; Lemonge, Afonso C.C.; Fonseca, Tales L.; Franco, Hernando J.R. 15186
A Hybrid Evolutionary Approach to Design Off-Grid Electrification Projects with Distributed Generation. Aviles, J.; Mayo-Maldonado, J.C.; Micheloud, O. 6212
A Hybrid Forecasting Model Based on EMD-GASVM-RBFNN for Power Grid Investment Demand. Li, Jinchao; Zhu, Shaowen; Wu, Qianqian; Zhang, Pengfei 9371
A Hybrid Multiple Criteria Decision Making Model for Selecting the Location of Women's Fitness Centers. Liao, Sen-Kuei; Hsu, Hsiao-Yin; Chang, Kuei-Lun 6780
A Hybrid Orthogonal Forward-Backward Pursuit Algorithm for Partial Fourier Multiple Measurement Vectors Problem. Liu, Haiqiang; Hua, Gang; Zhu, Aichun; Yin Hongsheng; Xu, Yonggang 7404
A Hybrid Recommender System for Gaussian Mixture Model and Enhanced Social Matrix Factorization Technology Based on Multiple Interests. Chen, Rui; Hua, Qingyi; Gao, Quanli; Xing, Ying 15061
A Hybrid Short-Term Forecasting Model of Passenger Flow on High-Speed Rail considering the Impact of Train Service Frequency. Lai, Qingying; Liu, Jun; Luo, Yongji; Ma, Minshu 5863
A Hybrid Simulated Annealing/Linear Programming Approach for the Cover Printing Problem. Alonso-Pecina, Federico; Romero, David 8538
A Hybrid Strategy of Differential Evolution and Modified Particle Swarm Optimization for Numerical Solution of a Parallel Manipulator. Mao, Bingyan; Xie, Zhijiang; Wang, Yongbo; Handroos, Heikki; Wu, Huapeng 5683
A k-Deviation Density Based Clustering Algorithm. Jungan, Chen; Jinyin, Chen; Dongyong, Yang; Jun, Li 4568
A Kind of Stochastic Eigenvalue Complementarity Problems. Wang, Ying-xiao; Du, Shou-qiang 4553
A Lightweight Surface Reconstruction Method for Online 3D Scanning Point Cloud Data Oriented toward 3D Printing. Sheng, Buyun; Zhao, Feiyu; Yin, Xiyan; Zhang, Chenglei; Wang, Hui; Huang, Peide 8541
A Low Computational Complexity Scheme for the Prediction of Intrinsically Disordered Protein Regions. He, Hao; Zhao, Jiaxiang 4192
A Low-Light Image Enhancement Method Based on Image Degradation Model and Pure Pixel Ratio Prior. Gu, Zhenfei; Chen, Can; Zhang, Dengyin 9192
A Marketing Strategy in a Closed-Loop Supply Chain with Loss-Averse Consumers. Liao, Bi-feng; Li, Bang-yi 5454
A Markov Chain Based Demand Prediction Model for Stations in Bike Sharing Systems. Zhou, Yajun; Wang, Lilei; Zhong, Rong; Tan, Yulong 5347
A Mathematical Method for Determining Optimal Quantity of Backfill Materials Used for Grounding Resistance Reduction. Trifunovic, Jovan 6363
A Mathematical Model and Error Analysis of Shearer Cutting Path Based on Its Attitude. Wang, Shi-bo; Wang, Shijia; Ge, Zhaoliang 3575
A Mathematical Model for Multiworkshop IPPS Problem in Batch Production. Ba, Li; Li, Yan; Yang, Mingshun; Wu, Xueliang; Liu, Yong; Gao, Xinqin; Miao, Zhihong 8474
A Mathematical Model for Top Nutation Based on Inertial Forces of Distributed Masses. Usubamatov, Ryspek; Omorova, Albina 6039
A Max-Plus Algebra Approach to Study Time Disturbance Propagation within a Robustness Improvement Context. Martinez-Olvera, Cesar; Mora-Vargas, Jaime 10767
A Maximum Power Point Detection Method for Photovoltaic Module Based on Lambert W Function. Wu, Haitao; Peng, Lele 4650
A Mechanism for Recognizing and Suppressing the Emergent Behavior of UAV Swarm. Liu, Qiang; He, Ming; Xu, Daqin; Ding, Ning; Wang, Yong 7696
A MEMS-IMU Assisted BDS Triple-Frequency Ambiguity Resolution Method in Complex Environments. Cheng, Junbing; Li, Deng-ao; Zhao, Jumin 7646
A Method for Estimating Dominant Acoustic Backscatter Mechanism of Water-Seabed Interface via Relative Entropy Estimation. Zou, Bo; Zhai, Jingsheng; Xu, Jian; Li, Zhaoxing; Gao, Sunpei 5963
A Method for Estimating the Surface Roughness of Rock Discontinuities. Cai, Yi; Tang, Hui-ming; Wang, Ding-jian; Wen, Tao 7768
A Method for Improving UWB Indoor Positioning. Hao, Zhanjun; Li, Beibei; Dang, Xiaochao 9634
A Method for Multicriteria Group Decision Making with Different Evaluation Criterion Sets. Fan, Zhi-Ping; Li, Ming-Yang; Liu, Yang; You, Tian-Hui 6851
A Method for Multidisciplinary System Analysis Based on Minimal Feedback Variables. Yin, Qian; Wu, Yizhong; Wang, Boxing 7615
A Method of Indefinite Krylov Subspace for Eigenvalue Problem. Aliyari, M.; Kamalvand, M. Ghasemi 3339
A Modified Bayesian Trustworthiness Evaluation Method to Mitigate the Effect of Unfair Ratings. Anakpa, Manawa; Yuan, Yuyu; Barseghyan, Ghazaros 5947
A Modified Precise Integration Method for Long-Time Duration Dynamic Analysis. Huang, Ce; Fu, Minghui 4968
A Modified Priority-Based Encoding for Design of a Closed-Loop Supply Chain Network Using a Discrete League Championship Algorithm. Nahr, Javid Ghahremani; Kian, Ramez; Rezazadeh, Hassan 11025
A Modified Walker Model Dealing with Mean Stress Effect in Fatigue Life Prediction for Aeroengine Disks. Lu, Shan; Su, Yunlai; Yang, Mao; Li, Yan 6025
A MOOC Video Viewing Behavior Analysis Algorithm. Luo, Yong; Zhou, Guochang; Li, Jianping; Xiao, Xiao 4714
A Multiagent Architecture for Mobile Robot Navigation Using Hierarchical Fuzzy and Sliding Mode Controllers. Ayedi, Dorra; Boujelben, Maissa; Rekik, Chokri 4929
A Multiagent Cooperation Model Based on Trust Rating in Dynamic Infinite Interaction Environment. Fan, Sixia 7328
A Multiframes Integration Object Detection Algorithm Based on Time-Domain and Space-Domain. Liu, Yifan; Cai, Zhenjiang; Suo, Xuesong 4710
A Multiobjective Allocation Model for Emergency Resources That Balance Efficiency and Fairness. Wang, Yanyan; Sun, Baiqing 5169
A Multiobjective Game Approach with a Preferred Target Based on a Leader-Follower Decision Pattern. Xie, Neng-gang; Chen, Zhong; Cheong, Kang Hao; Meng, Rui; Bao, Wei 6739
A Multiobjective Optimization for Train Routing at the High-Speed Railway Station Based on Tabu Search Algorithm. Feng, Ziyan; Cao, Chengxuan; Liu, Yutong; Zhou, Yaling 17203
A Multiobjective Scheduling Optimization Model for Multienergy Complementary System Integrated by Wind-Photovoltaic-Convention Gas Turbines considering Demand Response. Lihui, Zhang; He, Xin; Liwei, Ju 9654
A Multiperiodic Optimization Formulation for the Operation Planning of Free-Floating Shared Bike in China. Li, Meiyu; Wang, Xifu; Zhang, Xi; Yun, Lifen; Yuan, Yuan 6431
A Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis Method for Alternative Assessment Results Obeying a Particular Distribution and Application. He-Hua, Wang; Jian-Jun, Zhu; Xiao-Yan, Gu; Ye, Chen 9754
A Multiproduct Single-Period Inventory Management Problem under Variable Possibility Distributions. Guo, Zhaozhuang; Tian, Shengnan; Liu, Yankui 8645
A Multistage Solution Approach for Dynamic Reactive Power Optimization Based on Interval Uncertainty. Shen, Xiaodong; Liu, Yang; Liu, Yan 6050
A Multitarget Visual Attention Based Algorithm on Crack Detection of Industrial Explosives. Xu, Haibo; Shi, Buhai; Zhang, Qingming 6330
A Negotiation Optimization Strategy of Collaborative Procurement with Supply Chain Based on Multi-Agent System. Chen, Chouyong; Xu, Chao 5185
A New Algebraic Approach to Decision Making in a Railway Interlocking System Based on Preprocess. Hernando, Antonio; Maestre, Roberto; Roanes-Lozano, Eugenio 10425
A New Approach for the Characterization of Nonstationary Oscillators Using the Wigner-Ville Distribution. Levy, Chagai; Pinchas, Monika; Pinhasi, Yosef 7423
A New Approach to Adaptive Stabilization of Stochastic High-Order Nonholonomic Systems. Li, Guangju; Zhang, Kemei 6351
A New Approach to Derive Priority Weights from Additive Interval Fuzzy Preference Relations Based on Logarithms. Kang, Xingdang; Hao, Wenning; Zhang, Hongjun; Qi, Xiuli; Yin, Chengxiang 6177
A New Assessment in the Simultaneous Optimization of Friction Dampers in Plane and Spatial Civil Structures. Ontiveros-Perez, Sergio Pastor; Miguel, Leticia Fleck Fadel; Miguel, Leandro Fleck Fadel 7836
A New Calibration Method for the Real-Time Calculation of Dynamic Safety Following Distance under Railway Moving Block System. Pan, Deng; Luo, Qing; Zhao, Liting; Zhang, Chuansheng; Chen, Zejun 7697
A New Chaotic Starling Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Clustering Problems. Wang, Lin; Liu, Xiyu; Sun, Minghe; Qu, Jianhua; Wei, Yanmeng 8588
A New Control Method for Second-Order Multiple Models Control System Based on Global Sliding Mode. Zhang, Dan-xu; Fang, Yang-wang; Yang, Peng-fei; Wu, You-li; Liu, Tong-xin 3755
A New Direct Speed Estimation and Control of the Induction Machine Benchmark: Design and Experimental Validation. Hmidet, Ali; Dhifaoui, Rachid; Hasnaoui, Othman 6556
A New Dynamic Multicriteria Decision-Making Approach for Green Supplier Selection in Construction Projects under Time Sequence. Yin, Shi; Li, Baizhou; Dong, Hengmin; Xing, Zeyu 9504
A New Efficient Approach to Detect Skin in Color Image Using Bayesian Classifier and Connected Component Algorithm. Nguyen-Trang, Thao 4420
A New Entropy and Its Properties Based on the Improved Axiomatic Definition of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Entropy. Jiang, Dengying; Wang, Yaxiong 3417
A New Equivalent Statistical Damage Constitutive Model on Rock Block Mixed Up with Fluid Inclusions. Chen, Xiao; Xu, Hongfa; Geng, Hansheng; Dong, Lu; Zhang, Jixiang 7552
A New Error Prediction Method for Machining Process Based on a Combined Model. Zhou, Wei; Zhu, Xiao; Wang, Jun; Ran, Yan 4858
A New Framework Consisted of Data Preprocessing and Classifier Modelling for Software Defect Prediction. Ji, Haijin; Huang, Song 9327
A New Generalized Deep Learning Framework Combining Sparse Autoencoder and Taguchi Method for Novel Data Classification and Processing. Karim, Ahmad M.; Guzel, Mehmet S.; Tolun, Mehmet R.; Kaya, Hilal; Celebi, Fatih V. 8326
A New Hybrid Decision Making Approach for Housing Suitability Mapping of an Urban Area. Zeydan, Mithat; Bostanci, Bulent; Oralhan, Burcu 7573
A New Hybrid Model Based on Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm and Wavelet Neural Network and Its Application to Underwater Acoustic Signal Prediction. Yan1, Hong; Wang, Siliang; Li, Guohui; Mao, Tongtong 3784
A New Hybrid PSS Optimization Method Based on Improved Active Set Algorithm. Liu, Xiang-Yu; He, Yu-Ling; Yao, Jian 5186
A New Imperialist Competitive Algorithm for Multiobjective Low Carbon Parallel Machines Scheduling. Pan, Zixiao; Lei, Deming; Zhang, Qingyong 9097
A New Linear Difference Scheme for Generalized Rosenau-Kawahara Equation. Chen, Tao; Xiang, Kaili; Chen, Peimin; Luo, Xumei 4098
A New Mathematical Model For Heat Radius of Cyclic Superheated Steam Stimulation with Horizontal Wellbore. He, Congge; Xu, Anzhu; Fan, Zifei; Zhao, Lun; Bo, Bing 5314
A New Method for State of Charge and Capacity Estimation of Lithium-Ion Battery Based on Dual Strong Tracking Adaptive H Infinity Filter. Liu, Zheng; Dang, Xuanju 8987
A New Plant Intelligent Behaviour Optimisation Algorithm for Solving Vehicle Routing Problem. Chagwiza, Godfrey 6671
A New Production Prediction Model Based on Taylor Expansion Formula. Ding, Xianfeng; Qu, Dan; Qiu, Haiyan 7286
A New Robust Nonfragile Controller Design Scheme for a Class of Hybrid Systems through Piecewise Affine Models. Chen, Yunsai; Pang, Yongjie; Yang, Zhao; Ma, Liang 5996
A New Smoothing Method for Mathematical Programs with Complementarity Constraints Based on Logarithm-Exponential Function. Chen, Yu; Wan, Zhong 7973
A New Stability Criterion for Neutral Stochastic Delay Differential Equations with Markovian Switching. Hu, Wei 5262
A New Strain-Softening Constitutive Model for Circular Opening considering Plastic Bearing Behavior and Its Engineering Application. Chen, Liang; Mao, Xianbiao; Li, Ming; Zhou, Wei 6367
A New Synchronization Technique of a Three-Phase Grid Tied Inverter for Photovoltaic Applications. Mnati, Mohannad Jabbar; Bozalakov, Dimitar V.; Van den Bossche, Alex 3651
A New Way to Calculate Flow Pressure for Low Permeability Oil Well with Partially Penetrating Fracture. Ping, Xiong; Hailong, Liu; Haixia, Hu; Guan, Wang 4675
A Node Selection Paradigm for Crowdsourcing Service Based on Region Feature in Crowd Sensing. Peng, Zhenlong; Gui, Xiaolin; An, Jian; Liao, Dong; Cai, Ningchao; Gui, Ruowei 10618
A Nonhomogeneous Multivariable Grey Prediction NMGM Modeling Mechanism and Its Application. Wang, Haixia; Zhao, Lingdi 5070
A Nonlinear Creep Damage Model of Layered Rock under Unloading Condition. Wang, Ruihong; Jiang, Yuzhou; Yang, Chao; Huang, Fei; Wang, Yuxuan 4834
A Note on the Existence of the Location Parameter Estimate of the Three-Parameter Weibull Model Using the Weibull Plot. Park, Chanseok 3384
A Novel Agricultural Commodity Price Forecasting Model Based on Fuzzy Information Granulation and MEA-SVM Model. Zhang, Yongli; Na, Sanggyun 6318
A Novel Analytical Method to Calculate the Amounts of Free and Adsorbed Gas in Shale Gas Production. Li, Qingyu; Li, Peichao; Pang, Wei; Bi, Quanfu; Du, Zonghe; Li, Xuebin; Lu, Detang 7495
A Novel Approach Based on Kano Model, Interval 2-Tuple Linguistic Representation Model, and Prospect Theory for Apperceiving Key Customer Requirements. Liu, Aijun; Zhu, Qiuyun; Liu, Haiyang; Lu, Hui; Tsai, Sang-Bing 13350
A Novel Bayesian Method for Calculating Circular Error Probability with Systematic-Biased Prior Information. Liu, Bowen; Duan, Xiaojun; Yan, Liang 5788
A Novel Combination Co-Kriging Model Based on Gaussian Random Process. Xie, Huan; Zeng, Wei; Song, Hong; Sun, Wen; Ren, Tao 5277
A Novel Design of Sparse FIR Multiple Notch Filters with Tunable Notch Frequencies. Xu, Wei; Li, Anyu; Shi, Boya; Zhao, Jiaxiang 3712
A Novel Energy Management Strategy for Series Hybrid Electric Rescue Vehicle. Li, Pei; Yan, Jun; Tu, Qunzhang; Pan, Ming; Xue, Jinhong 8493
A Novel Ensemble Wind Speed Forecasting Model in the Longdong Area of Loess Plateau in China. Fu, Tonglin; Wang, Chen 10094
A Novel Fifth-Degree Strong Tracking Cubature Kalman Filter for Two-Dimensional Maneuvering Target Tracking. Li, Zhaoming; Yang, Wenge; Ding, Dan 4826
A Novel Fractional Tikhonov Regularization Coupled with an Improved Super-Memory Gradient Method and Application to Dynamic Force Identification Problems. Wang, Nengjian; Ren, Chunping; Liu, Chunsheng 9716
A Novel Hybrid Algorithm for Solving Multiobjective Optimization Problems with Engineering Applications. Fan, Lulu; Yoshino, Tatsuo; Xu, Tao; Lin, Ye; Liu, Huan 8873
A Novel Kinematic Parameters Identification Method for Articulated Arm Coordinate Measuring Machines Using Repeatability and Scaling Factor. Cheng, Lin; Wang, Wen; Weng, Yixin; Shi, Guang; Yang, He; Lu, Keqing 4913
A Novel Location-Awareness Method Using CubeSats for Locating the Spot Beam Emitters of Geostationary Communications Satellites. Yang, Weicai; Chang, Qing; Kealy, Allison; Xu, Yong; Lan, Tianyi 4201
A Novel Method for Interval-Value Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multicriteria Decision-Making Problems with Immediate Probabilities Based on OWA Distance Operators. Qin, Ya; Liu, Yi; Liu, Jun 7882
A Novel Model and ADMM Algorithm for MR Image Reconstruction. Zhou, Bo; Yang, Yu-Fei; Xie, Wei-Si 4647
A Novel Multi-Input AlexNet Prediction Model for Oil and Gas Production. Wang, Yang; Lv, Yin; Guo, Dali; Zhang, Shu; Jiao, Shixiang 5355
A Novel Multidimensional Frequency Band Energy Ratio Analysis Method for the Pressure Fluctuation of Francis Turbine. Wang, Weiyu; Chen, Qijuan; Liang, Xing; Yue, Xuhui; Dou, Jinzhou 5423
A Novel Nonlinear Fault Tolerant Control for Manipulator under Actuator Fault. Zhao, Jing; Jiang, Sen; Xie, Fei; He, Zhen; Fu, Jian 5995
A Novel Optimal Design of Measurement Configurations in Robot Calibration. Jia, Qingxuan; Wang, Shiwei; Chen, Gang; Wang, Lei; Sun, Hanxu 10486
A Novel Reaching Law for Sliding Mode Control of Uncertain Discrete-Time Systems. Xu, Qian; Du, H.P.; He, B.; Yan, T.H.; Li, W.H.; Sun, S.S. 6364
A Novel Self-Calibration Method for Acoustic Vector Sensor. Zhang, Yao; Fu, Jin; Li, Guannan 4549
A Novel Separated Position and Orientation System Integrated with Inertially Stabilized Platform. Zhang, Yanshun; Feng, Shuangji; Wang, Zhanqing; Xi, Xiaopeng; Li, Ming 5420
A Novel Short-Medium Term Satellite Clock Error Prediction Algorithm Based on Modified Exponential Smoothing Method. Liu, Qiang; Chen, Xihong; Zhang, Yongshun; Liu, Zan; Li, Chenlong; Hu, Denghua 4265
A Novel Sliding Mode Control Framework for Electrohydrostatic Position Actuation System. Yang, Rongrong; Fu, Yongling; Zhang, Ling; Qi, Haitao; Han, Xu; Fu, Jian 11298
A Novel Technique Based on Visual Words Fusion Analysis of Sparse Features for Effective Content-Based Image Retrieval. Yousuf, Muhammad; Mehmood, Zahid; Habib, Hafiz Adnan; Mahmood, Toqeer; Saba, Tanzila; Rehman, Amjad; Report 8949
A Numerical and Experimental Study of Wall Pressure Caused by an Underwater Explosion Bubble. Chen, Yingyu; Yao, Xiongliang; Cui, Xiongwei 4805
A Numerical Approach Based on Taylor Polynomials for Solving a Class of Nonlinear Differential Equations. Guler, C.; Kaya, S.O. 3884
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A Perceptive Approach to Digital Image Watermarking Using a Brightness Model and the Hermite Transform. Escalante-Ramirez, Boris; Gomez-Coronel, S.L. 8453
A Phase-Based Adaptive Differential Evolution Algorithm for the Economic Load Dispatch Considering Valve-Point Effects and Transmission Losses. Shen, Xin; Zou, Dexuan; Zhang, Xin; Zhang, Qiang; Xiao, Peng 18365
A Position-Level Global Optimization Inverse Kinematic Solution Algorithm for Dual Redundant Robots Based on Motion Characteristics. He, Jingjie 3797
A Possibilistic Approach for the Prediction of the Risk of Interference between Power and Signal Lines Onboard Satellites. Toscani, Nicola; Grassi, Flavia; Spadacini, Giordano; Pignari, Sergio A. 5506
A Projection Neural Network for Circular Cone Programming. Zhang, Yaling; Liu, Hongwei 5446
A Rapid Detection Method for Bridges Based on Impact Coefficient of Standard Bumping. Liu, Xiaolan; Zhang, Xianmin; Wang, Yadong 7401
A Reconfigurable Buck, Boost, and Buck-Boost Converter: Unified Model and Robust Controller. Licea, Martin Antonio Rodriguez; Pinal, Francisco Javier Perez; Gutierrez, Alejandro Israel Barranco 5087
A Recursive Formula for the Reliability of a r-Uniform Complete Hypergraph and Its Applications. Zhang, Ke; Zhao, Haixing; Ye, Zhonglin; Dong, Lixin 4566
A Reliability-Based Consensus Model for Multiattribute Group Decision-Making with Analytically Evidential Reasoning Approach. Du, Yuan-Wei; Yang, Ning; Zhou, Wen; Li, Chang-Xing 12030
A Reliable Leakage Reduction Technique for Approximate Full Adder with Reduced Ground Bounce Noise. Goyal, Candy; Ubhi, Jagpal Singh; Raj, Balwinder 5955
A Research on Fatigue Damage Constitutive Equation of Asphalt Mixture. Sun, Yazhen; Fang, Chenze; Fan, Dong; Wang, Jinchang; Yuan, Xuezhong 6069
A Residual Theorem Approach Applied to Stokes' Problems with Generally Periodic Boundary Conditions including a Pressure Gradient Term. Durante, Danilo; Broglia, Riccardo 7599
A Revised Tikhonov Regularization Method for a Cauchy Problem of Two-Dimensional Heat Conduction Equation. Liu, Songshu; Feng, Lixin 3245
A Robot SLAM Improved by Quantum-Behaved Particles Swarm Optimization. Zuo, Tao; Min, Huasong; Tang, Quan; Tao, Qiang 5944
A Rule-Based Energy Management Strategy Based on Dynamic Programming for Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles. Zhou, Haicheng; Xu, Zhaoping; Liu, Liang; Liu, Dong; Zhang, Lingling 5489
A Scalar Expected Value of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Random Individuals and Its Application to Risk Evaluation in Insurance Companies. Li, Chunquan; Jin, Jianhua 7307
A Semianalytical Approach for Nonlinear Dynamic System of Shallow Arches Using Higher Order Multistep Taylor Method. Shon, Sudeok; Ahn, Soohong; Lee, Seungjae; Ha, Junhong 7492
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A Sequential Selection Normalized Subband Adaptive Filter with Variable Step-Size Algorithms. Shin, JaeWook; Baek, Hyun Jae; Park, Bum Yong; Cho, Jaegeol 3535
A Seven-Parameter BRDF Model with Double-Peak Characteristic Suitable for Sandy Soil. Yang, Yu-Feng; Li, Wen-Shuai; Zhang, Han-Zhi 3399
A Signal Processing Algorithm Based on 2D Matched Filtering for SSAR. Yang, Shouguo; Li, Yong; Zhang, Kunhui; Liu, Jianshe 5349
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A Simple Method of Residential Electricity Load Forecasting by Improved Bayesian Neural Networks. Zheng, Shubin; Zhong, Qianwen; Peng, Lele; Chai, Xiaodong 8831
A Simplified Scheme for Piezoelectric Anisotropic Analysis in Human Vertebrae Using Integral Methods. de J. Duarte, Vannessa; Thoeni, Klaus; Garzon-Alvarado, Diego; Cerrolaza, Miguel 3585
A Simulated Annealing Algorithm to Construct Covering Perfect Hash Families. Torres-Jimenez, Jose; Izquierdo-Marquez, Idelfonso 13128
A Solution for Real-Time Ionospheric Delay Using an Adaptive Kalman Filter Based on Estimating the Variance Component. Yang, Xu; Wang, Qianxin; Chang, Guobin 9415
A Sparse Modulation Signal Bispectrum Analysis Method for Rolling Element Bearing Diagnosis. Wang, Guangbin; Gu, Fengshou; Rehab, Ibraham; Ball, Andrew; Li, Long 4507
A Spectrum Efficient Secure Transmission Scheme Based on Directional Polarization Modulation for Wireless Communication Systems. Pei, Zhongmin; Luo, Zhangkai; Zou, Bo 3686
A Stacked Autoencoder-Based Deep Neural Network for Achieving Gearbox Fault Diagnosis. Liu, Guifang; Bao, Huaiqian; Han, Baokun 4561
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A Stochastic Programming Approach for Resilient Hub Location in Power Projection Network considering Random Hub Failures. Zhang, Xu-Tao; Bi, Hai-Ling; Wang, Yun 6152
A Study on Adiabatic Temperature Rise Test and Temperature Stress Simulation of Rock-Fill Concrete. Zhang, Xiaofei; Liu, Qian; Zhang, Xin; Li, Yanlong; Wang, Xiaoping 7279
A Study on Profit Distribution for Water Rights Cooperation Taking into Account Dominant Power of Transfer Sectors. Tan, Jiayin; Jiang, Dakui Report 7537
A Study on the Application of Coordinated TOPSIS in Evaluation of Robotics Academic Journals. Yu, Liping; Yang, Wenhua; Duan, Yunlong; Long, Xinwen 4735
A System Compensation Based Model Predictive AGC Method for Multiarea Interconnected Power Systems with High Penetration of PV System and Random Time Delay between Different Areas. Zhao, Xilin; He, Jingjing; Fu, Bo; He, Li; Xu, Guanghui 5147
A Systematic Optimization Design Method for Complex Mechatronic Products Design and Development. Jiang, Jie; Ding, Guofu; Zhang, Jian; Zou, Yisheng; Qin, Shengfeng 8064
A Task Allocation Model for a Team of Aircraft Launching on the Carrier. Cui, Jiapeng; Wu, Yu; Su, Xichao; Song, Jingyu 6912
A Threat Assessment Method for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Based on Bayesian Networks under the Condition of Small Data Sets. Di, Ruohai; Gao, Xiaoguang; Guo, Zhigao; Wan, Kaifang 8089
A Three-Dimensional Simulation of Particle Distribution in a Separator and Structure Optimization with the Statistical Approach of Taguchi Method. Liu, Jinjin; Liu, Kai; Zhao, Tong; Xu, Zhuofei 5868
A Tidal Level Prediction Approach Based on BP Neural Network and Cubic B-Spline Curve with Knot Insertion Algorithm. Wang, Wenjuan; Yuan, Hongchun 5751
A Triangle Algorithm of Pade-Type Approximant for Two-Dimensional Fredholm Integral Equations of the Second Kind. Sun, Meilan; Gu, Chuanqing 4118
A Two-Dimensional Solar Tracking Stationary Guidance Method Based on Feature-Based Time Series. Zhang, Keke; Si, Chaoming; Zhu, Zhencai; Guo, Chongbin; Shi, Qi 5220
A Two-Phase Flow Model for Pressure Transient Analysis of Water Injection Well considering Water Imbibition in Natural Fractured Reservoirs. Li, Mengmeng; Li, Qi; Bi, Gang; Lin, Jiaen 5678
A Two-Phase Heuristic Algorithm for the Problem of Scheduling and Vehicle Routing for Delivery of Medication to Patients. Linfati, Rodrigo; Escobar, John Willmer; Escalona, Juan 7736
A Two-Stage Method for UCAV TF/TA Path Planning Based on Approximate Dynamic Programming. Chen, Hao-xiang; Nan, Ying; Yang, Yi 5133
A Two-Step Resume Information Extraction Algorithm. Chen, Jie; Zhang, Chunxia; Niu, Zhendong Report 5896
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A Wireless Sensor Network Model considering Energy Consumption Balance. Zhou, Chunliang; Wang, Ming; Qu, Weiqing; Lu, Zhengqiu 5774
About v-i Pinched Hysteresis of Some Non-Memristive Systems. Biolek, Dalibor; Biolek, Zdenek; Biolkova, Viera; Ascoli, Alon; Tetzlaff, Ronald 5805
Accelerated Particle Swarm Optimization to Solve Large-Scale Network Plan Optimization of Resource-Leveling with a Fixed Duration. Zhang, Houxian; Yang, Zhaolan 5512
Accurate Adaptive Compensation Method for Mechanical Structure Error of the Blade Measuring System. Shao, Wei; Peng, Peng; Zhou, Awei; Zhu, Quanquan; Zhao, Di 4773
Action Recognition Based on Depth Motion Map and Hybrid Classifier. Li, Wenhui; Wang, Qiuling; Wang, Ying 5700
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Adaptive Digital Watermarking Scheme Based on Support Vector Machines and Optimized Genetic Algorithm. Zhou, Xiaoyi; Cao, Chunjie; Ma, Jixin; Wang, Longjuan 5736
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Adaptive Finite-Time Synchronization for Complex Dynamical Network with Different Dimensions of Nodes and Time-Varying Outer Coupling Structures. Yan, Lihong; Li, Junmin 5983
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Adaptive Fuzzy Control of Uncertain Robotic Manipulator. Zhou, Jinglei; Zhang, Qunli 5014
Adaptive Fuzzy Output Feedback Control for Partial State Constrained Nonlinear Pure Feedback Systems. Wang, Liping; Sun, Weiwei; Wu, You 5780
Adaptive Learning Based Tracking Control of Marine Vessels with Prescribed Performance. Xu, Zhao; Ge, Shuzhi Sam; Hu, Changhua; Hu, Jinwen 4216
Adaptive Modified Function Projective Synchronization of Uncertain Complex Dynamical Networks with Multiple Time-Delay Couplings and Disturbances. Fang, Jie; Liu, Na; Sun, Junwei 4209
Adaptive Output Feedback Tracking Controller Design of Stochastic Nonlinear Systems with Parameter Uncertainty for Polynomial Function Growth Conditions. Guo, Long-Chuan 5715
Adaptive Parallel Simultaneous Stabilization of a Class of Nonlinear Descriptor Systems via Dissipative Matrix Method. Sun, Liying; Yang, Renming 6007
Adaptive Real-Time Energy Management Strategy for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Based on Simplified-ECMS and a Novel Driving Pattern Recognition Method. Zeng, Yuping; Sheng, Jing; Li, Ming 5712
Adaptive Robust Fault-Tolerant Synchronization Control for a Dual Redundant Hydraulic Actuation System with Common-Mode Fault. Li, Ting; Yang, Ting; Cao, Yuyan; Xie, Rong; Wang, Xinmin 9405
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Adaptive Step-Size Control for Dynamic Relaxation Using Continuous Kinetic Damping. Jung, Samuel; Kim, Tae-Yun; Yoo, Wan-Suk 5155
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Adaptive Tracking Control for a Class of Manipulator Systems with State Constraints and Stochastic Disturbances. Sun, Wei; Yuan, Wenxing; Zhang, Jing; Sun, Qun 2858
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Advance Selling with Part Prepayment and Consumer Returns. Sun, Yanhong; Siqin, Tana; Mu, Lifeng 10912
Advanced Control for Singular Systems with Applications. Liu, Wanquan; Yan, Xinggang; Huang, Shoudong; Yang, Chunyu; Wang, Guoliang 1118
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Aerothermoelastic Load Calculation for Hypersonic Vehicles Based on Multiphysics Coupled Analysis. Chen, Hao; Xu, Min; Qiu, Zihua; Xie, Dan; Wang, Yabin 7670
Age Estimation of Face Images Based on CNN and Divide-and-Rule Strategy. Liao, Haibin; Yan, Yuchen; Dai, Wenhua; Fan, Ping 5933
Agent-Based Simulation and Its Application to Analyze Combat Effectiveness in Network-Centric Warfare Considering Communication Failure Environments. Lee, Jaeyeong; Shin, Sunwoo; Park, Moonsung; Kim, Chongman 3995
Allocation of Distributed Energy Systems at District-Scale over Wide Areas for Sustainable Urban Planning with a MILP Model. Ok, Yesim; Atak, Mehmet 7498
Alternative Solutions of the Geodesic Differential Equations Applied to the Mechanical Analysis of the Tensile Armors of Flexible Pipes under Bending. Gonzalez, Gabriel M.; Cortina, Joao Paulo R.; de Sousa, Jose Renato M.; Sagrilo, Luis Volnei S. 8522
An Adaptive Gradient Projection Algorithm for Piecewise Convex Optimization and Its Application in Compressed Spectrum Sensing. Wang, Tianjing; Shen, Hang; Zhu, Xiaomei; Liu, Guoqing; Jiang, Hua 5310
An Adaptive Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm with Fuzzy c-Means for Automatic Data Clustering. Dong, Ze; Jia, Hao; Liu, Miao 8171
An ADRC Method for Noncascaded Integral Systems Based on Algebraic Substitution Method and Its Structure. Huang, Zhijian; Li, Yudong; Liu, Yihua; Sui, Wenbo; Zhang, Guichen 5730
An Advanced Chemical Reaction Optimization Algorithm Based on Balanced Local and Global Search. Zhang, Min; Chen, Liang; Chen, Xin 9392
An Agent-Based Model for Dispatching Real-Time Demand-Responsive Feeder Bus. Li, Xin; Wei, Ming; Hu, Jia; Yuan, Yun; Jiang, Huifu 5718
An Algorithm for Curve Identification in the Presence of Curve Intersections. Gnecco, Giorgio 4468
An Analytical Method for Jack-Up Riser's Fatigue Life Estimation. Wang, Fengde; Xiao, Wensheng; Liu, Qi; Wu, Lei; Meng, Zhanbin 5367
An Analytical Solution for Stress and Displacement Field for Arbitrarily Positioned Twin-Tunnel Excavation at Great Depth. Lin, Luobin; Lu, Yanping; Chen, Fuquan 6094
An Analytical Solution for Transient Heat Conduction in a Composite Slab with Time-Dependent Heat Transfer Coefficient. Chiba, Ryoichi 6084
An Approximate Solution of the Time-Fractional Fisher Equation with Small Delay by Residual Power Series Method. Demir, Ali; Bayrak, Mine Aylin; Ozbilge, Ebru 4006
An Arc Fault Detection Method Based on Multidictionary Learning. Qu, Na; Wang, Jianhui; Liu, Jinhai; Wang, Zhi 3819
An Attempt to Quantify the Lag Time of Hydrodynamic Action Based on the Long-Term Monitoring of a Typical Landslide, Three Gorges, China. Chen, Guangfu; Zhang, Guodong; Lu, Shuqiang; Wang, Xiang 6772
An Autonomous Divisive Algorithm for Community Detection Based on Weak Link and Link-Break Strategy. Ding, Xiaoyu; Zhang, Jianpei; Yang, Jing; Shen, Yiran 6784
An Efficient Algorithm for Finding the Maximal Eigenvalue of Zero Symmetric Nonnegative Matrices. Wang, Gang; Sun, Lihong 3894
An Efficient Algorithm for LCS Problem between Two Arbitrary Sequences. Li, Yubo 3785
An Efficient Algorithm with Stabilized Finite Element Method for the Stokes Eigenvalue Problem. Weng, Zhifeng; Cai, Yaoxiong 5915
An Efficient and Flexible Solution for Camera Autocalibration from N [greater than or equal to] 3 Views. Tang, Rongfu; Deng, Baosong; Li, Jing; Yan, Ye 6238
An Efficient and Robust Numerical Solution of the Full-Order Multiscale Model of Lithium-Ion Battery. Benes, Michal; Fuclk, Radek; Havlena, Vladimir; Kolar, Vladimir KlemenMiroslav; Polivka, Ondrej; Sol 6540
An Efficient Heuristic Algorithm for Solving Connected Vertex Cover Problem. Zhang, Yongfei; Wu, Jun; Zhang, Liming; Zhao, Peng; Zhou, Junping; Yin, Minghao 8529
An Efficient Hybrid Approach of Finite Element Method, Artificial Neural Network-Based Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm for Computational Optimization of a Linear Compliant Mechanism of Nanoindentation Tester. Chau, Ngoc Le; Dao, Thanh-Phong; Nguyen, Van Thanh Tien 11245
An Efficient Method for Detection of Outliers in Tracer Curves Derived from Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Imaging. Ye, Linning; Hou, Zujun 5008
An Efficient Reanalysis Method for Topological Optimization of Vibrating Continuum Structures for Simple and Multiple Eigenfrequencies. Sun, Youhong; Zhao, Xuqi; Yu, Yongping; Zheng, Shaopeng 5235
An Efficient Reliability Analysis Method Combining Improved EIF Active Learning Mechanism and Kriging Metamodel. Zhang, Dawei; Wu, Xiaohua; Li, Weilin; Lv, Xiaofeng 5613
An Empirical Research on Marketing Strategies of Different Risk Preference Merchant. Chen, Quan; Wang, Jiangtao; Yu, Jianjun; Tsai, Sang-Bing 6623
An Encrypted File Deduplication Scheme with Permission in Cloud Storage. Deng, Zuojie; Tan, Xiaolan; Chen, Shuhong 10330
An Energy Efficient Two-Stage Supply Pressure Hydraulic System for the Downhole Traction Robot. Fang, Delei; Shang, Jianzhong; Yang, Junhong; Wang, Zhuo; Xue, Yong; Wu, Wei 5227

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